"Stronger Than You - Steven Universe" is a high quality rip of "Stronger Than You" from Steven Universe.

It also doubles as the reveal trailer for Mr. Krabs' inclusion as a fighter in the King for Another Day Tournament.


The bulk of this rip is a chaotic, off-beat medley mashup of various SoundClown/SiIvaGunner memes set to the instrumental of the advertised track, along with some voice clips most likely from the ripper.

At 1:00, the Steven Universe logo fades out and is replaced with a redrawn version of the Mr. Krabs/Garnet illustration in the ripper's original upload of the mashup, which as the rip progresses starts slowly shrinking.

Time Joke Source
0:00 Voice clip 1
0:10 Bonfire Childish Gambino
0:29, 1:09 S.L.A.B. Freestyle Chip tha Ripper
0:59, 1:54 Space Jam Quad City DJ's
1:00 Loud Nigra Wife Enjoys Big Ben
Oh yeah, Mr. Krabs! NKassad
1:18 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
1:27 Voice clip 2
1:48 Title Theme & Ending 7 GRAND DAD
1:58 The Nutshack NUMP
2:08 All Star Smash Mouth
2:42 Oh yeah, Mr. Krabs! NKassad

At 2:48, the rip switches to Mr. Krabs' reveal trailer, "Play That Song Again", though without the usual reveal trailer intro.


This rip was originally uploaded on March 30, 2019. However, it featured an earlier version of "Play That Song Again", which didn't yet have Mr. Krabs' character art.

On November 21, the rip was unlisted and renamed "Stronger Than You (Alpha Mix) - Steven Universe", and was replaced with the newer upload in the relevant playlists. The following day, the newer upload was made public.


  • The description of the original upload was edited to read "Stronger Than You (Beta Mix)" instead of the correct "Alpha Mix".

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