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"Super Mario Bros. Music - Ground Theme" is a high quality rip of "Ground Theme" from Super Mario Bros..


This rip is a mashup of the advertised track and "Do the Mario", the ending theme to The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! which is set to the tune of the "Ground Theme".


This rip was originally uploaded to the GiIvaSunner channel as "Overworld (Beta Mix) - Super Mario Bros." on April 5, 2016.[1][2] It was then reuploaded as "Overworld - Super Mario Bros" on April 17, then renamed to "Overworld - Super Mario Bros." between April 20[3] and April 22,[4] and then renamed to its current title on August 12 or August 13.

The first title change eventually resulted in a version swap with "Super Mario Bros. Music - Ground Theme (Beta Mix)", which was originally titled "Overworld - Super Mario Bros."; the second title change appears to have been a correction to the name of the game; and the third title change occurred across all of the existing Super Mario Bros. rips to replicate the GilvaSunner titling convention for the game.