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This is a infobox for articles about albums.


|title    = 
|image    = 
|upload   = 
|link     = 
|number   = 
|length   = 
|previous = 
|next     = 


  • title is optional and displays the article name by default. Useful if the page name is not the same as the album's title.
  • image is the image featured in the album.
  • upload is the date the album was uploaded to Bandcamp
  • link is the url to the album in SiIvaGunner's Bandcamp page.
  • number is the number of tracks in the album.
  • length is the total length of the album.
  • previous is optional and is the previous album released in chronological order.
  • next is optional and is the next album released in chronological order, if it exists.


|title = ''Example album''
|image    = Example.jpg
|upload   = Jan 1, 1000
|link     = [ Bandcamp]
|number   = 5 (+1 hidden)
|length   = 1:00:23
|previous = ''Previous''
|next     = ''Next''