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A blank template for Amboxes (Article message boxes). These templates are meant to be placed onto an article in the Main namespace. For all other uses, see Template:Ombox.
Place the following code onto a Template's page:
  • style - the HTML style element of the outer table
  • border - the color of the Ambox's border:
    • red = ambox-red
    • orange = ambox-orange
    • yellow = ambox-yellow
    • purple = ambox-purple
    • blue = ambox-blue
    • green = ambox-green
    • gray = ambox-gray
    • By default, the Ambox's color is ambox-green
  • imgstyle - the HTML style of the space around the image
  • image - the image put next to the text. By default, it is File:Wiki.png
  • type - the text displayed at the top of the Ambox.
  • info - the text displayed inside the Ambox.
  • section - determines whether the Ambox will be formatted as if it was under a section (i.e. style:width: 50%; margin: 0 0px;, imgstyle:width: 50px;). Omitting this parameter will leave it as default. The parameter will override the style parameter's width and margin.
|style = width: 100%;
|imgstyle = width: 100px;