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Inserts an icon with a link. Intended for external links only.
Place {{Icon|<type>|<link>}} next to an internal link or other text.
Anonymous parameters
Other parameters
  • size is an integer value that can be used to resize the image. Its default is "25" for 25 pixels.
  • label is the image label.
Accepted values
type may be any of these values (case does not matter):
  • YouTube YouTube icon.svg
  • Bandcamp Bandcamp Icon.png
  • SoundCloud SoundCloud icon.png
  • Spotify Spotify.png
  • Twitter Twitter Icon.png
  • Reddit Reddit icon.svg
  • Discord Discord icon.svg
  • Wikipedia Wikipedia icon.svg
  • Wikidata Wikidata icon.svg
  • Zophar Zophar icon.svg
Input Output
YouTube icon.svg
YouTube icon.svg
{{Icon|YouTube|label=I have hover text!}}
link= I have hover text!
YouTube icon.svg