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"Temporary Secretary" is a 1980 electropop song written and performed by Paul McCartney, and released as the third single from his album McCartney II. It is also a meme on the SiIvaGunner channel.


"Temporary Secretary" first gained popularity on the Internet with the Mega64 podcast circa 2014 [specifics needed]. At one point, Mega64 even urged their fans to tweet at Paul McCartney asking him to play the song live[1]. When on May 23, 2015 Paul McCartney actually did play the song live (for the first time ever) at a concert at London's O2 Arena[2][3], Mega64 considered it their win[4].

Vinesauce Vinny referenced the song in his Quite Soulless stream on February 6, 2017[5], bringing it to the attention of the Vinesauce fanbase (which several SiIvaGunner contributors are a part of). [more info needed]

On May 12, 2017, Ed Banger Records released the album "ED REC 100", which featured the track "Temporary Secretary" by Riton that sampled Paul McCartney's original. Riton's track was used in the video promoting the album[6].


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"Temporary Secretary" started appearing on the SiIvaGunner since May 13, 2017, possibly influenced by the release of "ED REC 100". It's usually used in melody changes. Typically, only either the repeating synthesizer melody or the vocal melody is used.

Jerry Temporary

The original comment thread containing the "Jerry Temporary" comment.

A comment thread on the rip "Powerful Mario (Beta Mix) - Super Mario 64", also containing the phrase "Jerry temporary"

SiIvaGunner refers to this song as "Jerry Temporary". The earliest appearance of the name "Jerry Temporary" is found in the comments of the second "Temporary Secretary" rip, "Powerful Mario (Beta Mix) - Super Mario 64". Replying to a user, at the time, AGuyNamed Jerry, YouTube placed his username at the beginning of the reply, creating the comment, "AGuyNamed Jerry temporary secretary by paul mccartney", which was later erroneously copied by another commenter, believing the song name was "Jerry Temporary". The team started to call the song "Jerry Temporary" after that.[7][8]

The back of the album "Mc Cartney II" with "Temporary Secretary" listed as "Jerry Temporary"[9].

On June 10, 2017, useless account uploaded the video "Jerry Temporary - Paul McCartney". The description of that video reads:

"Unfortunately, I've recently seen that people online have uploaded this as "Temporary Secretary" which is really disrespectful to Paul McCartney. Hopefully I will bring justice to McCartney by uploading this version with the name fixed. Thank you for understanding, and I hope you have a good day."

Later that day, on the rip "In-Game Music - Xevious", useless account commented: "Joke: Jerry Temporary by Paul McCartney"[10]. He has also commented this on other rips that feature Temporary Secretary.

As of July 25, 2017, the video "Jerry Temporary - Paul McCartney" by useless account is at top of the Undertale playlist[11].


To read the lyrics, click "Expand".

[Verse 1]
Mister Marks can you find for me
Someone strong and sweet fitting on my knee?
She can keep her job if she gets it wrong
Ah, but Mister Marks I won't need her long
All I need is help for a little while
We can take dictation and learn to smile
And a temporary secretary
Is what I need for to do the job
I need a

Temporary secretary, temporary secretary
Temporary secretary, temporary secretary

Mister Marks could you send her quick
Because my regular has been getting sick?
I need a


[Verse 2]
Mister Marks I can pay her well
If she comes along and can stay a spell
I will promise now that I'll treat her right
And will rarely keep her until late at night
I need a

She can be a belly dancer
I don't need a need true romancer
She can be a diplomat
But I don't need a girl like that
She can be a neurosurgeon
If she's doing nothing urgent
What I need's a temporary, temporary secretary
I need a, I need a


[Verse 3]
Now Mister Marks when I send her back
Will you please make sure she stays on the right track
Well, I know how hard it is for young girls
These days in the face of everything
To stay on the right track




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