Thanos is a character from the Marvel comics, and a competitor in the King for a Day Tournaments. He was initially selected as a popular fan submission, being #4 in the ballot overall.

Thanos render King for a Day Tournament Edit

Thanos was revealed as the eleventh competitor on July 21, 2018. His source list included rips from Marvel games, as well as rips related to "Fireflies" by Owl City and rips from Fortnite. Thanos killed Ajit Pai in Match 6 of Round 1, but was ultimately defeated by Reggie in Match 3 of Round 2.

Quotes Edit

Lines without a link come from the "All Victory Fanfares and VS Lines!" video.

VS Edit

Against Thanos render Thanos's quote
King Dedede render "I've battled against foes wielding much more powerful hammers. Yours does not impress me."
Weird Al Yankovic render "How can humans be entertained by such primitive instruments?"

DJ Professor K render

"You ought to hope they have radio stations inside the Soul Stone."
Etika render "I've acquired more stones in this gauntlet than games you have completed."
Will Smith render "The Prince of Bel-Air? This planet has such low standards for rulers."
Unregistered HyperCam 2 render "Stark, I think you've lost one of your parts."
Pitbull render "With a snap of my fingers, they'll have to call you "Mr. Hemispherewide"."
ZUN render "You would not believe your eyes if all your precious Youkai across the world perished before me."
Reggie Fils-Aimé render "Your "entertainment" only serves as a distraction from the sheer imbalance of your world."
Dancing Alien Team render "You waste your extraterrestrial abilities on dancing? Pitiful."
Ajit Pai render "Your attempts to balance the world are laughable."
Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) render "Humans do not deserve the likes of you inferior creatures."
Snake render "Your entire life has been spent fighting a worthless cause."
Geno render "A warrior of the stars? Perhaps you'd be interested in aiding my cause."
Wario Bros. render "When we're done, your criminal duo will have become a sole act."

Victory Edit

Against Thanos render Thanos's quote
King Dedede render "You should've gone for the head, too."
Weird Al Yankovic render "You are a true parody of the human race."

DJ Professor K render

"At least he had fine musical taste, it was an honor to snap him."
Etika render "Yell and scream all you want, there's no changing your destiny to fall by my hand."
Will Smith render "Tell your men in black they're next."
Unregistered HyperCam 2 render "Scrap metal."
Pitbull render "True to your name - as stupid as a dog."
ZUN render "I'd like to make myself believe Gensokyo dies slowly."
Reggie Fils-Aimé render "You were just as pathetic in real life as you were in Fortnite."
Dancing Alien Team render "Titanians remain the surperior race."
Ajit Pai render "As mundane as it is, humans can have their silly... entertainment, while it lasts."
Off The Hook (ft. Glenna) render "No one is truly off the hook from their ultimate demise."
Snake render "Hide like the coward you are."
Geno render "A child's plaything. Waste of my time."
Wario Bros. render "Ultimate is now perfectly balanced, as all things should be."

09 Thanos King for Another Day Tournament Edit

"With the newfound power of Disney behind him, Thanos re-enters the fight! After the previous tournament upset the balance of the universe, this Deviant once again seeks to restore it. Gauntlet on his fist and mouse cap on his head, the Mad Titan is prepared to win the tournament, and, of course, celebrate by going to Disneyland with those sweet half-length lines — there is only a 1 in 14,000,605 chance that he won’t!"
―Thanos' description on the MOJO!!
Thanos returns in the King for Another Day Tournament. He now wears a Mickey Mouse costume, referencing Disney's ownership of Marvel. His source list has been expanded to include songs from mainline Disney canon and theme parks, music from Walt Disney Studios and Pixar films, and music from the Star Wars series. Fortnite music has been removed from the list, probably due to Thanos' appearance in Fortnite not being relevant anymore.

In Round 1, Thanos went up against Dr. Piccolo and lost, but in Round 1 of the Loser's Bracket, he defeated Pitbull and the Aliens. He faced off against Donkey Kong in Round 2 of the Loser's Bracket and was eliminated.

Quotes Edit

Lines without a link come from the "All Vs/Victory Lines" video.

VS Edit

Against 09 Thanos Thanos' quote
01 MetalAjitPai "I'd say I'm impressed you managed to cling to life after our last encounter, but beneath that metal body you're still the same weak minded materialistic pest."
02 Geno "You are merely a simulacrum, a mockery of true life. Your arm cannon cannot hold a candle to my power."
OTHStock "The apocalypse that led to your species' uprising was inevitable. And so am I."
WeirdAlYankovicStockWith-BEATIT- "How typical, yet petty of humans to rely on the work of others to gain worthless clout."
PaTAStock "I would pity the both of you for teaming up with a human buffoon, but I see you both are no better."
NintendoPowerStock "You will not be so lucky this time around, Fils-Aime."
MenInBlackStock "You erase memories, while I erase lives."
08 ZUN (v2) "Do you really believe mere bullets can stop me? Pathetic."
WarioPartnersStock "My corporate overlords would be glad to take your company off your hands."
11 Dedede "If a hammer-wielding god fell before me, what makes you think you stand a chance?"
12 Snake "Hmph, maybe you'll put up more of a fight than the last super soldier I fought."
13 DJProfessorK "The concept of love? I once knew of something like that..."
14 Quote "Stand down now, or else you may never be seen again."
15 Adam "Silence slowly kills you? One snap of my finger will do so in an instant."
16 Johnny "Such bravado in the presence of your oblivion? More foolish than courageous."
17 MrKrabs "Your insatiable greed has destroyed even the lives of those who fuel it. Your very presence in this realm makes me sick."
18 Mariya "So you do not require the Reality Stone to shape the algorithm in your image..."
19 Robotnik "How could someone as pathetic as you be considered an "evil mastermind"?"
DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock "Your little... Minions... are nothing compared to my whole army."
21 Papyrus "Your pompous attitude will inevitably be your downfall. Don't go losing your head now."
JackandElmoStock "After Main Street becomes the biggest street in the galaxy, yours will be reduced to atoms."
23 DrPiccolo "The last Doctor who tried to oppose me only ended up handing over exactly what I wanted."
JackBrosStock "Why make a game in the virtual world when I can make reality whatever I want it to be?"
25 HOBaRT "Is the Reality Stone playing tricks on me, or is this... petty pile of metal really that which opposes me...?"
RMStock "You make it seem like it's a world of cheers. Don't deny the reality that it's a world of tears."
27 NicoNico "Only humans could find enjoyment in simple minded entertainment like this."
28 DonkeyKong "It seems like I've really scraped the bottom of the barrel with you."
29 Missingno "A corrupt being. A symbol of this universe's crippling imbalance."
TJCStock "Are these Flerkens...? No matter. None shall stand between me and the proper balance of this universe."
31 Eminem "So you are the... "Rap God?" I've battled against are definitely not one."
L&DStock "I think it may be time to restore order in this universe."

Victory Edit

Against 09 Thanos Thanos' quote
01 MetalAjitPai "Killing you would do the universe a favor. However, I am forced to grant you my mercy under my contract. How...unbalanced."
02 Geno "And so ends the star wars..."
OTHStock "You can swim back to whatever hole you came from, I've got bigger fish to fry."
WeirdAlYankovicStockWith-BEATIT- "And all that just for a drop of it..."
PaTAStock "Do you really think being "Mr. Worldwide" of one stubborn planet could ever be as substantial as saving the population universe-wide?"
NintendoPowerStock "You should've gone for my balls. My fat fucking nuts."
MenInBlackStock "I feel your pain, Smith. Disney has truly been a curse on you as of late. You have my pity."
08 ZUN (v2) "And so falls the intoxicated fool."
WarioPartnersStock "Shame you didn't take my offer. It would've made the two of you filthy rich."
11 Dedede "As a fighter, and a ruler, you fail in both endeavours. Such a waste."
12 Snake " have my respect. I hope the half of the humans left on Earth remember you for your sacrifice."
13 DJProfessorK "Your music sounds... relatively okay for your species. Maybe we can get you on the Camp Rock reboot."
14 Quote "I've known a valorous robot like you who doesn't like talking. You're lucky you're not as defective as her."
15 Adam "You've just followed a map to your own downfall and there's nothing you can do."
16 Johnny "I must say, out of every human on Earth, you are the most dimwitted I've ever encountered."
17 MrKrabs "The way I see it, you'll have until sunset before the Soul Stone hits your lower intestine."
18 Mariya "You also say you're a traveler of time, without the Time Stone? Impressive. Maybe if you weren't a puny human, we could have been a team."
19 Robotnik "I request that you cease and desist all uses of any Disney properties. If you do not comply, you will be erased from existence."
DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock "More scrap metal..."
21 Papyrus "As foolish as you are, your valiance is truly admirable. I hope the rest of human- and monsterkind remember you as a hero."
JackandElmoStock "I'm sorry, little one..."
23 DrPiccolo "There is nothing like a daily dose of a balanced universe."
JackBrosStock "Your "personas" are nothing more than an illusion; one that I can easily erase."
25 HOBaRT "I won't even boast about how ridiculously simple it was to wipe the floor with... whatever you are."
RMStock "Ah yes, the peaceful music of a small world... as it should be."
27 NicoNico "Hmm, maybe this nonsensical entertainment would be good for my employer."
28 DonkeyKong "Even a simple-minded creature like you couldn't comprehend the needs of your own island."
29 Missingno "Witness now how I wield supreme power! I understand now."
TJCStock "The Countdown until I restore balance is just beginning..."
31 Eminem "The snap of my fingers can take off your undergarments faster than your own product... pathetic..."
L&DStock "Don't fret, you both would make good lawyers for my overlords."

Gallery Edit


  • Despite Fortnite-related rips being removed from Thanos' source list in the King for Another Day Tournament, the music for the tournament's reveal trailer still uses the "Dance Moves" Fortnite emote theme to represent him, likely due to his source list not being decided yet.
  • In King for Another Day, Thanos is the only non-faceless character whose face is not focused on during his VS. screen. Instead, the camera zooms into his crotch.
  • In his King for Another Day background art, there are a few small hidden Mickey shaped heads around him. The shadow also resembles this.


King for a DayEdit

King for Another DayEdit

  • His vs. quote against Metal Ajit Pai references his loss against Thanos in the first round from the previous King for a Day Tournament.
  • His victory quote against Geno references the film series Star Wars.
  • His vs. quote against Off the Hook ft. Paruko references his line "I am inevitable." from the movie Avengers: Endgame.
  • His victory quote against "Weird Al" Yankovic references his line "All that for a drop of blood...", used as a meme usually replacing the word "blood".
  • His victory quote against Nintendo Power references a meme which replaces his line in Avengers: Infinity War "You should've gone for the head.".
  • His vs. quotes against King Dedede and Solid Snake are references to Thor and Captain America respectively. Specifically the encounters they had in Avengers: Infinity War.
  • His vs. quote against DJ Professor K references Thanos' love for "Death", which his love for her basically started the comic arc of Infinity Gauntlet. A reference to the Jet Set Radio Future song "The Concept of Love" is also made here.
  • His vs. quote against Quote references a message in Cave Story that appears when Quote falls or jump off the island, resulting in an instant death.
  • His victory quote against Quote is a reference to Thanos' adopted daughter, Nebula.
  • His vs. quote against Adam Levine references the Maroon 5 song "Misery".
  • His victory quote against Adam Levine references the Maroon 5 song "Maps".
  • His victory quote against Mr. Krabs references a scene from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Dying for Pie", where Mr. Krabs puts up his thoughts after SpongeBob took the bomb pie. At another point, SpongeBob answered that "watching the sunset with Squidward" is the last thing on the list, making Squidward thinks of what Mr. Krabs has said earlier, but also said that until sunset "the bomb will hit his lower intestine".
  • His vs. quote against Mariya Takeuchi is a reference to the popularity of her song "Plastic Love" on YouTube.
  • His victory quote against Dr. Robotnik references Toon Disney's airing of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • His vs. quote against Daft Punk ft. Pharrell is a reference to his army from the Avengers movies Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.
  • His victory quote against Daft Punk ft. Pharrell is a nod to his victory quote against Unregistered HyperCam 2 in the previous King for a Day tournament, in which he said the same thing.
  • His vs. quote against Papyrus indirectly references Papyrus' death in Undertale, where he was beheaded before dissolving into dust.
  • His vs. quote against Jack & Elmo references Main Street, U.S.A., a themed land inside the main entrance of the Disneyland parks as well as the quote "Gone, reduced to atoms." said by him in Avengers: Endgame.
  • His victory quote against Jack & Elmo is a reference to Avengers: Infinity War. In that movie, Thanos sacrifices someone while sadly saying "I'm sorry, little one..."
  • His vs. quote against Dr. Piccolo is a reference to Doctor Strange in the movie Avengers: Infinity War.
  • His victory quote against Dr. Piccolo references the Daily Dose meme.
  • His vs. quote against Jack Bros. references his line "Reality can be whatever I want." from the movie Avengers: Infinity War.
  • His quotes against Rhythm Masters references the song "It's a Small World".
  • His victory quote against MissingNo. references the arcade version of Thanos' ending in Marvel Super Heroes where all of the dialogue is taken from Magneto's ending due to a glitch.
  • His vs. quote against The Jazz Cats references the Flerken species, who are alien creatures resembling cats.
  • His victory quote against The Jazz Cats is a reference to jazz standard "Countdown".
  • His vs. quote against Eminem references his song "Rap God".
  • His victory quote against Eminem references the end of D12's "My Band".

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"U.N. Owen Was Who?" • "Memento Forest (Shinjutou café MIX)" • "MASSIVE X" • "MASSIVE X (Beta Mix)"
"GROOVIN' FAITH" • "A Jizo's Past Regrets" • "Cirno's Musical Playground" • "Timeless Youkai ~ Battle for Leadership"
"Fool's Journey Across an Eastern Story" • "Former Hell Funk" • "The Sea Where My Mind is Reflected" • "Origin"
"An Apple Disaster!" • "NON-STOP FINAL YOUKAI GIRL" • "Main Theme Badass Knife Maid"
"霊知の太陽信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion"
09 Thanos "Space Mountain Stage" • "Lion King on Piano" • "Theme of War Machine" • "Eye to Eye" • "Cantina Band"
"Believe Your Eyes" • "Your Bermudian Forecast, in a Snap!" • "A Filthy Finale" • "Crank Dat Lion King"
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WarioPartnersStock "Bad Shrooms" • "Wario Land 3: The Mysterious Music Box Medley" • "Star Maze (Club Mix)" • "Body Rock (US)"
"Body Rock (JP)" • "The Purple Wind" • "Greenhorn Pinball Acapella" • "Wario Artist Paint Studio" • "Just Plains"
"Space Party Medley" • "Rainbow Road (Super Circuit!!)" • "Wreck Train" • "Windbreak Bay"
11 Dedede "My Good Friend, Kirby!" • "(5/4)est Trail" • "Bubbly Clouds" • "A Gourmet Worth Racing For" • "Hilltop Rave"
"Rainbow Route" • "The Star Conquering Traveler -FINAL SHOWDOWN-" • "House of the Fallen Halberd"
"Fountain of Dremes" • "Ordeal of the Masked King" • "Clobba That Dere Dark Mind!" • "BOSS☆BUTCH"
"PERFECT KNIGHTMARE" • "~THE MIRACLE ⦿F DEATH~" • "Moonstruck blossom" • "Crown-Taking Battle"
"KIRBY​!​! ☆星のヒーロー☆"
12 Snake "OP.13" • "PLEASURE-TENSION" • "NEO KOBE 外伝" • "D E A D _ C E L L" • "Medusa Waterways" • "Theme of Tara"
"Sneaking Around the Marble Gallery"
13 DJProfessorK "Blow My Speakers Up" • "Mango!" • "September" • "epic Sound Shower" • "The Beat of Your Dreams..."
"Last Survivor" • We're Wrapped in Black, Too Strong" • "VERY COOL VICTORY BEAT" • "The Legend of BIONICLE"
"Teknopathetic" • "4帽子 (2019 remaster)" • "Gateway to Nightopia" • ""IDOLA" The Strange Fruits" • "Angel of the Beach"
"The End of the Future" • "Take a Space Walk" • "Golden Axe: The Wilderness Battle" • "After the Dream"

14 Quote "From Somewhere, An Invitation..." • "Running Hell/Curly's Theme" • "Changing the Predestined"
"Letka/jenkka" • "On to Grasstown" • "Cave Story Boss Medley" • "Labyrinth Fight" • "Nothing But Pressure"
"Periculum" • "Pulse°" • "I ❤ Mom" • "Lifelike Waterway" • "CAVE STORY" • "Scales of Zordium"
"Scorching Back" • "Tower of Heaven" • "Last Battle" • "Balcony" • "Battle Against a Super Slugger"
15 Adam "V Stands for Victory" • "This Love" • "Nu Sugar" • "Sugar" • "Everlong, Eternally" • "Moves Like Jagger x3"
"Welcome to Paradise!!!" • "Animals / One More Night" • "Sounds Like Jagger" • "Gasping for Air" • "Soap Disco"
"Control Myself" • "Chrome Buddy" • "Theme of Adamposting"
16 Johnny "Do the Tourney With Me!" • "Here Comes a Thought" • "Billy & Mandy's Brains"
"Hey, Ice King! What’re You Doing In KFAD?!!" • "Hey Johnny Bravo" • "Another Man's Treasure"
"The Powerpuff Girls (End Theme)" • "Ed, Edd n Eddy" • "Way of the Samurai" • "A Courageously Sad Song"
"Back To The Lab (Again)" • "Crayon" • "Signal in the Sky" • "Signal in the Sky (Vocal Mix)" • "It's All Coming Back to You!"
"True Kinda FM" • "Adoration is Key"
17 MrKrabs "Play That Song Again" • "1NF3$+@+!0N (Electric Zoo Remix)" • "Give it All You Got"
"Mr. Krabs Rave" • "Gary Comes Home" • "Easy Money 「LONG」" • "Kelpy G at Bikini Bottom Smooth Jazz Festival"
"Music to Drive By" • "No Control" • "Stadium Rave A" • "The Rake Hornpipe"
18 Mariya "Up Next..." • "Ride on Time" • "Plastic Love (DJ DVD RIP Edit)" • "The Girl in White" • "FIGHTCLUB CHINATOWN"
"Bomber (ポストエルビス Edit)" • "LOVELAND 愛LAND" • "Dress Down (DJ DVD RIP Edit)"
"Telephone Number (fm chillout mix)" • "DO-RU-FIN" • "Fly Flushin'" • "Pissy Pamper" • "Plastic Forces ...for Pop City"
"Rootin-Tootin Love" • "Future Funk Trilogy" • "Natsukashii(育応あ)" • "Love Through Time and Space"
"Ride on Time (DEMO Version)
19 Robotnik "A Promotion Awaits!" • "Special Stage!" • "Quickly Difficult!"
"Scrap Brain Zone" • "Marina Madness (Mania Mix)" • "Memories and Passwords" • "Tomorrow..." • "Stardust Speedway"
"Hill Top Zone" • "Last Area" • "Gene Gadget's Electronic Beats" • "Chaos!" • "Back in Time" • "Cavern Club"
"I Win! I Win! I Win!" • "Theme of "TIKAL"" • "The Big Pingas Machine" • "Ashes of the Volcanic Valley"
"Sonic Gets High on Chemicals Haha" • "Sky Deck Babylon" • "Reactive Factory (Work It Out)" • "Find That Hedgehog!"
"Rapid Carefree Advice" • "Robotnik Drops the Pingas"
DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock "Happier, Better, Faster, Stronger" • "Daft Buster" • "Refresh" • "Despicable Punk"
"Music Sounds Better With You (Power Mix)" • "Doin' it Right" • "Alive 1987" • "Robot R.O.C.K" • "Baby I'm Yours"
"There's No Time to Fix Our Mistakes" • "Something About Us (Angry Mix)"
"Maschinenmensch Medley (Theme of Destruction)" • "PUNKVISION" • "Hellifrançais" • "Instant Crush"
"Alive 2017" • "Justice for All"
21 Papyrus "Knock Knock Knock!" • "Super Papyrus Picross" • "Bonetrousle" • "Oh Grow a Spine Will You?" • "Cliff Notes"
"Music 3 (NES)" • "Cryogenic Noodles" • "Piece-Place Diablerie!" • "A Big Box Full of Bones and Puzzles"
"Fruit on Grass" • "The Royal Underground Ensemble" • "Super-Star DJs" • "Villains' Spooky Ska" • "Boondoggling!!"
"The Dance of the Spheres" • "Riven: The Sequel to Myst Medley" • "Robots FTW" • "Cara Mia Addio"
JackandElmoStock "Fighting Octagon Team" • "Up in the Clouds, Where the Rainbows Meet"
"Gravibus Octanguli" • "Take Off and Octagon" • "Bill Nye the Science Guy: Stops the Rock!"
"Counter Strike -VGM edition-" • "Goodbye for Now!" • "Boss Battle (Pokémon Typing Adventure)"
23 DrPiccolo "Prescribe the World" • "MY HERO" • "Green and Purple" • "Solid State Scouter" • "Gentle Breeze Acapella" • "Killer"
"Smile Bomb" • "Watch Out!" • "Hyori Ittai" • "Don't Sue Us Danny Elfman"
JackBrosStock "A Personable Encounter" • "Moonlight Serendipity" • "Battle (Shin Megami Tensei)"
"Mecha Fortress (Level 5)" • "Party Over Here!" • "Common Battle Medley" • "Battle - b2 (Boss Battle)"
"Battle in Fairy Land" • "Mass Destruction" • "Quest Battle" • "Burn My Dread -Ultimate Battle-"
25 HOBaRT "Hyper Operative Baking and Ripping Technology" • "FRUIT SALAD: 1987" • "Theme of HOBaRT"
"Symphony of Chefs" • "VB Longneck (PSY Mix)" • "I'm Here to See..." • "Tasmania Nights '03" • "The Hobart Hootenanny"
"Frank Walker's National Tiles" • "Since I'm Australian" • "Polar Pass"
RMStock "Go for a Perfect!" • "Remix 5 (Wii)" • "I.C.U." • "Rhythm Toys" • "Timepiece Phase II"
"Night Walk" • "リミックス四 ~侍の道~" • "EternuS" • "Mr.Werewolf" • "Rhythm Masters RAP"
"FREEDOM DiVE (k. far a. day mix)" • "Noodles Cannot Be Defeated" • "The Utopia of Deemo" • "Bridal Festival"
"Super Battle Groundhogs" • "DROP OUT ~MASTER MIX~" • "World IIDX" • "Built to Scale (Extended Ver.)"
27 NicoNico "ニコニコ参戦!!" • "Motteke! Sailor Fuku" • "♂ KAZUYA'S BREAKDOWN ♂"
"PoPiPo" • "Light Chip Music Club" • "Nico Nico Douga Stole Your Precious Soul"
"Nico Nico Douga Stole Your Precious Soul (Instrumental Mix)" • "Ishikawa's Visit" • "Convictor Yamaxanadu!"
"At The Tournament, Daily Life With Karakuri Spirits" • "At The Tournament, Daily Life Without Karakuri Spirits"
"Caramelldansen" • "Fukkireta" • "Overdriven to Insanity" • "Two Faced Memories"
28 DonkeyKong "Kong for a Day" • "Bubblegloop Swamp" • "StickerBush" • "Searing Savannah" • "Treasures Galore"
"Mount Amazing 2" • "Mining Motorway" • "I'm Leo Luster" • "DK Rap" • "The Secret of the Cold Air Bath"
"Darkmoon Caverns" • "Gorilla" • "Forest Interlude" • "Lockjaw's Saga" • "The Ballad of Jumpman and Pauline"
"Aquatic Ambience"
29 Missingno "See Me For Who I Am" • "Unhealed" • "Even Care / Work Zone" • "Title Theme (Time Trax)" • "Elegy of ZZAZZ"
"Ketsuban" • "the end (150)(e2+valhalla mix)" • "Battle! (The_Missing-Number)"
"n3w_makr.scop (19-96) // Keygen Zone" • "DATA_VALUE_(NULLVOID)" • "Flame Core ~Cavern Lights~"
"Fearful Harmonies" • "Calm Bus" • "MisSaNo.Nara" • "Glitch City" • "Dark Pixel" • "vordhosbn town" • "amalgam8"
"We're Finally Speedrunning (Glitched)" • "merciful" • "mines.ogg (unused)" • "'M 's Theme"
"Subcon Forest Masked" • "Exploring the Meat Factory" • "Lavender Town Syndrome*
TJCStock "Jazz Cats: The Beginning" • "Countdown" • "By Fire" • "World Map" • "Jazz on Mars"
"Nyakuza Manholes" • "Don't Lose Your Clothes" • "Into the Future!" • "SLAM!" • "Giant Dubsteps" • "Unfinished Business"
"Autumn Leaves"
31 Eminem "The Lead Singer" • "Eff Ayy Cee Kay" • "Lose Yourself" • "My Salsa" • "Calm Down"
"You Reposted in the Wrong Neighborhood"
L&DStock "Turnabout Despair" • "LOGIC&&TRICK" • "Mr. Monokuma's Swing Lesson" • "HYPER ULTRA -CLIMAX- TRIAL"
"Psycho on the Water" • "Objection! 2001" • "Solving Groove" • "Samurai Woman" • "The Turntable Turnabout"
"Who Let the Dogs Out?" • "Point and Plunder" • "4 Minutes Before Death (Variation)" • "Case of Missing Gary"
"Investigation to the Core" • "Keep on Cornering" • "Welcome to Danganronpa!"
"Discussion -MIX- (TOURNAMENT Version)"

33 MrBean "You Guessed It!" • "Wallace's Workshop" • "Bean Bean Beach"
00 Meowth "Double Trouble (Team Rocket's REALLY Rockin' Remix)" • "Meowth, That's Right!"
00 UHC2 "hi utub im back" • "hey look at this cool 8 Bit Remix I made"
"How 2 Do Anything Feat. Vari (UPDATED WORKING 2014)" • "Snap Zone"
Staff John "Vote Responsibly!!" • "Announcer Reel 2: Announce Harder" • "Announcer Reel 3: It Gets Worse"
XX BigChungusXX UgandanKnucklesXX Crash "Rabbits in the Desert" • "Ooh Nah Nah"

Round 1
18 Mariya × JackBrosStock "The Whims of Plastic Love" • 01 MetalAjitPai × 27 NicoNico "The Metal Master"
21 Papyrus × L&DStock "PROSECUTOR PAPYRUS' PURSUIT!" • 17 MrKrabs × 19 Robotnik "Grass Skirt Crowdkill"
MenInBlackStock × DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock "Wild West Rock" • 31 Eminem × 28 DonkeyKong "Love the Way You Blast"
28 DonkeyKong × 31 Eminem "Salsa Delivery Service" • 12 Snake × PaTAStock "Caught in the Worldwide Spotlight"
29 Missingno × 13 DJProfessorK "This is M0st DisturbiNg" • NintendoPowerStock × 25 HOBaRT "Hobart Crossing"
Round 2
27 NicoNico × TJCStock "You Thought All I Could Say Was Miaou" • 17 MrKrabs × DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock "Technolepiep"
TJCStock × 27 NicoNico "Nyan Cat" • NintendoPowerStock × 13 DJProfessorK "K.K. Groove-a-Numa ft. Isabelle"
PaTAStock × 09 Thanos "Marcianito y Thanos 100% real bailando cumbia.wmv"
Round 3
16 Johnny × 27 NicoNico "Kibou no Kakera"•TJCStock × JackBrosStock "Vulfsona"
29 Missingno × 17 MrKrabs "Red Mist"
Round 4-6
19 Robotnik × RMStock "Classic Zone Remix"•04 WeirdAl04 BEATIT × 18 Mariya "Livin' Off the Wall"
DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock × 13 DJProfessorK "AIN'T NOTHIN' LIKE A FLAT BEAT" • L&DStock × TJCStock "Otherworldly Movement"
L&DStock × 13 DJProfessorK "DOUBLE DECKER!" • 13 DJProfessorK × 18 Mariya "Let the Saint Sleep" • 13 DJProfessorK × 18 Mariya "The Concept of Plastic Love"
18 Mariya × 13 DJProfessorK "One Last Ride Through the City of Tokyo-to" • 13 DJProfessorK × 18 Mariya "Fall Breaks"
18 Mariya × 13 DJProfessorK "Thank You, Everybody!"
02 Geno × PaTAStock "Simmering Kingdom" • 02 Geno × TJCStock "Play It With Heart This Time"
02 Geno × XX BigChungusXX UgandanKnucklesXX Crash "In the Toadwoods"
WeirdAlYankovicStockWith-BEATIT- × XX Crown "POLKA FOR ANOTHER DAY"
PaTAStock x MenInBlackStock "Icono Viviente" • PaTAStock x RMStock "Conga de los Alienígenas"
PaTAStock × TJCStock "Cumbiote Bien Gaton"
NintendoPowerStock × 13 DJProfessorK "K.K. Mysterious Destiny" • NintendoPowerStock × TJCStock "Desolation"
MenInBlackStock × 28 DonkeyKong "That Long Train Ride"
08 ZUN (v2) × 14 Quote "Phantasm Diary"
09 Thanos × MenInBlackStock "We're Seizing the Future" • 09 Thanos × DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock "Prepare for Immediate Deresolution"
13 DJProfessorK × 15 Adam "Jet Set Vervine" • 13 DJProfessorK × 19 Robotnik "Big Beat Radio" • 13 DJProfessorK × TJCStock "Rouge of Love"
15 Adam × RMStock "Sunday Morning in Heaven" • 15 Adam × TJCStock "Sunday Morning"
16 Johnny × 01 MetalAjitPai "Megas eXtra Large Robot" • 16 Johnny × 29 Missingno "About that time (p4rallel univ3rse mix)"
18 Mariya × NintendoPowerStock "The Glorious Fairy Fountain" • 18 Mariya × 08 ZUN (v2) "Strange Oriental Rydeen"
18 Mariya × RMStock "LOVE TOGETHER (hushpupz Remix)"
19 Robotnik × WeirdAlYankovicStockWith-BEATIT- "Chiller" • 19 Robotnik × WeirdAlYankovicStockWith-BEATIT- "Launch da Base Into Space" • 19 Robotnik × WeirdAlYankovicStockWith-BEATIT- "INVINCIBLE"
19 Robotnik × PaTAStock "Madness" • 19 Robotnik × 13 DJProfessorK "Streets of Hydrocity" • 19 Robotnik × 15 Adam "Nine-Inch Hedgehog Stew"
19 Robotnik × 25 HOBaRT "What's a Fruit to a Machine?" • 19 Robotnik × 29 Missingno "Launch Base '93" • 19 Robotnik × 29 Missingno "Yσυ'ɾҽ Tσσ Sʅσɯ."
19 Robotnik × 29 Missingno "Space Queens"
DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock × 08 ZUN (v2) "MyonMyon(myon)~Myon...Myon!Myon!" • DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock × 19 Robotnik "Robotnik Rock Star"
DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock × JackBrosStock "Emotionally Making Love Beneath the Mask"
21 Papyrus × RMStock "Skeletal Evolution"
JackandElmoStock × 18 Mariya "SING" • JackandElmoStock × RMStock "Snow Jack" • JackandElmoStock × 28 DonkeyKong "School of Rock / Monkey Business"
23 DrPiccolo × 17 MrKrabs "We Are!" • 23 DrPiccolo × JackandElmoStock "Brain Age"
JackBrosStock × DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock "Human After All (SebastiAn Remix) vs. Life Will Change"
25 HOBaRT × MenInBlackStock "La Soupe aux Choux" • 25 HOBaRT × 11 Dedede "Banana Split Island"
RMStock × 08 ZUN (v2) "Revolving Around the Flower" • RMStock × 18 Mariya "Route to the Future" • RMStock × TJCStock "Kitties!"
27 NicoNico × 08 ZUN (v2) "ドナルドを信仰風化曲" • 27 NicoNico x 11 Dedede "SoundMAD Canyon" • 27 NicoNico x 19 Robotnik "Koi no Mean Bean Densetsu"
27 NicoNico × JackandElmoStock "Octa-Gon Disco" • 27 NicoNico × RMStock "Oshama Scramble" • 27 NicoNico × RMStock "音ゲーMAD Series Medley"
27 NicoNico × TJCStock "Bossa Bossa Bossa Dayo"
28 DonkeyKong × 13 DJProfessorK "Clock Tower Factory (Intense Mix)" • 28 DonkeyKong × 17 MrKrabs "The Mirror Never Lies"
28 DonkeyKong × DaftPunkFt.PharrelStock "Discovery Channel" • 28 DonkeyKong × TJCStock "Gear Getaway"
29 Missingno × 01 MetalAjitPai "Bedrock Factory" • 29 Missingno × WeirdAlYankovicStockWith-BEATIT- "Screaming in Unison" • 29 Missingno × NintendoPowerStock "Meeting with a Terrible Fate"
29 Missingno × 16 Johnny "Drifting Away" • 29 Missingno × JackBrosStock "Wild Catherine Battle" • 29 Missingno × 28 DonkeyKong "Meeting with a Terrible Ape"
TJCStock × MenInBlackStock "Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind Medley" • TJCStock × 11 Dedede "Funky Rush"
TJCStock × 11 Dedede "Butter Building" • TJCStock × 13 DJProfessorK "Herbing the Cockline"
TJCStock × 18 Mariya "Plastic Airplanes in Strasbourg" • TJCStock × JackandElmoStock "The Jazz"
TJCStock × RMStock "Big Jazz Finish A" • TJCStock × RMStock "Miku-nyan’s Groove"
TJCStock × TJCStock "Jazz Cats: The Ballads of Naxx and Doge" • TJCStock × XX BigChungusXX UgandanKnucklesXX Crash "Chungularity"
31 Eminem × 15 Adam "Hailie Will Be Loved"
L&DStock × TJCStock "It's Up for Debate"
33 MrBean × PaTAStock "The Funny Dance"" • 35 Nico34 JebBush "AFTER SCHOOL JEBINATORS

"SiIvaGunner presents... The KING FOR ANOTHER DAY TOURNAMENT!"
"SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament Overview: CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER!"
"BATTLEFIELD (Special Edition)" • "A reminder from Studio Gunner!" • "a̵c̖͠c͏i̡̲͚d̩͘e͚n̪̰̱t̶a̙̥͜l ̱̗a̰̲ͅn̠̞̕n̘̣͎o͔̜u̳̭͖n̴͖̳c͙͚ͅę̝̼m͓͕͚e̦̕ͅn̛t͎̰̠"
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