"The 2019 Channel Update Vlog" is a video on the SiIvaGunner channel. In it, Chaze the Chat shares the team's plans for the trajectory of the channel's fourth season, and reveals one of the fighters in the upcoming King for Another Day Tournament.

Transcript Edit

[We see Chaze the Chat wandering about in a forest.]

Chaze: [sniffs] It smells like poppinggamers in here.

Wh-wh-wh-what's up, my gamers! This ya boy Chaze the Chat here, reppin' SiIvaGunner. [SiIvaGunner's avatar appears flashing with an explosion to airhorn noises that play "Meet the Flintstones". Shortly after, "Circus (Beta Mix) - Five Nights at Freddy's" plays in the background.] Fuckin', YouTube channel.

We're here to tell you about Season 4 of SiIvaGunner. This experience will be unlike any other. Season 3? It's... pussy shit, compared to Season 4. Season 4 is going to be way more spontaneous, like Season 1. It's gonna be insane, guys. InSANE what we're gonna be doing here.

We have King for Another Day in Season 4. 32 different contestants. You know how many King for a Day had? 16. King for Another Day? 32 contestants! Thirty! Two! Contestants! It's gonna be a bigger tournament! It's gonna be great! We're gonna have surprise reveals at the end of rips! I'm PUMPED for this! It's gonna be inSANE!

[Increasing rapid-fire closeups on Chaze breathing heavily.]

We have one more video left of Season 3, and we are moving straight to Season 4 after that!

Season 4 is gonna have way more GRAND DAD in it! I! Love! The Flintstones theme! [Quick cut to the Flintstones Winston cigarettes commercial.] The fuckin' funny Flintstones, yo! [The Winston Flintstones flickers some more.]. The seven principles of GRAND DAD:

1. It's funny.
2. It's GRAND.
3. It's DAD.
And 4...'s synergy.

There's three others, I don't remember 'em, whatever. Who cares. The funny seven principles of GRAND DAD.

There's going to be... I already said this, I'm just so PUMPED for it! ...surprise reveals at the end of rips! You'll never know when they're comi--

[The video abruptly switches to Johnny Bravo's reveal trailer, "Do the Tourney With Me!", though this version does not yet have Johnny's character artwork.]

Description Edit

I hope that you've enjoyed this Season 3 Finale of high quality rips over the past week or so. I have one more video left to close out Season 3, and will then be jumping right into Season 4. Thank you for enjoying my high quality video game rips (which, of course, as always, are the only thing I upload).

Trivia Edit

  • The video/audio editing, as well as Johnny Bravo’s reveal trailer, was done by Hinchy.[1]
  • For unknown reasons, the thumbnail shows Chaze indoors despite the entire vlog taking place outside.

References Edit

  1. Hinchy's High Quality Rips
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