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"The Bounty of the Tune Squad - The SiIvaGunner All-Star Summer Festival 2021", initially titled "???" before being renamed,[1] is a high quality video announcing the beginning of the Space Jam Charity SLAM!.


Continuing from "The Bounty of Gentleman PSY", the video consists of a cinematic animation of Redwood describing his intent to kill Charles Barkley, who is the leader of a group of medicine men called the Tune Squad along with Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Big Chungus, and take his bounty, as the camera pans over Barkley's wanted poster and various items related to the Tune Squad.

The video comes with closed captions transcribing Redwood's monologue.


Click "Expand" to see the transcript.

[The video begins with a black screen with "Rabbits in the Desert - SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day" playing in the background. It then fades onto a wanted poster of Charles Barkley on a table, with the following text:]

Charles Barkley
Dead or Alive

Redwood: The second bounty of the season: Charles Barkley. I've heard of this fella.

[The camera pans over to a business card reading "TUNE SQUAD/MIRACULOUS MEDICINE".]

Redwood: He's part of the Tune Squad, a group of medicine men with stores over the West.

[The camera pans down to pictures of Michael Jordan and LeBron James.]

Redwood: Two other doctors accompany him: LeBron and Jordan.

[The camera pans over to a picture of Big Chungus.]

Redwood: I heard there was this one other..., infamous for his weight. They called him Big Chungus or somethin'. I'm not sure.

[The camera pans over to a picture of a medicine wagon with the words "MICHAEL'S SECRET STUFF" painted on its side.]

Redwood: The Tune Squad's out there peddlin' this miracle substance to the locals. They're callin' it "Secret Stuff". Says it can cure any ailment under the sun. A tonic that'll improve your life.

[The camera pans over to a picture of four men celebrating around a campfire as, unbeknownst to them, a bandit robs them.]

Redwood: The people who take this secret stuff, they go crazy at night, partyin', gettin' wasted, holdin' rodeos. While they're under the influence, bandits ransack their houses. A devious scheme indeed.

[Pan back to the wanted poster and pictures of the Tune Squad.]

Redwood: The Tune Squad ain't exactly a stable group. Barkley's the head honcho keepin' it all together, the brains of the operation. Takin' out Barkley would mean chaos for the Tune Squad, at the very least.

[Zoom in on the wanted poster.]

Redwood: Sixty thousand, dead or alive. Guess it's time to take my chance... and do my dance.

[Fade to black.]


  • Slightly before the video premiered, the name was changed to "Aquatic Ambience (Alpha Mix) Fusion Collab" before being changed back to its current title, a joke previously done for the premiere of "Natsuiro Egao de 1, 2, Jump Fusion Collab!".
  • The video contains many references to the Space Jam films:
    • The united group of Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Big Chungus are references to their roles in the Space Jam films (Michael Jordan and LeBron James star in Space Jam and Space Jam: A New Legacy, respectively; Big Chungus stands in for Bugs Bunny and cameos in A New Legacy; Charles Barkley is one of the basketball players whose powers were sapped by the Monstars in the original Space Jam).
    • The name of the group, the Tune Squad, is the name of both Michael Jordan's and LeBron James' teams in Space Jam and Space Jam: A New Legacy, respectively.
    • The name of the tonic, "Michael's Secret Stuff", is a direct reference to the original Space Jam, in which Bugs Bunny gives Michael's Secret Stuff to the Tune Squad in order to re-energize them. In reality, the drink was just clean water, which is also the case for the tonic mentioned in this video, as revealed in a YouTube community post.[2]


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