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"The Haltmann Works Co. Training Video (Emailing Rips, Art, and King for Another Day Contestants!)" is a high quality video tutorial for submitting high quality video game rips to the SiIvaGunner channel, applying for the SiIvaGunner art team, and submitting contestant ideas for the King for Another Day Tournament. It follows up from "Main Theme - Superman 64", with the first section covering mostly the same information in a similar format, but with a few updates to channel policy that have been made since then.


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[We see the following credits:]








[We cut to various places in a house to dramatic music, ending on Chaze the Chat scratching his dog's head.

Fade to black as the Haltmann Works Co. logo fades in.]

Narrator: Hello, fellow employee! Are you ready to help President Haltmann run Grandiose City as smoothly as possible? [Chaze and Slix high-five.]. Perhaps you have a high-quality rip you'd like to submit. [Chaze gives a thumbs up to the camera.] Or maybe you think you'd fit well on the artist team. [Slix gives a thumbs up to the camera.] Or even, you just have a fun idea for an upcoming tournament. [TheBlueBandito leaves the room.] Well, through the power of mid-90s technology, your wish can come true! [Cut to a pair of laptops.] Haltmann Works Co. has several email addresses set up for you to fulfill your dream of helping our glorious leader. It's only Christmas 2016 once, after all.


[Cut to the SiIvaGunner channel's "Videos" tab.]

Haltmann Works Co. only uploads the highest quality video game rips to the SiIvaGunner channel. But did you know that many of the rips uploaded to the channel are taken from emails? And not only that, but almost every ripper on the team got their start by submitting rips to the email. [Cut to Chaze sitting down at the laptop and typing gibberish in a document.] However, there are several steps that should be performed prior to sending an email to the team.

The first step to submitting a high quality rip is to, well, rip it! While this video will not show you how to rip high quality video game music, Wild Matsu has created an excellent guide for the creation of rips, which you can find in the description of this video. Please note, however, that Haltmann Works Co. has a list of sources that we're unwilling to accept for a variety of reasons. Please see the description of this video for the full list.

Formatting your email correctly is very important when submitting a high quality rip. Sending an email using the correct format will make it much easier for our underpaid employees to read your email and submit it to the queue.

To begin, the email should be sent to The subject should clearly list the game name and the track name of the song you ripped. This subject should also be duplicated as the first line of the actual message. Next, you should list the song name, composer, playlist (if one exists), and platform of the song. This makes it easier for us to upload the rip to the channel, should it be accepted. Then you should paste a link to your rip. More on this coming up next! Finally, you should explain the joke of the rip to us. Some jokes are harder for us to understand than others, and we won't understand all references, so please be very clear what the joke is. And optionally, you may include a disclaimer to let us know that you understand the channel is anonymous, and that you will not receive credit for the rip. This will make uploading easier for us.

[During this, the following sample email is written out:]

Main Theme - Red Neck Rampage

Main Theme - Red Neck Rampage

Music: Main Theme

Composer: Larry the Cable Guy


Platform: PC

link to google drive here

Joke: It's time for you to watch a movie based on your defeat.

I understand that this is an anonymous submission

When sending rips, it's very important to use the MP3 format. However, be sure to save a WAV or FLAC of your rip, in case we need it for a future album.

In the past, we listed plenty of sites to upload your tracks to. However, we are looking to make a backup of rips sent to the email from now on, and the easiest way for us to do that is if the rips are uploaded to Google Drive. After uploading the rip to Google Drive, please right-click the file and click the "share link" button. Using this method, we will not need to ask for permission to view the file. If you don't do this, we will probably ask you to send the file again. [buzzer sound] If, for whatever reason, you absolutely cannot use Google Drive, please use Picosong, Instaudio, or Clyp to upload your track. We receive a lot of emails, and we may not get to your email for a few weeks. There's no limit to how many rips you can send to us, though, so, if you have a lot of rips, please send as many as you'd like. Who knows? If you get enough rips accepted, then maybe we'll have a place open for you here at the channel.

Thank you very much for your continued interest in helping Haltmann Works Co.

[Chaze finishes his email and goes to sleep on a couch to the Super Mario World game over theme.]


[Cut to Slix sitting down at the laptop.]

The art team is a very valued section of the team, and Haltmann Works Co. is always looking for more artists to come on. In order for us to get a good look at your skills as an artist, it's essential that you follow the email format. Let's go through that now!

Start by addressing the email to The subject of your email should be in the format listed here. Be sure to clearly state your username in the subject. The contents of your email should include at least five of your best art pieces. You can link gifs, and videos as well, but please no project files. Use .png and .jpg for images, and make sure that you have at least some digital art examples in there. You should also link to your portfolio if you have one, whether that be on DeviantArt, Twitter, Tumblr, ArtStation, or YouTube. Next, tell us if you specialize in something. Characters, backgrounds, comics, logos, 2D animation, and 3D modeling are all examples. Finally, you should confirm that you're fine with staying anonymous until project completion, and that you understand that this is a nonprofit volunteer project.

[During this, the following sample email is written out:]

The Cool Hair Dude's Art Application

[Inspector Gadget from "Minecraft with Gadget", two photos of Mike Matei, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Wolverine as a Minion]

My Art Portfolio can be found here:

I specialize in backgrounds and characters.

I am aware that this project is anonymous, and that I will not be credited until the end of the project. I am also aware that this is a volunteer project.

Thank you very much for your continued interest in helping Haltmann Works Co.

[Slix finishes his email and walks out of the room, patting various objects on their "heads".]


[Cut to TheBlueBandito sitting down at the laptop.]

Finally, it's your time to shine! You have an amazing idea for a potential contestant in the upcoming SiIvaGunner King for Another Day Tournament, and you just have to make sure the team knows all about it!

The email should be sent to The character name should be in the subject of the email, and the body of the email should contain the name of the character, a description of them, and a list of suggested rip sources with examples.

[A caption appears: "(A picture of them would help too.)"]

[During this, the following sample email is written out:]

Gordon Ramsey

Character Name: Gordon Ramsey

The angriest chef around is joining the battle! Gordon Ramsey is here to make delicious food and to take names!

-Songs related to food

-Songs related to screamo metal.

It may also be helpful to include links to rips that the character may upload.

We will not be responding to any emails sent to this account. In addition, we reserve the right to change the source list of any character submitted for a variety of reasons, whether it be for balancing purposes or for giving them a more fitting source list. The submission period lasts until the end of March 2019, so please submit sooner rather than later.

Thank you very much for your continued interest in helping Haltmann Works Co.

[Bandito finishes his email and steers out of the room in a wheelchair to an instrumental version of the Family Guy theme.]



[Cut to Chaze in a plastic blue sombrero making finger guns and going "Bleah!"]

Video description

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Hello, valued employee! With this video, you'll be able to work not only harder, but smarter!

Emailing Rips (0:54):

The SiIvaGunner Official Ripping Guide:

Things to avoid:

  • Rips that contain out of key notes/vocals (unless that’s the joke)
  • Rips that go out of sync/beat (unless that's the joke)
  • Rips that contain low quality audio (unless that’s the joke)
  • Ripping a song which has already been ripped multiple times (more than 2) on our channel. In general, the more times a song has been ripped, the higher the standards are for it.
  • straight MIDI swaps/slaps (aka downloading a midi and putting a soundfont on it with no changes)
  • slapping a melody over a song verbatim without adjusting the backing music or melody itself to compensate
  • Any song/audio/footage that will get your video blocked in a lot of countries. (eg. Kanye West/Drake)
  • Rips of licensed songs (unless the song is heavily associated with the game)

Things that should not be submitted (These are NOT allowed and will not be approved):

Email Format:

Subject: Song Name - Game Name

Email Contents:

Song Name - Game Name

  • link to rip*

Joke: (explain the joke)

Art Applications (4:21):

Subject: [Username] art application

Email contents:

  • Include minimum 5 of your best art pieces and have them visible in the email. You can link GIFs and videos as well. Do not send project files, use PNG or JPG for images. Make sure you have digital art examples.

  • Link your portfolio if you have one (Deviantart, Tumblr, Twitter, Artstation, Youtube).

  • Tell us if you specialize in something, e.g. characters, backgrounds, comics, logo work, 2D animation, 3D modeling.

  • Confirm that you're okay with staying anonymous until project completion and you understand that this is a non-paid volunteer project.

KFAD Suggestions (Only open until March 31st) (6:09):

Subject: Character Name

Email Contents:

-Character Name
-Character Description
-Character Source List
-(Optional) List of example rips.