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This page is about the event. For the album, see The Harlem Shakeover (album).

The Harlem Shakeover was a channel event in 2022 where Ajit Pai took over SiIvaGunner. It began on the tenth anniversary of the release of "Harlem Shake".


See also: King for a Day Tournament and King for Another Day Tournament

Ajit Pai was a contestant in the King for a Day tournaments. In the first tournament, he lost to Thanos and was promptly snapped out of existence. He then returned in the second tournament as Metal Ajit Pai, but was defeated once again. As seen in "Hello :)", he returned yet again after his ashes were scattered over the SiIvaGunner mainframe, resulting in him reincarnating as a virtual assistant on SiIvaGunner's computer and forcefully taking over the channel.

Prior to this event, the name "The Harlem Shakeover" had been mentioned several times, being used as the title for a promotional rip for Ajit and mentioned in King for Another Day Tournament MOJO!! posts.[1][2][3]


The channel banner was changed to have two added images of Ajit Pai from the infamous "PSA from Chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai" video and the sky and the inside of the lighthouse colored orange, while the channel's avatar was changed to a 2018 portrait of Ajit. The channel description was changed to:

Hi, I'm Ajit Pai. Former chairman of the FCC. Recently there's been quite a bit of conversation about my plan to execute the Harlem Shakeover. Here are just a few of the things you'll still be able to do on the SiIvaGunner channel after after the KFAD-era regulations have been repealed:

- You can still upload high quality video game rips
- You can still submit mashups
- You can still download albums
- You can still binge your favorite rips
- You can still laugh at your favorite jokes
- You can still drive memes right into the ground

And everything else you ever did on SiIvaGunner.
Like, everything.
All of it.

(All content is willingly submitted by a team of content creators; if you use a video for your content, please credit the channel, and do not monetize it if said content consists primarily of/is centered around the video in question.)

Additionally, the @GiIvaSunner Twitter account was changed to have an image of the caricatured Ajit as its avatar, its location changed to Harlem, and its bio changed to an edited version of what was the real Ajit Pai's bio at the time:[4]

Former FCC Chairman, now host of SiIvaGunner. Indian-American, Kansan, husband, dad, Chiefs fan. I own a high quality mug.

Starting on May 28, the channel's avatar was regularly changed to become progressively more zoomed-in. After the upload of "PSA from Former Chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai", the channel returned to normal 4 hours later while the Twitter account returned to normal on June 2. The channel's featured video was changed back to "Athletic Theme (PAL Version) - Super Mario World" sometime later.

Rips uploaded

All rips uploaded during this event feature "Harlem Shake", a song included in Ajit Pai's King for a Day tournament source lists as a reference to the "PSA from Chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai" video. Certain videos related to "Harlem Shake" were regularly referenced, such as the opening segment of "FILTHY COMPILATION #6 - SMELL MY FINGERS" by DizastaMusic (the very first "Harlem Shake" video), "The Harlem Shake v1 (TSCS original)" by TheSunnyCoastSkate (the video that started the "Harlem Shake" meme), and "SpongeBob,Patrick,Mr Krabs & Squidward Does The Harlem Shake" (a YTPMV fad). "Reese's Puffs Rap" by RV & Terrance was also frequently used to reference Ajit Pai's infamous oversized Reese's mug, although the song always appeared alongside with "Harlem Shake". The catchphrase was changed to "You can still read the channel description."

Rips were initially uploaded every two hours. This was changed to every hour on May 24, then to every 30 minutes on May 27, then every 15 minutes on May 29. On May 30, the rip "Athletic Theme (PAL Mix) - Super Mario World" was set as the channel's featured video after being uploaded, replacing "Athletic Theme (PAL Version) - Super Mario World". Near the end of May 30, several rips of VVVVVV were uploaded, all under the mix name "PS Vita Version", ending with the release of "HHHHHH", a mod for the game that replaces its soundtrack with the event's rips. The upload rate then returned to hourly on May 31, during which most rips uploaded were related to boss battle themes. At the end of the day, "Trailer Theme - Kolo Terorita" was uploaded to announce the release of Kolo Terorita, an original video game based on the event. The event then concluded on June 1 with the release of the album The Harlem Shakeover.

Three brief pauses occurred during the event after certain uploads, possibly as fake-outs to make it seem like the event had ended:



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May 22

May 23

May 24

May 25

May 26

May 27

May 28

May 29

May 30

May 31

June 1


May 23

Tweet Link
[A retweet from @circunflexonoa: ":) #siivagunner"]
Circunflexonoa smol ajit.jpeg
Twitter Icon.png
[A retweet from @randomshipsbot: "SiIvaGunner x NowDoTheHarlemShake would be a hilarious ship!"] Twitter Icon.png

May 24

Tweet Link
Nerf This? Why not get yourself a nice NERF blaster instead? I hear Christmas in July is pretty soon... Twitter Icon.png
[A retweet from @yhenestik: "#siivagunner Now do the"]
Yhenestik smol ajit.png
Twitter Icon.png
When you ask Ajit Pai what he wants to eat 😂🕺🔥
Twitter Icon.png

May 25

Tweet Link
Recently there's been quite a bit of conversation about how I look like someone named "Spam Tom." What do you think?
SiIvaGunner - The Harlem Shakeover - spamtonajit.png
Twitter Icon.png

May 26

Tweet Link
[A retweet from @MelvinHeboyi: "Misery X Mr. Incredible Becoming Uncanny X Ninomae Ina'nis X Super Idol"]
Twitter Icon.png

May 27

Tweet Link
I fucking love Sneed
SiIvaGunner - The Harlem Shakeover - ajit pai loves sneed.png
Twitter Icon.png
[A retweet from @KeebyAstrokat: "since siiva's having a big ol ajit pai harlem shake type thing going on right now, here's a design for KFAD 2 ajit I made before they decided to take it more in a mecha direction. I based mine more off the terminator type concept art for kfad 1 ajit"] Twitter Icon.png

May 28

Tweet Link
Even without net neutrality, you can still "simp" for your favorite "vtubers" - whatever that means.
Twitter Icon.png

May 29

Tweet Link
Join me in 3 hours at 12 PM Pacific to watch the premiere of a new and highly-anticipated Harlem Shake video.
SpongeBob SquarePants- The Cosmic Shake.jpg
Twitter Icon.png
[A reply to @GiIvaSunner: "Main Theme - SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake"] Twitter Icon.png
[A reply to @GiIvaSunner: "Starting now!"] Twitter Icon.png
[A retweet from @IvaKunner: "Do the Harlem Shake #SiIvaGunner"]
IvaKunner Ajit Pai.jpg
Twitter Icon.png

May 30

Tweet Link
Wanted to give a quick shout-out to the fan artists who've drawn my big mug over the last week (and the thing I drink out of too)! If you've got art of me (or those other, staler meme guys), using the hashtag #siivagunner is the best way to get it seen - you could even get a RT! Twitter Icon.png
[A retweet from @OctoHorizon: "then do the galactic shake #siivagunner"]
OctoHorizon Ajit Pai.jpg
Twitter Icon.png
[A retweet from @DiamondBrickZ: "Happy Harlem Shakeover! Infuse your Harlem Shakes with flavors around the world! #siivagunner"]
Twitter Icon.png
[A retweet from @GeeligansiLand: "Ajit Pai is going to unleash the Harlem Shake in the world of #Miitopia. No one is safe! #siivagunner


Twitter Icon.png

May 31

Tweet Link
SiIvaGunner's antivirus has activated, and it wants to the delete the Harlem Shake by force! Play as Ajit Pai and use your weapons to defend the Harlem Shakeover at all costs.
Kolo Terorita by giivasunner
Keep the Harlem Shake Alive! Play in your browser

Twitter Icon.png


  • This is the second channel event to have its rips align with the source list of a King for a Day contestant that did not win either tournaments, the first being Cartoon Network Day.
    • Unlike Cartoon Network Day, however, the Harlem Shakeover is explicitly shown to be a takeover by a relevant contestant.
  • With over 300 videos, this channel event holds the record for the most videos uploaded in a takeover focused on a single overarching theme, beating the previous record holder, the DJ Professor K Takeover, by over 60 uploads. It is also the longest instance of such a takeover, lasting a little over 10 days straight.
  • On June 15, three subject removal edits involving "Harlem Shake"-related videos were uploaded in a row. This was likely done to reference the ending of the Harlem Shakeover, in which Ajit Pai was put into the computer's recycle bin.


  1. "(Pai wanted to call himself "The Harlem Shakeover" but this name was denied by tournament staff.)" - Tweet by @GiIvaSunner; July 17, 2018.
  2. "...and, of course, finally make his dreams of a Harlem Shakeover a reality." - "Metal Ajit Pai" character bio on the King for Another Day Tournament MOJO!!; August 28, 2019.
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  4. "Former FCC Chairman, now Partner at Searchlight Capital Partners & Non-Resident Fellow @AEI. Indian-American, Kansan, husband, dad, Chiefs fan. I own a big mug." - @AjitPai's Twitter bio, archived via the Wayback Machine.
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