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The Lost Rip - A SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Side Story (originally titled Comeback Crisis [Episode 13] - The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis) is a high quality lore video and a side story for the SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis event.

It is a Halloween-themed episode, and accordingly, the script is modeled after Sonic.exe-style creepypastas.

Plot summary

In the real real world, a human fan of the SiIvaGunner channel (referred to throughout as "Reader") anxiously awaits the next Christmas Comeback Crisis episode, and their wish is finally fulfilled when they find it uploaded. However, the episode plays Puzzle Room for four hours, and Reader is then jumpscared by Felix the Cat with photorealistic eyes, who warns him to "turn back" and rips off his face.

After the jumpscare, the episode then shifts to the Voice's tower, where Haltmann bursts into the Voice's room with half his face missing. Haltmann looks into a mirror and sees his reflection being suddenly replaced with that of SiIvaGunner himself; this shocks Haltmann so much that the other half of his face falls off, and he dies. The Voice looks at a chart graphing SiIva's dreams and realizes that SiIva is having nightmares.

The Voice then summons Wood Man and notifies him about SiIva's nightmares. He states that the Christmas Spirit being harvested from SiIva's sleeping thoughts has turned into "Halloween Spirit". At this point, Reader runs down and tells his best friend Jerome about the sudden twist, and they both go up to return to the episode, but are jumpscared by Felix again when they turn it on. The Reader explains to Jerome the plot so far, and they return to the point where Reader originally left off.

Wood Man leaves the Voice's tower and is stopped by Robbie Rotten. Wood Man is suddenly possessed by a mysterious red mist, and he kills Robbie with a Coconut Gun. The mist leaves Wood Man and after he comes to his senses, he goes back to the Voice's tower, now transformed into a giant SiIva statue. When activating the elevator to meet with the Voice, the Voice, now also possessed by red mist, appears on the screen and warns Wood Man to turn back. Wood Man continues anyway and finds the Voice dying on the floor. After some tearful last words, Wood Man decides to find the source of the red mist.

Wood Man makes his way to SiIva's house, and finds the whole building enveloped by red mist, and deduces that the red mist must be the Halloween Spirit. Wood Man puts on a gas mask and enters the building, but before he can get to SiIva's computer, he is stopped by Grand Dad, who also has realistic bleeding eyes, much like Felix, and also speaks in a demonic version of Joel Vinesauce's voice. Grand Dad taunts Wood Man, reaches out through the computer screen, and pulls Jerome through. Grand Dad holds Jerome hostage, but when Wood Man implores him to let Jerome go, Grand Dad slits Jerome's throat. Wood Man forcefully slaps Grand Dad across the room, killing him as well.

After the encounter with Grand Dad, Wood Man enters SiIva's bedroom and finds SiIva asleep with a demonic Nozomi, Santa, Meta Knight, Tito Dick, Loud Nigra, Sens, Donkey Kong, Haruka, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, and Felix surrounding his bed, all possessed by Halloween Spirit. SiIva is shaking in bed while wearing a helmet similar to Doc Brown's ones from Back to the Future. As the possessed characters taunt him, Wood Man decides he needs backup and pulls the Reader through the computer screen. This distracts all the possessed characters, allowing Wood Man to take the helmet off SiIva and finally awakening him. The Halloween Spirit dissipates and all the possessed characters fall on the ground dead.

The Halloween Spirit then coalesces into the 8-Bit Beast and fights both Reader and Wood Man. The battle ends with both on the verge of death as the 8-Bit Beast prepares to deliver the killing blow. However, both are saved by SiIva himself, who blasts the 8-Bit Beast with Mother Brain's rainbow beam. After the battle, SiIva acts rather rudely towards Wood Man and Reader, despite the fact that both heroes saved him, Wood Man then pushes Reader through SiIva's computer back to the real world.

Reader wakes up frightened, and hopes that it was all a bad dream. He then finds a note from Wood Man on his desk. Disturbed, he says that he never watched SiIvaGunner again after this incident.


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Reader: I was going through my YouTube subscriptions, and I saw SiIvaGunner uploaded a new video. The video was titled "The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis episode 13: Comeback Crisis". I shat my pants in excitement, as I love the CCC. But I was confused... When did the previous episode come out... ? Why did it go straight to episode 13..? And why did the title of the episode start with a C..? Nevertheless, I wasn't worried about that, I was very excited to begin viewing this new visual experience that the SiIvaGunner team whipped up for my enjoyment.

I began to watch, but the video was just a static screen with the Kirby: Planet Robobot logo... I was even more confused. Where was my comeback crisis?? I looked at the title and before my very eyes, it changed to Puzzle room. I sat through Puzzle Room for FOUR HOURS... Until, the choice appeared on the screen. So I picked НЕТ for the funny meme!

Felix appeared on the screen, but he stared at me with hyper-realistic eyes...

And what he said chilled me to the core...

Felix: T u r n b a c k . . .

Reader:I had already watched the video for FOUR HOURS... I couldn't go back now... So, I hit back on my browser and clicked the video again. This time, I picked the ДА option... But Felix appeared again. This time with bleeding eyes and realistic lips...

Felix: I W A R N E D Y O U . . .

Reader: Then Felix violently ripped his own face off with a familiar scream...


The screen went dark for a few moments. After that, I screamed in excitement as the words "Meanwhile in the Tower." appeared in my Youtube video box! The Voice was sitting in his office as per usual, eating pizza and listening to "Go my way" from Idolm@ster. Suddenly, President Haltmann burst into his office, flailing his arms in a panic! The Voice screamed, as did I. Haltmann was missing half of his face!

Haltmann:Voice! Voice! We're detecting odd patterns in SiIva's dreams!!

The Voice:What happened to your face Haltmann?!

Reader: Haltmann paused for a moment, and slowly pulled out his hand mirror... He was horrified to see half of his face gone... But after a brief period, the image in the mirror transformed into the Silver Gun man himself! Haltmann screamed as the rest of his face fell off, and he fell over onto the floor. I was in shock, this is the scariest thing SiIvaGunner had ever made!

The Voice ran to his own computer screen and checked the dream monitor. SiIva's dreams were off the charts! The Voice appeared to be sweating...

The Voice:Oh god... SiIvaGunner is having a nightmare! I have to call Woodman! He'll know what to do!

Reader:A nightmare?! The thought of that was horrible! Then, the Voice clicked a remote he held secret in his pocket, and woodman appeared into existence.

Wood Man:wtf not nice i was just eating some steamed beans with my good friend robbie as seen in woodman and robbie: siivagunner christhmas comeback crisis side episode. this better be important voice.

The Voice:Woodman! SiIvaGunner's dreams are changing! He's no longer dreaming about pleasant things! He's currently having...


Wood Man:oh shit not nice.

The Voice:We hooked up SiIva to his computer so his dreams could be broadcasted into the world and we could generate more Christmas spirit...

But since they have become nightmares...

It has turned into... HALLOWEEN SPIRIT...

Reader:I screamed! This could not be real! Halloween Spirit? This was supposed to by the CHRISTMAS comeback crisis!! Why was a substance known as Halloween Spirit be on the channel!?

I paused the video and ran downstairs to retrieve my best bro and actual brother, Jerome. "Jerome!" I yelled, "Come quick! There's a new episode of the Christmas Comeback Crisis and it's certainly a good one!" He came upstairs with me and we sat in my room. He asked if we could start from the beginning. But when we tried to rewind...


Felix:Y O U H A D Y O U R C H A N C E T O G O B A C K .

Reader:I apologized to Jerome, and told him we would have to watch from where I left off. After giving him an explanation of what already happened to this point, we continued to watch the video.

Wood Man: ah shit, not halloween spirit... >:[

The Voice: I understand you've lost your allegiance to me, but you can see how we need to stop this from happening!

Wood Man: yeah i see dude, lmao i'm on my way

Reader:Woodman began to walk out of the storage facility, but Robbie stopped him.


Reader: Woodman was about to talk, but he was suddenly surrounded by a red mist, and had an evil look on his face!!

Wood Man: fuck no.

Reader: Woodman then pulled out a coconut gun and shot Robbie Rotten in the face!!!

The red mist floated away.

Wood Man: lmao who the fuck did i just shoot

Reader: Me and Jerome both shat our drawers in fear! Woodman would never shoot robbie! The siIvagunner team was really making a scary episode!!

Woodman walked through grandiose city, to the Voice's tower. But the tower was distorted!! Instead of the tower, it looked like a giant statue of SiIva! But woodman saw right through its sneaky lies and walked right in the door as if the tower hadn't changed. He took the elevator to the top of the tower, but it broke down half way through.

Wood Man: not nice.

Reader: A screen in the elevator lit up and the voice appeared on it. But his voice was different. It was a slow, distorted version of Siiva's voice...

The Voice: Woodman, you are trying to thwart my plans. Turn back now, or face my wrath...

Wood Man: sorry but you are not nice, i'm coming up.

Reader: Woodman arrived in the office to find the voice twitching and writhing on the floor. Woodman ran over to him and held him in his arms.

The Voice: You have to... Unplug... SiIva...

Reader: Those were the Voice's dying words... Woodman shed a single tear and walked out of the room. He had a mission.

Me and Jerome were freaking out. Siiva just killed off 3 of their biggest characters in a fraction of an episode!!!! Shaking in our boots, we unparsed the video and continued...

Woodman made his way out to Siiva's house, and when he got to it, things were looking bad. The entire building was covered in red mist, and storm clouds were surrounding the house.

Wood Man: not nice, halloween spirit is all over the place here. it's the red mist lol. time to equip my wood gas mask lmao.

Reader: Woodman put on the gas mask and went into the house and found Siiva's computer.

Wood Man: been a long ass time since I was here lmao.

Reader: Siivas computer was wired up to a machine that had wires going into Siiva's bedroom. Woodman began to approach Siiva's bedroom but a figure appeared in front of the door.

It was Grand Dad!!

My bro and I scrame because we had been anticipating Grand Dads grand appearance in the ccc!!! But something was off...

Grand dad had the same realistic bleeding eyes felix had! Grand dad spoke in a demonic version of Joel Vinesauce's Voice.


Reader: Grand dad pointed at the screen. Woodman looked behind himself confused.

Wood Man: lmao what.

Reader: Suddenly, grand dad lunged towards the screen. Woodman dodged and Grand Dad's hand burst through the computer screen!

I Screamed! Jerome was caught in Grand Dads grasp and he pulled Jermone back into the screen.

Wood Man: what the hell

Reader: I was literally crying and shaking. I screamed for my bro and he screamed back to me, but he couldn't hear me. Grand dad held a knife to Jerome's throat.

Wood Man: whoah not nice dude let that guy go lmao

Reader: Grand dad slit Jerome's throat!! I shad and pissed!!! Jerome!!!!!!!!! I am still shaking now thinking of it...

Woodman used the power of his banging-ass fist to bitch slap Grand Dad, and he collapsed to the ground, dead! I cried even harder!! This couldn't be happening! My favorite bro, and Grand Dad were dead! Woodman walked into the bedroom and the image that appeared was disturbing!!!

Siiva slept like a peacheful baby while a demonic nozomi, santa, meta knight, tito dick, loud nigra, sens, donkey kong, haruka, homer simpson, peter griffin, and felix surrounded his bed!!!

Felix's head twisted around his body.

Felix: You should have turned back.

Wood Man: ok actually what the fuck

Reader:He stood between Nozomi and Felix.

Wood Man: what the fuck is this shit.

Reader: Siiva was shaking while the helmet Doc Brown had in Back to the Future sucked his dreams out. It was around this time I tried looking away, but I found I couldn't move my head!! I had to keep watching.

Meta Knight looked at Woodman.

Meta Knight: We are guarding the silver one. He is the bringer of life.

Tito Dick: yeah are fucking with his brain and making him have more nightmares so that we can stay in this realm!!

Wood Man: not nice >:[

Reader: Woodman realized he needed back up so he tried doing what grand dad did. He turned around and reached through the screen. I screamed as a wooden hand grabbed me and brought me into the world of Siivagunner!

Wood Man: i have backup

Reader: I was terrified. All the Figments turned and looked at me.

All: What's he gonna do? Piss himself?

Wood Man: ha no. this was just a distraction lmao

Reader:Woodman quickly ripped the helmet off siivas head. At once, all the red mist dissipated and the figments all fell on the ground dead. The mist culminated into a form...


Woodman looked at me confidently.

Wood Man: are you ready to ghost this bitch >:]

Reader: We totally killed the 8-bit beast with our epic gamer swag!

But not really. The beast fucked us up.

But out of nowhere, a bright rainbow light came from across the room...

Siiva had woken up!

SiIvaGunner: Waht the fuck is happening in here!

Reader: He shot 8-bit beast with the rainbow beam that mother brain had in the final battle of Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. He walked over to us and helped me and woodman up.

SiIvaGunner: Who the fuck are you guys? Oh yeah you're that brat that fucked up my album artist names fuck you bitch. And who the hell is this?

Wood Man: this is the guy who helped me save you lmao. he's from the real world. mind if i use your computer to send him back?

SiIvaGunner: Sure, whatever, I don't care.

Reader: Then Woodman shoved me through Siiva's computer screen, and I woke up in my bed screaming. Could this have been a bad dream? I looked over at my computer and checked my youtube watch history. The video was gone...

Then I looked on my desk and there was a note. It said...

Wood Man: thanks for helping me out there lmao. -woodman >:]

[The on-screen letter has the same text, but adds: "P.S. who was that guy grand dad killed".]

Reader: I never watched siivagunner again. The end.

[After the credits roll, we see a closeup of an object on the Voice's desk, with the text "What is this thing on the Voice's desk???? If you know, call 1-800-voice-dildo"]


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In addition, an edit made by Keeby10 to this page:

There is artwork by atlaszoidac in the video, however he goes uncredited. He made the woodman portraits and 2 of the computer graphics.


The Lost Rip's thumbnail when it was still posing as a real main Comeback Crisis episode, under the title Comeback Crisis [Episode 13] - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis.

  • This rip was initially presented as a real main episode of the Christmas Comeback Crisis, complete with a matching thumbnail, and had the generic "Please read the channel description." catchphrase.
  • In the opening image, one of the videos shown in the screenshot is a fake "The Film Theorists" video titled "Film Theory: What is the thing on the Voice's desk?...", with the thumbnail being a closeup of the object with an arrow and text reading "VOICE'S DILDO???"
  • At 5:18, Moon Man can be seen in the sky.
  • In the image at 8:36, Homer Simpson's corpse is based on this gag from the Simpsons episode "Brother from the Same Planet".
  • The story was posted to 5 days before this video was uploaded: "THE LOST CCC EPISODE - SILVAGUNNER FANFICTION" by Nutshackwoodman34.

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