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The Nutshack is a Filipino-American adult animated sitcom created by Ramon Lopez and Jesse Hernandez and produced by ABS-CBN. It is a major meme and the 3rd-most reoccuring joke on the SiIvaGunner channel (behind "Snow halation" and "Meet the Flintstones").


The Nutshack premiered on Myx TV in the United States on April 25, 2007 and ended on May 31, 2011. While the show is considered to be one of the worst animated shows ever due to its low quality animation and offensive content, it is also infamous for its theme song ("The Nutshack Intro"), which is considered more on the levels of "So Bad, It's Good" due to its repetitive nature and barely-comprehensible rap verse.


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The meme first appeared on the SiIvaGunner channel during SilvaGunner: Rebooted. It appeared in exactly three Reboot rips, namely "San Andreas Theme Song (Vocals Mix) - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas", "Lookin' Fresh (Unused Vocal Mix) - Splatoon", and "How to Play - Super Smash Bros. 3DS". Those rips were overlooked at the time, but then The Nutshack made an important appearance in "ALMOST. THERE." during the second Reboot ARG, making the SiIva fanbase more aware of it.

After the livestream "SiIvaDirect (7/11 2016) - The World Premiere of a Brand New High Quality Rip", The Nutshack started being used as a major meme on the channel. Between then and the Channel Ending, it was featured in nearly 300 rips. Due to its high use in this period, The Nutshack was featured on the lighthouse via Tito Dick. Originally appearing as an ominous overlay, Tito took Loud Nigra's spot on the lighthouse after 9/11 2016 and appeared on the standard (non-channel event) banner alongside Grand Dad and Smol Nozomi up until the Channel Ending, and again between the Nostalgia Critic Takeover (April 2018) and Big Time Rush 11th Anniversary (January 2021) events.

The meme is incorporated into rips via mashups, sampling, melody changes, and arrangements. It has been used less frequently from Season 2 onward, mostly having been relegated to medley rips, although it has made some solo appearances.


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[Verse 1]
It’s the Nutshack! (Yo!)
It’s the Nutshack! (What’d he say?) (Ayyy!)
It’s the Nutshack! (Oh, yeah!) (Yeeeah!)
It’s the Nutshack! (Hey, I know that kid!) (Rainbow Scout)
It’s the Nutshack! (Don’t forget ya boy, Angel!)
It’s the Nutshack! (It’s the Nutshack!)
It’s the Nutshack! (It’s the Nutshack!)
It’s the Nutshack! (It’s the Nutshack...)
It’s the Nutshack! (Hey!)
It’s the Nutshack! (This beat's knockin'!)
It’s the Nutshack! (Whoooa!) (It's the Nutshack!)
It’s the Nutshack!

Phil’s from the 'Sco, Jack’s from the P.I, (P.I)
Horatio or Horat, so big-eyed! (Big-eyed!)
Tito Dick “Dickman” baby!
He raised Phil and loves the ladies.
Jack’s cool as lazy, he's still learnin’
Now the one Cherry Pie, still a virgin,
Chita, meet da freak of da week-ah! (Week-ah!)
Phil’s homegirl, got Jack wanna keep her,
But it’s not happenin’ neither! (No!)
Shakin like a seizure,
Hold up, let me spark this, take a breather.
Breath that reefer in my lungs,
I got grapes, what you watchin', son?

It’s the Nutshack! (Yah!)
It’s the Nutshack! (Aaagh!)
It’s the Nutshack!
It’s the Nutshack!

[Verse 2][1] [2]

It’s the Nutshack!
It’s the Nutshack!
It’s the Nutshack!
It’s the Nutshack!

Dwayne is a hater, later alligator. (Alligator!)
Phil is the leader of the masturbators. (Masturbators!)
Thanks to Sanjee, more porn than Ronnie. (Then Ronnie?)
Jeremy, see? (Oh!) Smelling like 'nani. (Ew!)
Oolie oolie ollie ollie, still be true-lie fo-sho-li. (Sho-li.)
Oolie oolie ollie ollie, do the foolie fo-sho-li. (Oh!)
Woah-wow, hyphy hypo. (Hypo!)
NUMP on the track, no, it's not a typo. (No, it's not a typo!)
30/30 Sick Wid It exquisite, explicit. (Explicit!)
Angel'll pimp your ride, without Xzibit. (Without exhibit!)
Ed's got his back, (What?) he do what he can. (What he can!)
But whatever I do, I do it bigger than Manu! (Than my man!)

It's the Nutshack!
It's the Nutshack!
It's the Nutshack!
It's the Nutshack!
It's the Nutshack!
It's the Nutshack!
It's the Nutshack!
It's the Nutshack!


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