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The Phantom Rips: SiIVa has come to (also called SiIvaGunner: The Phantom Rips) is a two-disc album by SiIvaGunner. This album compiles all the Metal Gear rips that were uploaded as the first videos on SiIvaGunner's new channel, ending the GiIvaSunner Termination hiatus. It was released in the video "A Big Announcement".

The album was not released on Bandcamp, with the announcement video simply providing download links (and a YouTube playlist for ease of listening). On Twitter, SiIvaGunner stated that he did not want people to misguidedly buy the album in support of the channel due to its termination, so he didn't release it on Bandcamp. However, the September 2016 album The Phantom Rips: Subsistence acts as an expanded version of this album, and was released on Bandcamp.

Track listing

Disc 1

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Theme of Annie" ZVAARI 2:18
2. "Theme op Solid Sneyyyyyke" Chaze the Chat 2:49
3. "The Worst is Yet to Come" turdl3 5:58
4. "Metal Gay Solid 2: Sons of Libido" Triple-Q 3:52
5. "Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday - as performed by Bob Dylan" Punished "Pinkie" Oats #FreeSiIva 8:04
6. "Bane Eater" Triple-Q 2:54
7. "Way to Dunk" STKorporation 4:31
8. "Metal Gear Titanic" Triple-Q 3:13
9. "Metal Joe Solid 4 Hours: Money of the YouTube" MF PICKLE-O 7:09
10. "The Meme Gear Saga" Xarlable 4:17
11. "Heavens Dadvide" TUWieZ 5:07
12. "Koi Snow Yokμshiryokμ" Triple-Q 4:58
13. "The Grand Dad Who Sold The World" NBGMusic 5:38
14. "Unuclear" MtH 5:32

Disc 2

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "#HighQualityVideoGameRIP[note 1]" Alex Mercer and Xarlable 0:37
2. "Punished Skrillmau5" futanarivorestep.exe 2:07
3. "Stylish Zanzeeeeybar Breeze" Metalik 2:15
4. "El Counter" MtH 2:21
5. "Meme Enclosure" How2BEpic 2:11
6. "Ascent [RMX]" TR4SHB0i 2:10
7. "Yell "Dad Cell"" NBGMusic 0:30
8. "Twilight Driving" NBGMusic 2:27
9. "Battle with a Psycho Bitch" IAmMelloYellow 3:58
10. "Happy Grand Breeze" Xarlable 2:18
11. "The Only Thing I Know For Real Is Breathing" Chaze the Chat 2:27
12. "Senator Armstrong's Recommended Daily Dose of Snow" Triple-Q 2:57
13. "Monstercat Has Come To" Cryptrik 6:57
14. "Sins of the Grandfather" Triple-Q 4:58


  1. This track consists of two separate rips.

Bonus media

The album contains 13 bonus images. Additionally, the album also contains PDFs for CD printing.

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