The Phantom Rips: Subsistence is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner. It is the sequel to The Phantom Rips: SiIVa has come to and contains some tracks included in that album.

The album was announced through the video Tactical Espionage Announcement (YouTube Icon).

Track list Edit

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Theme of Annie" ZVAARI 2:18
2. "Theme op Solid Sneyyyyyke" Chaze the Chat 2:49
3. "The Worst is Yet to Come" turdl3 5:58
4. "Metal Gay Solid 2: Sons of Libido" KONAMI 3:52
5. "Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday - as performed by Bob Dylan" PinkieOats 8:04
6. "Bane Eater" KONAMI 2:54
7. "Way to Dunk" STKorporation 4:31
8. "Metal Gear Titanic" KONAMI 3:13
9. "Metal Joe Solid 4 Hours: Money of the YouTube" MF PICKLE-O 7:09
10. "The Meme Gear Saga" Xarlable 4:17
11. "Heavens Dadvide" TUWieZ 5:07
12. "Koi Snow Yokμshiryokμ" KONAMI 4:58
13. "The Grand Dad Who Sold The World" NBGMusic 5:38
14. "Unuclear" MtH 5:32
15. "#HighQualityVideoGameRIP[note 1]" Alex Mercer and Xarlable 0:37
16. "Punished Skrillmau5" futanarivorestep.exe 2:07
17. "Stylish Zanzeeeeybar Breeze" Metalik 2:15
18. "El Counter" MtH 2:21
19. "Meme Enclosure" How2BEpic 2:11
20. "Ascent [RMX]" TR4SHB0i 2:10
21. "Yell "Dad Cell"" NBGMusic 0:30
22. "Twilight Driving" NBGMusic 2:27
23. "Battle with a Psycho Bitch" IAmMelloYellow 3:58
24. "Happy Grand Breeze" Xarlable 2:18
25. "The Only Thing I Know For Real Is Breathing" Chaze the Chat 2:26
26. "Senator Armstrong's Recommended Daily Dose of Snow" KONAMI 2:57
27. "Monstercat Has Come To" Cryptrik 6:57
28. "Sins of the Grandfather" KONAMI 4:58
29. "Metal Gear - Theme of Gangnam" Scooblee 1:21
30. "Metal Gear Solid: Tactical Delet This Operations" NBGMusic 02:42
31. "Snakazoo Hummer" Fivda 02:53
32. "Heavens Dadvide (Instrumental)" TUWieZ 05:08
33. "I'm My Own Slamster Now" Sir Spacebar 02:04
34. "I'M TUBERCULAR" Le Ruse Bird 05:00
35. "YAPHET WOAHOAAA" toonlink 01:26
36. "Metal Gear Terra" Matsu Muhō 02:09
37. "{SAMESONG MIX} Winter Road Solid ~ Main Theme" yodooder 01:34
38. "Rules of Pokémon GO" Chaze the Chat 02:30
39. "Dead Cellular" Solid STRGG 01:06
40. "Nuclear - as performed by Bob Dylan" PinkieOats 05:02
41. "Metal Gear Survive Trailer Reaction" Shengda Baba 02:07
42. "Snow Eater (Inverse)" SmokyThrill77 03:18
43. "The Phantom Rips- Subsistence Trailer" PinkieOats ft. Donna Burke, MtH, Sir Spacebar 01:55
Note: "KONAMI" indicates a rip made by Triple-Q.

Bonus content Edit

The album includes a video called "GilvaSunner - The Phantom Rips- Subsistence - HIDDEN MGS2 SECRET FOUND, KOJIMA SELLS OUT ! !". In it, SiIvaGunner uncovers the truth: Kojima sold out to McDonalds in Metal Gear Solid 2.

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Notes Edit

  1. This track consists of two separate rips.

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