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"The SiIvaGunner All-Star Summer Festival 2021: Legends of the Western Sunset" is a high quality video announcing the beginning of the SiIvaGunner All-Star Summer Festival 2021: Legends of the Western Sunset. It served as the channel trailer during the event.


The video consists of a cinematic animation of Wood Man, acting as the character Redwood, walking through a desert while monologuing about his intent to take many bounties during the summer. The animation is presented in the style of old Western films.

The video comes with closed captions transcribing Redwood's monologue.


Click "Expand" to see the transcript.

[The video begins with a black screen.]

Redwood: Right on time...

[The video shows the Sun in an orange sky.]

Redwood: The sun rises, as it's done every day.

[The video shows a desert with rocks, a trail of footprints and a gun laying on the sand.]

Redwood: It's like an all-seeing, divine eye, casting pure light across the land, pulling away the veil of darkness. And yet, in this world... even under that eye, that darkness can never truly go away.

[The video cuts back to the Sun.]

Redwood: In that sense, it's more like a burning devil's eye.

[The video cuts back to the desert, showing footprints and a bloody skull next to a rock.]

Redwood: The crimes of many, the sins we try to hide are exposed to the world, no matter how heinous or immoral.

[The video shows Redwood walking in the distance.]

Redwood: That's just how it is on this scorched earth. We are all judged by our actions by the one in the sky... Me?

[The video shows Redwood's bloody coat from up close.]

Redwood: My coat, my wooden finish runs deep with spilled blood. Some, my own, some from others... and some caused by my own hands.

[The video cuts back to the Sun once again.]

Redwood: I don't really know how that eye in the sky judges me. I'm not sure if I even want to know.

[The video shows Redwood's face, covered by his hat.]

Redwood: Not that it matters anyway. I'm just doing what I can to survive, regardless of any person's or deity's judgement.

[The video shows Redwood's hand, holding a wanted poster of PSY, amongst a few others.]

Redwood: Taking bounties... that's my thing. And, well, I've got a few that need to be taken this summer.

[The video cuts back to Redwood's face.]

Redwood: Do I have a name? We don’t give ourselves names.

[The video shows Redwood walking through the desert from afar. A sign can also be seen, with the text "PATROL ROUTE".]

Redwood: A name makes us easier to trace, easier to catch. Easier to get held up by the law. No, no...

[The video shows Redwood from up close, scrolling down to show his gun in its holster.]

Redwood: Names are given to us by others. And the folks out there unfortunate enough to have met me, have usually done so behind a smokin’ barrel.

[The video shows Redwood in front of a dead tree with a noose hanging from one of its branches.]

Redwood: Eyes tinted crimson as they bleed out, while I just stand there, like a tree that refuses to budge. They call me... Redwood.

[The video cuts to black, then shows the image used for the channel's banner during the event. The event's logo then appears, accompanied by the main title theme from Wild Arms 2. The video ends with a cut to black and the text "JULY-AUGUST" appearing under the logo.]


The SiIvaGunner All-Star Summer Festival is here once more!
Get ready for the finest events, albums and collabs this side of the West from July to August!

Wanna contribute to the Wild West and pay your dues? Send your Western/Summer-themed rips to and include [SummerFes] in the subject line!


  • The video originally premiered at this link with the title "???" before being accidentally removed and subsequently reuploaded.