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The SiIvaGunner CCC ARG was an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) hosted by SiIvaGunner contributor Xarlable. It began on December 20, 2017 with the upload of the then-unlisted video "Title Theme (Gamma Mix) - Super Mario 64" to the Super Mario 64 playlist.

The ARG was solved on December 30, 2017, and involved several fanmade games, SiIvaGunner videos, social media accounts, websites and even the tenth episode of the CCC. The reward of the ARG was "Bad Moon Rising - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis" (a NSFW rip).

Production Team

As seen from the credits of "Bad Moon Rising - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis":

ARG Team:

Special Thanks:

  • Jon St. John - voice of Douk Nouk Kem
  • MF PICKLE​-​O - Dark Souls 3 recording
  • Tailszefox - arginduol Twitter bot
  • atlaszodiac - arginduol profile picture
  • Hinchy - Minecraft world file
  • AMUNO - AMUNO movie (and taking over the CCC for a few steps)
  • Kirbio - Siiver Sonata, Eternal Wind ARG steps
  • VAGINEER - "anti vagineering air force 2"
  • Omegalovania - the original "FACEBRIDGE" comment
  • Trofflesby - Episode 10 ARG step
  • Scribble1k - 7th Grand Element
  • SiIvaGunner - hosting the ARG


The ARG was solved by members of the SiIvaGunner Discord in the #arg_solving channel, with results posted in #arg_findings. Below is a list of the steps found. The official "masterpost" of the ARG can be found at this link.

The ARG begins with the link in the description of "Title Theme (Gamma Mix) - Super Mario 64", which leads to a ROMhack of Super Mario 64 called 64 Grand Dad. This ROMhack involves two parts:

  • Beating Bowser in the ROMhack shows the code "fbhaqpybhq.qbhxabhxxrz". Decoding this text with the ROT13 cipher produces "".
  • A code in the slide level, "II.DCCXVIII", turns into the constant e in Roman numerals.

Following the SoundCloud link and searching its uploads leads to the song "DAMN", which contains a code in its spectrogram. The code becomes the Dark Souls 3 screenshot encouraging the viewer to summon a player through the game's online multiplayer. The letter "e" from the slide level was supposed to be used as a key for the Vigenere cipher leading to the Dark Souls 3 image, but it was solved using the ROT13 cipher.

The Dark Souls 3 screenshot

After summoning the player, who was named arginduol, the player threw dungpiles and shouted at the summoner in a specific sequence. Using "." as the dungpile throw and - being a scream, the sequence gives the Morse code "...-- -.-- ...-- ...", or "3y3s".

"3y3s" leads to the SiIvaGunner rip "3y3s - beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS". The description of this rip says, "This audio file is not high quality enough.", leading to the Bandcamp version of the rip at This file says, "gg, here's the next step: qumKfbR"

"qumKfbR" refers to, an invite to a Discord server. In the Discord server, there is this link to a Pokémon Showdown battle. The Pokémon fight shows the Pokémon in a certain order. Taking this order and the Pokémons' Pokédex numbers and using them as octal values gives the text "le JasonFPS".

"le JasonFPS" lead to a 9GAG account at This account has 'TAke a look, yall: IMG_fppWbv.jpeg Its an image bb'. Searching imgbb (an image hosting service) with this information leads to Using the Polybius Square cipher on these numbers produces a link to a Minecraft Forum post:

  • this is the end of the ERIOIOIRE path, but no one noticed that there was also a LAMAJ path!

the filename is you-can-shut-up-now. using the password im-always-on-duty reveals that the file is actually a minecraft world. This is the level.dat of the world:

    • This world is actually a Minecraft world that the team had since Christmas 2016.
    • The world contains a scavenger hunt spanning 22 letters in 22 locations:

1 the top of the tengami lighthouse
2 a mermaid girl sex dungeon in the epic shack
3 the bottom of the bowflex hole
4 the xxx (18+) house
5 the nutshack at the lake
6 a floating house west of the epic shack
7 grand dad lol
8 sylv's castle building site
9 the jojo temple
10 the final room of a dungeon near the npc village
11 the top of a nether tower at the npc village
12 the jungle minecart stop
13 the last room within Nice Ice's base
14 a GoT minidungeon at the NPC tower village
15 the top of Xar's lighthouse
16 the last room of the mansion
17 the end of the invisible mep maze
18 the end of the parkour pyramid
19 the top of the sheikah tower
20 near the full minecrap text at the lakke
21 rainbow road
22 Cryptik's house (Rave-haus)

    • The letters are found to be:

1. p
2. w
3. d
4. 1
5. n
6. u
7. n
8. 4
9. 5
10. f
11. p
12. u
13. h
14. d
15. m
16. 8
17. a
18. 7
19. s
20. f
21. 8
22. 4

these are brainfuck code. when ran in the proper upload date order, they give this link

  • the album cover in the page is actually a .zip file

  • opening the zip file with the password SLAM! shows that there is a corrupted COLLEGE OF SLAM image inside
  • after like 24 hours of being stuck, Xarlable basically had to tell everyone what to do. By opening the college of SLAM! gif in Microsoft Paint, saving it as a .png file, and then comparing the hex codes between both the png'd gif and the corrupted png, you can find 'puzahbk 11VI'
    • using rot19, that code is changed to
    • part of this audio has DTMF sounds, when pitching down 4 seminotes and checking through it the sounds get translated to 0113 2114 1513 0114

if you take the numbers as 01=a, 02=b, etc., you get AMUNOMAN

This is where the Skyrim mod starts.

    • the mod has, among other things, this code and another book which hints at XOR

here's a recording of the last part of the mod "the siivacord arg: skyrim edition"

    • for some reason, an 'i' needs to be added to the xor code after it's been solved
  • When using the password applebapples on the code, and finding out what the URL piece leads to, you get (GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips- Volume 2
  • The gadunks in the video spell out the notes CABBAGE

Opening the cabbage picture in vol 2 deluxe as a zip file shows another image, which is a pigpen cipher that says "GET LOOSE WITH IT IS A PIECE OF NONCOMFORMIST ART"

  • Which leads to this deviantart page:
  • Deviant art page has many images, such as our good friend Chris Pratt, and the very good boy :), but amongst those there is an image of a spoon with what seems to be binary and the caption SPOONFEED ME A HINT
  • Using a ROT7 cipher (or guessing with ceasarian shift) gets you the combination of fm1247 wordpress

using the first part as an account name, going to shows you two posts on the blog Farzad

  • one of the posts in wordpress mentions ep10 (of the CCC) and 'my wife left me'. taking these as looking for JustinRPG stuff in the episode shows code in the establishing shot of Ju'Reshoggoth:

  • there is also this one, on the left side of Ju'reshoggoth's face

  • going back to the wordpress posts, one of them has 31.47729489999999 and -95.00620959999998. subtracting them gives -63.5289147 (-63.52891469999999 to be more accurate)(edited)

changing each number to a letter as a1 b2 etc. z26 gives fc.ebhiadg

btw the whole facebridge thing comes from this comment

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