"The SiIvaGunner Spooktacular Halloween Horror Special Part III: Episode 2" is a lore video for The SilvaGunner Spooktacular Halloween Horror Special: Part III. The story continues from Episode 1 and is continued in Episode 3.

Summary Edit

The gang manages to outrun the 8-Bit Beast and find Wood Man chained to a wall in the mansion's basement. They manage to free him, but unfortunately, his other guests falsely suspect him of being the Beast and start to burn him at the stake. Wood Man asks one thing from the gang, and from SiIvaGunner fans: to keep note of rips uploaded at 4 AM PT​, 12 PM PT​, and 8 PM PT​, the times the Beast has been known to appear.

The rip comes with accessible closed captions which are stylized with different colors, custom caption positions, and even highlighting.

Transcript Edit

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[We open on where the last episode left off: the Beast poised to attack our heroes.]

Heavy: Jinkies! Make like babies and run!​

[A classic Scooby-Doo-style slapstick chase ensues, set to "Run Idol Run". The song's lyrics are displayed in singalong format in the closed captions.]

[The Beast falls face-first down a flight of stairs and flees after it and the gang make their way to a dungeon-like basement.]

Wolfgirl: Look! The beast is running away!​
Minion: Mhhhh h h. Hhh! Hrrrhhhrh!​
Takane: What was that? Something over there?​
HyperCam: Look! It's Woodman!​
Wolfgirl: And some kinky bastard has chained him up to the wall down here!​ If it wasn't for the situation, I'd join right in.​ But, alas!​

[Fade to black. When we return, Wood Man is free and talking to the gang as his other guests look on.]

Wood Man: thank you for getting me out of those chains guys​.
The "Mario Pissing" Goomba: WHAT, are you fucking kidding Woodman?​ We are supposed to believe you got tied up in your own mansion by the 8-Bit Beast, although we all know;​ YOU are the one who turns into the beast?​
The Persona 5 Yoda: Like this, I do not. In fact, we must make sure we put an end to this​ before he turns again.​ [pulls a flaming torch from his robes]

[Fade to black. When we return, Wood Man is being burned at the stake by his other guests.]

Joke-Explainer: Oh no! The guests have turned on Woodman, gang!​
Takane: This means we need to find out who this murdering 8-bit impostor really is!​

Wood Man: [talking directly to the viewer] guys i really need your help!​ be sure to look out for any fishy rips appearing around​:

[Text-to-speech voices read out the following times:]

  • 4 AM PT​ (read by WillFromAfar TTS voice)
  • 12 PM PT​​ (read by WillFromAfar TTS voice)
  • 8 PM PT​

Wood Man: that's when the beast has been appearing​. be sure to make your choices wisely and most of all, hurry!​ cuz my buns are gettin real roasted. nice​ >:]

[Cut to black. We see VHS distortion and hear a tape being ejected.]

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