"The SiIvaGunner Spooktacular Halloween Horror Special Part III: Episode 3" is a lore video for The SilvaGunner Spooktacular Halloween Horror Special: Part III. It is the conclusion to the event, continuing the story from Episode 2.

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The gang cleverly stages a trap for the 8-Bit Beast. Heavy and Wolfgirl are dressed in Wood Man costumes. Just as the Beast lunges at them, a "Net!" is dropped on the Beast, who is then cranked away by Soulja Boy. The Beast is then lured by a serving of Totino's, but a layer of snow causes him to slide away. He is then shown a picture of the last main Christmas Comeback Crisis episode with the December 25, 2017 date emphasized, causing him mental anguish, right before being thrown into a Snowmobile Accident. He then comes across a television with 7 GRAND DAD on it, causing him to recreate the entirety of Joel's legendary reaction.

After this, the gang unmasks him as Jeff the Killer. Soon after, John Notwoodman voluntarily reveals himself to be the true mastermind behind the plot. He sent the initial invitations to Wood Man's mansion, then murdered Protegent's brother and framed Wood Man, chaining him up in the basement in an attempt to hide him. When that plan failed, he guided Jeff to frame Wood Man as being the Beast to the other guests. This plan was motivated by jealousy over Wood Man successfully outbidding him over the mansion, which he was especially dead-set on due to his passion for Eddie Murphy's The Haunted Mansion. Not only would murder make him the highest bidder again, he reasoned, it would also decrease the price of the mansion. With this information, Wood Man is able to turn John over to the police. He then bids a half-hearted goodbye to the gang as they all unceremoniously go their separate ways.

After the credits, Nutshackwoodman34 and Jerome show up, expressing surprise that Wood Man and John Notwoodman are actually two separate characters, and noting how this invalidates "Unusual Circumstances", which implies otherwise. A few seconds later, Nutshackwoodman34 makes an incredible discovery: John Notwoodman had been hoarding all the Halloween rips from 2017 to 2019 for himself on an unreleased album. The pair generously decide to use their insider source to release the album on Bandcamp.

The rip comes with accessible closed captions.

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Takane: Is the trap ready, gang?​
HyperCam: Yes, the trap is ready.​

[Wolfgirl and Heavy are both disguised as Wood Man.]

Wolfgirl: But can you remind me why me why we're dressed up like this?​
Joke-Explainer: That's because you two are the bait!​

Heavy: [pointing] Look, it is the Beast!​
Wolfgirl: Run! Let's get the frickle-frackle outta here!​

[An arrangement of "Breakfast Machine" from Pee-wee's Big Adventure kicks in as the Beast goes through the elaborate trap.]

[Fade to black. When we return, the gang is standing triumphant over a defeated Beast.]

Takane: Well, Mr “8-Bit Beast,” your yearly seasonal shenanigans are over.​ Or should I call you...​

[Takane removes the Beast's mask, revealing Jeff the Killer.]

Voice: jeff the killer​

Joke-Explainer: But he wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for..​

[John Notwoodman proudly enters the room.]

The gang: John Notwoodman!​
John Notwoodman: It's true, I give myself in...​ I was never one of the faster robot masters.​ Yes, I was the one who framed Woodman.​ I sent the invitations.​ Then I murdered Protegent's brother and framed Woodman, ​chaining him up where I knew no one would find him.​ Of course, when that didn't go as planned,​ my protege here stepped in and convinced everyone of Woodman's guilt, framing him as the Beast.​
HyperCam: But why did you do it?​
John Notwoodman: I worked so hard announcing for​ KING FOR A DAY​ so that I could afford this mansion, but that blockhead Woodman outbid me.​ I knew if I got rid of him, the mansion would be mine!​ That and... you know...​ Murder seriously drops the price of a property.​
Takane: Well that adds up, but why didn't you just buy another mansion?​
John Notwoodman: Haunted Mansions are extremely rare! I'm a huge fan of​ EDDIE MURPHY'S HAUNTED MANSION​! It's a GREAT Halloween film!​ I had to have to have this mansion, it reminds me every bit of Eddie Murphy's greatest​--
The gang: *various noises of disapproval*​

[Fade to black. When we return, Wood Man is standing outside his mansion.]

Wood Man: that's them police, take them away!​
John Notwoodman: [already being hauled off by the police] Damn you, Woodman!​ I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you, those meddling C-list memes,​ and those overambitious CCC delays!​
Wood Man: hm. well uuuhhh i guess i'll see you guys around, you know, if we're doing this next year again.​ [leaving] nice​
The gang: [leaving] *various noises of approval*​

[Credits roll. After the credits, we see Nutshackwoodman34 and Jerome.]

Nutshackwoodman34: Huh, so, John Notwoodman actually isn't the same person as Woodman?​ Guess that ruins that court fanfiction we wrote.​ And to think our crummy video went up last year, instead of this fully animated thing.
Jerome: ​“Yeah,” said Jerome, “this is way better! Y'know, I really thought-
Voice: kanye & nagito​
Jerome: was gonna be the kil-​
Voice: 7 very funny​. did you see the grand dad​
Jerome: “Okay, who keeps talking over everyone?”​

[Jerome looks over his shoulder to see Nosferatu. HugelDude walks by, putting on a pair of shutter shades.]

Nutshackwoodman34: Nosferatu!​ What a silly guy that Nosferatu is, right Je--​ Wait, what's this?​

[Nutshackwoodman34 picks something up off the ground.]

Nutshackwoodman34: Holy shit!​ It's an unreleased SiIva halloween album!​ John Notwoodman must have been holding all the halloween rips from 2017 to 2019 for himself!​ Which is shocking because he wasn't introduced as a character until 2018!​ Well, I guess we'll use our insider source to get this on the BandCamp.​ But not before we have a listen for ourselves!​

[Cut to black. We see VHS distortion and hear a tape being ejected.]

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"The SiIvaGunner Spooktacular Halloween Horror Special Collection '17-'19" available on the bandcamp now:

Please read the channel description... If you dare...

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  • Despite the video lacking narration in any other place, 123zc still says "said Jerome" during Jerome's line.

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  • The SiIvaGunner Spooktacular Halloween Horror Special Part III: Episode 3
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