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The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis (spelled with a lowercase "L" instead of an uppercase "i") or CCC is an ongoing series of rips on the SiIvaGunner channel that started in December 2016.

The plot of the series is a following to the storyline of the Reboot. The episodes are presented as a visual novel with the plot being loosely based off Kirby Planet Robobot, even featuring some of the characters of the game. Like in the Reboot, the main villain is The Voice Inside Your Head, and he wants to get rid of "Snow halation", now personified by the character Smol Nozomi.

Since December 2017, the main series has not seen another installment and the story is currently unresolved. However, a number of side stories have been released even as recent as December of 2020.



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  • Smol Nozomi: The smol silent protagonist of the series representing "Snow halation". She plays a similar role to Kirby's in Kirby Planet Robobot, one where she must rescue her friends from the clutches of The Voice. Like Kirby, she also has the ability to summon and pilot a mech. Her status as an anime character (and the reason for his previous downfall) makes her the Voice's prime target.
  • Meta Knight: A serious, stout knight from the Kirby series. He meets Nozomi in "Will of a Knight".
  • Santa Claus: The legendary father of holiday legend happens to be the producer of Christmas Spirit, one of the most powerful substances on Earth. He becomes a target of the Voice after the anime-purger seeks to increase his world-conquering strength.



  • The Voice Inside Your Head: The silhouetted, anime-hating figure from SilvaGunner: Rebooted makes a reappearance in the Comeback Crisis as its antagonist. Using his unearthly abilities as a "hybrid" of Figment and Human, the Voice was able to recover his corporeal form after being defeated by Chad Warden and his love of "Snow halation". The Voice returns to Grandiose City to purge anime from it and the world... forever.
  • President Haltmann: The main antagonist from Kirby Planet Robobot becomes The Voice's lackey in the Comeback Crisis. As an inventor and businessman, Haltmann becomes the Voice's secretary and mechanist to help him in his quest for world domination. The Haltmann Works. Co CEO hopes that assisting the Voice will convince him to bring back Susie, Haltmann's daughter.
  • Angry Joe: The Voice's commander and lackey. Joe later faces off against our heroes in a mech fight.
  • JustinRPG: A scientist working under The Voice.
  • Robbie Rotten and Wood Man: The number one and nicest villains team up to defeat the heroes, though with limited success.


  • Prologue - SiIvaGunner's world is taken over by force.
  • Seasonal Return - A little girl sets out to find her friends.
  • No Place To Hide - A group of rappers set out to take over a local warehouse and get more than they bargain for.
  • Old Times - As the city falls victim to experimental weaponry, The Voice meets up with an old friend...
  • Will of a Knight - Our heroine faces the toughest battle of her life.
  • Haltmann - Haltmann questions his superior while Wood Man finds himself a new ally.
  • Advent of Hell - Our heroes plunge into the depths of hell... the North Pole.
  • Loves the Ladies - The Voice unleashes his new robot onto our heroes!
  • An Acrimonious Assault - The military commander takes matters into his own hands.
  • Timbre of a Kazoo - The heroes and the Union face their own unique problems...
  • I Love Her - Something terrible lurks deep underground...

Bonus Episodes

Fake/Troll Episodes


See also: Category:The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Original Soundtrack

Several pieces from other games, such as Kirby Planet Robobot and Deus Ex are used in the CCC as themes for the event's characters.

  • "NYC Streets" from Deus Ex is used during dramatic or tense moments.
  • "The Secretary That Forgot Love" from Kirby Planet Robobot is used as the Tower's theme
  • "The Noble Haltmann" is used for President Haltmann or for The Voice Inside Your Head

In additional, several other pieces of original music were created for the event.


  • The first letters of the names of the video sequences spell as of now "S N O W H A L A T I", as a reference to the naming scheme of many Kirby games (for example, the first letters of the level names in Planet Robobot spell out P-R-O-G-R-A-M).
    • This means that the last two eipsodes's first letters will be O and N and complete the code by making it say "S N O W H A L A T I O N".
  • "The Life and Times of Wade L.D.", "Unusual Circumstances", and "I Wanna Thank Me" spell it as SiIvaGunner (i) rather than SilvaGunner (L). This is likely an oversight. In the description of The Christmas Comeback Crisis Watchalong, the titles are fixed.

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