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"The Space Jam Charity SLAM! Re-Reveal - The SiIvaGunner All-Star Summer Festival 2021" is a high quality video announcing the Space Jam Charity SLAM!. It was uploaded as part of the SiIvaGunner All-Star Summer Festival 2021: Legends of the Western Sunset.


Like the original announcement video, the video consists of SiIvaGunner announcing the date for the Space Jam Charity SLAM!, after it was originally announced to occur during the 2020 SiIvaSummer All-Star Festival and subsequently delayed due to complications. He provides various details about it, such as donation stretch goals, how high quality rips would be requested during the stream, and where all the proceeds would go to.


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[The video begins with SiIvaGunner's avatar fading into view in front of the background from the 1996 Space Jam website. SiIvaGunner then starts speaking using the Wiseguy text-to-speech voice from VoiceForge, as the instrumental of "Space Jam" plays in the background.]

SiIvaGunner: Hello everyone! It's been a long time coming, but it's finally time for the Space Jam Charity SLAM!

[As SiIvaGunner mentions the event's name, its logo briefly appears, then cuts back to the SiIvaGunner avatar.]

SiIvaGunner: There were a lot of delays figuring out the logistics of the event, but I have finally settled on something I'm happy with. Here's how it'll work:

[The SiIvaGunner avatar fades out and a picture from The Looney Tunes Show of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig using a laptop appears.]

SiIvaGunner: During the stream, high quality rips will be broadcasted, all featuring the hit single "Space Jam" by the Quad City DJ's.

[As SiIvaGunner mentions "Space Jam", the cover for Space Jam's soundtrack album briefly appears.]

SiIvaGunner: There will be two types of rips: uploads and requests.

[As SiIvaGunner says "uploads and requests", an image of the SiIvaGunner channel's playlists appears during the word "uploads", and a stock image from Shutterstock of a request appears during the word "requests". The SiIvaGunner avatar then reappears.]

SiIvaGunner: Uploads are never-before-seen rips prepared for the stream. Requests are rip ideas made on-the-spot for donators. The stream will start on July 17th, where Space Jam rips will begin to play one after another.

[As the word "Jam" is said, a picture of Charles Barkley briefly appears.]

SiIvaGunner: There will be a donation page open during the stream and donation stretch goals that, once fulfilled, can add a bit more "spice" to the stream, with lots of different gimmicks planned. Please note that the stretch goals may differ from the original announcement video. Try to reach them all for cool in-stream activities and other surprises!

[The SiIvaGunner avatar fades out and the Tiltify logo appears, followed by the Equal Justice Initiative logo.]

SiIvaGunner: Donations will be hosted via Tiltify, where you can donate to the Equal Justice Initiative, a charity organization promoting racial justice and human rights.

[The EJL logo fades out and an image of an example of a donation appears, showing a user with the email address "" donating $777.77 with the display name "wood man" and the comment "nice >:]".]

SiIvaGunner: By making a donation during the stream, you can make a SLAM! request. The pricing of SLAM!s will start at $10 and may change during the stream, depending on the demand.

[The SiIvaGunner avatar reappears.]

SiIvaGunner: You may want to make your donations early, as it would allow more time to process your request. Not all requests may be fulfilled due to time limitations, so here are a few rules and suggestions to make your request more likely to be done:

[The SiIvaGunner avatar fades out and the "entry denied" stamp from Papers, Please appears.]

- No requests that are inappropriate or could harm the integrity of the stream (such as copyrighted songs).
- Please only submit requests for video game music.
- No overly long requests - songs around 2 to 3 minutes long are preferable.

I reserve the right to deny any request for any reason. For further details, please refer to the link in the description.

[The SiIvaGunner avatar reappears.]

SiIvaGunner: Uploads streamed during this event will go up on the channel the following Saturdays, throughout the rest of the festival. These will be called SLAM!turdays. Requests will be stream and album-exclusive. Channel uploads of requests are not ruled out, but it will be up to the slammer's discretion and not guaranteed.

[The SiIvaGunner avatar fades out and the cover for the album KORIBALL appears.]

SiIvaGunner: Once everything is uploaded, an album featuring all of the Charity SLAM!'s rips will be released!

[The KORIBALL cover fades out and an image of the original announcement video appears, showing the part where the original charities the proceeds would go to were shown, followed by the SiIvaGunner avatar reappearing.]

SiIvaGunner: The last announcement video claimed you would be able to donate to different charities of your choice. Unfortunately, due to limitations with Tiltify, this is no longer the case. The album, however, will serve as another way to donate: it will be set to Name Your Price, with all proceeds going towards COVID-related charities. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you there!

[The SiIvaGunner avatar fades out and the video ends.]


The Space Jam Charity SLAM! is an upcoming event where we stream Space Jam mashups back-to-back, from coast-to-coast. All the proceeds will go to the Equal Justice Initiative.

Full Request Banlist:

Stay tuned for the stream!


  • Despite stating that the price for requests during the stream would start at $10, it actually started at $20.
  • This video was made the featured video for returning subscribers on or before August 20, 2021, replacing "The Forlorn Sanctum (Tower Lair) - Shovel Knight".