"The Supreme Visitor [FILE-06] - Haltmann's Archives" is a lore video and the sixth "file" in Haltmann's Archives. It documents Green de la Bean's mourning day as well as the 9/11 rips that resulted in the Flustered Fernando channel.

The version currently public on the channel is actually a revision as the previous version contained errors.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The video is formatted like all Haltmann's Archives videos starting with "FILE-02". It opens with this message:

[Haltmann's Archives]



The text documents the rise and fall of Green de la Bean, one of the channel's most controversial memes, and the 9/11 rips, one of the channel's most controversial events. Introduced on September 3, 2016, Green de la Bean is said to have been a Figment SiIvaGunner created, an original meme that SiIva treated as his own son. A week afterwards, the Bean is murdered by "radicalists". SiIvaGunner mourns his death. The day after the Bean dies, 9/11, SiIvaGunner loses his mind and deletes all rips uploaded that day. Born out of SiIvaGunner's rage is Flustered Fernando channel, a similar channel that houses SiIvaGunner's Bean and 9/11 rips as well as memes that are too controversial for SiIvaGunner. It is unknown whether Fernando is a product of SiIva's inner hatred, or if he is simply a visitor from another dimension. SiIva's memory of the 9/11 rips has been wiped, and he denies uploading on that day.

Context[edit | edit source]

In reality, the Bean rips were taken down on September 9 following several YouTube reports by SiIvaGunner viewers of the Bean rip "Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros.) - Super Smash Bros. Brawl". September 10 was spent mourning the Bean, while September 11 contained rips with references to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. After receiving complaints from viewers, the 9/11 rips were taken down and uploaded to the Flustered Fernando channel.

It is implied in this video that the 9/11 rips and Flustered Fernando were made out of spite for the viewers of the channel responsible for "Ground Theme"'s termination. The Flustered Fernando channel is confirmed to be controlled by some members of the team, though it is unclear whether it is an official component of SiIvaGunner.

The speculation about an "unknown hacker" at the end of the FILE refers to a scrapped Season 1 story arc called the Nuts Hack, where it would be revealed that during the Good Night Break, someone hacked into SiIvaGunner's computer and added The Nutshack to it, destabilizing it in the process. This would cause not only the reboot, but also the channel's very bizarre Season 1 livestreams, such as the mentioned Pupa stream.[1] The main content of that Pupa stream was later uploaded to the Flustered Fernando channel as "pupa mp4" (NSFW).

Transcript[edit | edit source]

[Haltmann's Archives]

[September 2, 2016]

has been largely reliant on
created by others, but arguably his most original is
[Green de la Bean]

. Debuting on this day, he thought of the Bean as his son, his pièce de résistance.  

[September 10, 2016]

The Bean is killed in a coordinated attack by radicalists. Distraught with the loss of his "son", SiIvaGunner mourns his death.


[September 11, 2016]

SiIvaGunner, still angry about the Bean's death, completely overloads his channel, causing a dimensional rift and a mass-wipe of the uploads that day.

With this, another channel emerges from the rift: 
[Flustered Fernando]


Flustered Fernando's content is largely similar to SiIvaGunner's, but with a heavy emphasis on controversial content, from 
[Elliot Rodger]

.   The channel's origin is unclear. Our researchers suggest that it was born out of pure hatred from the soul of SiIvaGunner; some others suggest that it may be a visitor from another dimension who is a fan, and created it as a tribute.

  Some theorize that perhaps an unknown hacker was behind its creation – several livestreams completely unrelated to the channel's usual content have known to be conducted on SiIvaGunner, and one of those is in fact of Pupa.

  In any case, SiIvaGunner has absolutely no memory of the uploads on that September day, and when questioned about it, always denies their existence.


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The FILE's title is a reference to Elliot Rodger calling himself the "Supreme Gentleman" in the video he made before the shootings.
  • With this video's upload (or rather, the original deprecated upload) came the addition of 3 Flustered Fernando videos to the Haltmann's Archives playlist.
  • This file is the first to break the Sunday / Monday weekly upload schedule. It was uploaded more than two weeks after FILE-05 on a Friday.
  • Oddly, the final line implies that SiIvaGunner has woken up, seeing as it's written in the present tense.

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