"The Swamps (Act 03) (Alpha Mix) - The Smurfs (NES)" is a high quality rip of the Alpha mix of "The Swamps (Act 03)" from The Smurfs (NES).

Jokes[edit | edit source]

The rip starts by showing the intro sequence to Act 03, but instead of it saying "The Swamps", it says "I'm here to see MF DOOM", with the accompanying voice line playing on top of it, slightly pixelated. The level begins, and the titled themes instruments plays the intro to "Rapp Snitch Knishes", which then repeats and speeds up, similar to the original MF DOOM video. The level and music begins to fade out, and the beginning of the "Captain N Cartoon" review by the Nostalgia Critic plays, where he says "I love whores".

The video then becomes a YTPMV of the advertised track, with various popular YTPMV sources, and jokes from the channel.

Time Joke Source
0:20 Big Chungus The Slopster
0:26 "Buzz look an alien" Toy Story
0:28 Low Flo Rida
0:28 Deez Nuts WelvenDaGreat
0:30 Crank Dat Super


Crank Squad


Death sound Roblox
0:33 Bruh sound effect #2 Vine


Joel's reaction to 7 GRAND


Vinesauce Joel
0:35 Beautiful Girls Sean Kingston
0:35 [YTP] Michael has an Exceedingly

Painful Frontal Lobotomy

(70th Birthday Collab)

0:35 King of the Hill Opening King of the Hill
0:35 ??? (all other sources) ???
0:38 Baby Got Flank PrincesTomboy
0:39 Sans pun Undertale
0:39 ??? (other added sources) ???
0:46 Waters of Nazareth Justice
0:46 ??? ???
0:52 Farmer Style (Gangnam Style


Peterson Farm


0:54 Mario Smoking HD Version UmberBee
0:54 Steamed Hams The Simpsons
0:54 BitConnect Ceremony BitConnect
0:54 Ghetto Birthday Party:

Spiderman Breaks It Down

Jim Kingston
0:54 Little Superstar Adhisaya Piravi
0:55 ??? (Anime source) ???
0:55 ??? (source in middle) ???
0:57 Naruto Sakura's Dilemma A2L AnimeCentral
0:57 "We hate fucking N******" ???
0:57 DK Rap Donkey Kong


0:59 Loud Nigra Wife Enjoys Big


0:59 Russian BodyBuilder... looks like robot .. DQ1987
1:01 Moneybags Spyro 2:

Ripto's Rage!

1:01 Crate breaking sounds Crash Bandicoot
1:05 Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy


Crash Bandicoot

N.Sane Trilogy

1:07 Crash Bandicoot "Woah!" OneyNG
1:09 -


original animated sequence centered on Stinky Shoe and Coach Laroo Shoe Horn Shout Outs
1:16 Baby seal in the snow CuteThings
1:24 dog dancing we no speak americano LegoMaster121000
1:24 Roundabout Yes
1:26 Come and get em Obama Vine
1:33 Bird Up! The Eric Andre


1:34 Various scenes The Eric Andre


1:42 Harlem Shake Baauer
1:50 Mafia City ad's Mafia City
1:50 Pump Valentino Khan
1:50 Guillotine Death Grips
1:50 Eh Death Grips
1:54 "Luigi play the sax"" Main Menu/Map - Hotel Mario
1:54 Main Menu/Map Hotel Mario
1:57 Various scenes Hotel Mario
2:05 StreetPass Mii Plaza (Many Miis) Nintendo 3DS
2:06 "Streetpass" ???
2:10 Opening Cutscene Shrek 2 (video game)
2:12 Effie the Tiger Israeli Youtuber Effie the Tiger
2:12 Crab Rave Noisestorm
2:22 Breakdowns of 1939 Porky Pig
2:23 Sweet Victory SpongeBob SquarePants
2:23 "Lick, lick, lick, lick..." JoJo's Bizarre


2:23 ??? (bottom middle) ???
2:26 "Fuck you" Kizuna Al
2:27 The Three Bears Terry Toons
2:30 Kitchen Gun Derek Bum
2:34 Various sources Irate Gamer
2:38 Mokap is my hero (top left & top


ransnax/Mortal Kombat Konquest Mode
2:38 ??? (all other sources) ???
2:43 ytp jurassic park 333ajc
2:44 GOD Bless The U.S.A

(9/11 Dance/Footwerk Group)

2:44 ??? Justice
2:44 Temporary Secretary Paul McCartney
2:44 ??? (footage of album cover, signed

by various rippers and YTPMVers)

2:52 Drake and Josh - The Bet (Edited) MovieEdits
2:53 Differences™ OMGTSN/Big Purp
2:58 S.L.A.B. Freestyle Chip Tha Ripper
3:03 Micheal Jackson "Weird Al" Yankovic
3:04 Treehouse of Horror V The Simpsons
3:11 Party Rock Anthem LMFAO
3:12 Delay Lama AudioNerdz
3:12 Jizz In My Pants The Lonely Island
3:12 ??? (bottom left) Chadtronic
3:12 New Face PSY
3:18 Nerf This! ChelHelBunny
3:19 No Words Hopsin
3:19 Meet The Flinstones Hoyt Curtin
3:22 Cutoff prevention YTP/YTPMV's

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