"The Swamps (Act 03) (Gamma Mix) - The Smurfs (NES)" is a high quality rip of the Gamma mix of "The Swamps (Act 03)" from The Smurfs for the NES.

Jokes Edit

The rip is actually a YTPMV-style (YouTube Poop Music Video style) collaboration with several rippers. Several sources are sampled and pitch-shifted and/or sped-up to fit into the advertised track (which is also sped-up).

The following table of sources is sourced from a YouTube thread by ProtoZilla[1] and a YouTube thread by LV.[2]

Time stamp Sample / joke Source Contributor[3]
00:00 "Shuric Scan 1.99cr" tPORt Xarlable, omniputance
Beadon Mickey Mouse
"S.L.A.B. Freestyle" Chip tha Ripper
0:03 Skull trumpet
First note of Family Guy theme song Walter Murphy
0:04 Loud Nigra scream Creampie Cathy
0:06 "Kyoto" Skrillex
0:07 Steppin' on the beach Spongebob Squarepants Xarlable
0:15 "Put Your Hands Up" Fat Man Scoop Cryptrik
"Oh man" Jack Black, Sesame Street Episode 4161
0:17 "The Michael Rosen Rap" Michael Rosen
0:26 Rap God Eminem Nape Mango
0:33 "We need to build a wall" Donald Trump
0:34 Shut the fuck up Penn and Teller's Bullshit
0:37 ??? Jab50Yen
0:46 h3h3Productions Theme Song h3h3Productions, MajorLeagueWobs / Holder toonlink
"Breakdance Beach" (with Ethan Klein coughing over it) Hail Mary Mallon, h3h3Productions
1:00 "Sandstorm" Darude Gurchik
1:03 "Pokey Means Business" EarthBound
1:05 "Ronald McDonald Insanity" nicovideo, McDonalds Japan
1:07 "Puzzle Room" Kirby Planet Robobot Xarlable
1:14 Squid Sisters Splatoon MatrixMarioX
1:22 The A-Team Theme The A-Team ricesnot
1:29 "Crawling" Linkin Park NBGMusic
1:37 "ay" "Gangnam Style" by PSY Chaze the Chat
1:41 "Harder to Breathe" Maroon 5
1:47 Gachimuchi KinkyOats
1:55 Nathaniel Welchert
1:59 ??? ??? Robbi
2:02 Here in my garage Tai Lopez
2:08 Loud Nigra Creampie Cathy
2:09 The Nutshack The Nutshack Triple-Q
2:20 "Grand Dad" / "Fleenstones" + "Meet the Flintstones" Vinesauce Joel / The Flintstones MtH
2:25 Haunted House 8-Bit Beast
2:27 Howie scream The Ninth Configuration
2:29 "Bad Apple!" (sung using Loud Nigra) Touhou Project turdl3
2:36 Space Jam Space Jam Tainic
2:43 "U Guessed It" OG Maco Xarlable

Artists Edit

According to the Bandcamp releases:

Organizer: Xarlable

...with contributions by:

Trivia Edit

  • The "Gamma Mix" in the rip's title is a reference to the numerous "Gamma Mix" rips made by Xarlable, the organizer of this collaboration.
  • The Volume 7 release lists Sexual Omochao as Barney Rubble.

References Edit

  3. YouTube comment by ytp4life
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