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Chaze as he appears in the video.

"the nutshack theme but the first nutshack is replaced with me ending the channel" is a video on the SiIvaGunner channel. In it, Chaze the Chat discusses the ending of the SiIvaGunner channel originally planned for September 30, 2016.


Video opens with the intro to The Nutshack.

It's the N—

Video cuts to Chaze.

Before I end the channel, I figured you guys should probably meet who was running the channel.

My name is Chaze, well, that's my username, it's not what I go by in real life, um... and... I've had the plan of ending SiIvaGunner on September 30th, I had that idea back in May, and I had come up with a plan where this would be one of the last videos on the channel, this v-log, and it'd be uploaded as a Loud Nigra video. And, well, the Nutshack happened, and I figured the Nutshack was probably a little bit more fitting now, now that that's probably the biggest meme that's come out of this channel.

Um... but, yeah, I'm... um, it – I'm at a loss for words, because it's just... I... I'm not a very good speaker, and I've never really made a v-log or anything, but I figured I should probably make a little video or something saying "Thanks, guys", and I can't believe we have sixty-six thousand subscribers, it's so many. Um, I didn't – I didn't expect that at all when I made the original channel. Um...

The original channel was made on January 9th, and I know, like, a bunch of places like Know Your Meme and... I think that TV Tropes also does, that says that it was created February 9th, but that's not true, it was January 9th. Um, and I came up with the idea – it, this is really stupid, um – I came up with the idea, uh, when I remembered, um... I remembered, really, really, like, eight years ago or so, when LittleKuriboh was getting impostor channels created... with, like – and the people that upload the episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series would be, like – it would be, like, completely not the real video and they were all, like, shitty, and, like, everyone got so upset. But then, I had the idea of "What if I did that, but, like, actually put effort into the – into the videos, so even if it's not the thing that you expected, it was something good?" And... I thought that was a good... a good idea and maybe people would like it.

And so, I... um, I had a Pokémon song that I had made, um, a few days prior. Uh, I think I made that, I don't know, on January 2nd. And... like, "What if I just uploaded this as... um, the Pokémon Ruby battle music on YouTube and pretended like it was real?" And... I thought it was a pretty... clever idea, there was a few people when I, um – I was in a SoundCloud server on Discord, um, and there was a few people that were like, "Th-this is a stupid idea," but there was other people that were like, "Oh, this is really cool! Can – can I send you a song?" and MtH was the first one to send me a song, he sent the... Route 110 Undertale song, and I made a video for that, didn't turn out very well because I suck at video editing as you're probably gonna see in this video, but, um... but, he'd sent me that, and I made the, um, the video, and I uploaded it, and that was the second rip on the channel, and then, I had a rip that made the Gerudo Valley song that was similar to the Pokémon one. Where I replaced the melody, and I'm not sure if that was really a... thing at the time?

Uh, I – I'm – For the Pokémon one I was inspired by, um, toonlink made – he made a S-Super Mario Sunshine "Secret Course" "Megalovania" thing, and... it was cool because it was cool because it changed the melody of the song, and it wasn't exactly a mashup, but it was, like, a kind of a hybrid between a remix and a mashup, and I was like, "This is really cool." And, I went with the Flintstones theme because... in the Discord server that I was in, like, you know – You remember we would always use that dj fruitsnacks, um, rant where he says something about, like, about, um... how he made Grand Dad a meme? He – well, he – he was pretty right. [laughs] Um, in our Discord server, we would always make, like, Flintstones songs, that were, like – that we put, like, really a lot of effort into just because whenever we would listen to one on SoundCloud, most of them were pretty bad, so... we would do that as, like, a sort of... Well, I – I hate to use the word, but like an ironic way, and... I don't know, I thought it was funny that the Pokémon song that I chose just turned into the Flintstones theme, like, halfway through.

I'm like, "What if I..." – or I could – And then, the channel happened, and then I did the Gerudo Valley thing which was actually a request from someone, and I really liked that one, and that one turned out really well. Um... and then, I think Sir Spacebar was the one who sent me the first "Snow halation" rip, actually. Most people think it was Triple-Q, but it was actually d—, um, Sir Spacebar, and he did, um, the "Hopes and Dreams" "Snow halation" song, and... that one was really good, and it was, like, the fourth upload on the channel.[note 1] And we – Then suddenly, more people on that server wanted in on the channel, and soon we had quite a few videos on there. And then people like cobermani [sic] and Temmie started finding the channel and started sharing it on Twitter and stuff, and just... it was... By – by this time, it was around... the near end of February, and we had suddenly gotten a little bit of a following, we had, like, eight hundred subscribers, and it was crazy, and then, on February 29th, we hit one thousand subscribers, and then, later that same day, we hit three thousand subscribers, and then... it was insane, we hit ten thousand subscribers in, like, a week. It was... it was so cool!

Um... and around... near... uh, on February 29th, when—that was the day that we hit one thousand and then three thousand, it was our real blowout day, um—I only had one other manager, and that was MtH. Um, he was – he's been there since about the beginning and we've been uploading a lot of rips together, um, and he's easily one of the most talented people on the entire team. Um... and then... after we've – we had more people just sending us songs and it was hard for us to even keep track of 'em anymore, so I dec—, I decided to add in two more managers, and I added Triple-Q—who had just recently joined the team, um, and submitted his first rip, it was a Cory in the House "Snow halation" rip, um—and NBGMusic, who had made, um, a SpongeBob "Disco Star", um, Skrillex mashup, and that was really good. And so, I added them to the manager team.

And, for a little while, it was just us four uploading videos, and then I added ZVAARI, and... just... um, as a manager, and we were just having so many rips, so many rips, and people were complaining about us flooding our sub box, but we had so many, that we had no idea what to do with them. We had days worth just backlogged, and we were uploading, like, at first, we were like, "Let's just do 'em in waves. Let's – let's take, like, a four hour break after that, and then just upload, like, five or six, and then just take another break," and then... we decided, "Let's just start scheduling them," and even that was a lot, because, one an hour? Y-YouTubers don't upload con—, like, original content one video an hour. That's just, like, it's not a thing that happens. And... a lot of people were having a hard time adjusting to that and I'm pr—, I'm fairly certain that's the reason why we don't have a ton of subscribers, because even though I'm pretty sure we're well-known on the Internet, like, not, like, super well-known, but, like, semi-well-known, we don't have a lot of subscribers because we upload every hour and that's just... people don't want that in their sub box, just ruining their – their videos. Um... and... so we decided to just bite the bullet and upload one an hour, and I feel like that's a good middle ground. Sometimes, we – we would, um, if we had a lot – a huge backlog, we would do one every half hour, and a lot of times, the managers themselves would upload their own rips on the half hours, so, um... so it wouldn't mess up with the schedule and we wouldn't have to reschedule videos. But, um... yeah.

Um... when the channel got taken down on, I think it was April 5th,[note 2] I was in a panic, 'cause I had no idea what to do, like, I didn't know if I'd be able to fight YouTube because... becau—, I just couldn't think of what to do. I wanted GilvaS—, Gil—, the real GilvaSunner's opinion on, like, if he thought the channel should stay up or what, and he did, but I wasn't able to get, like, written proof or anything, so I wasn't able to go on that route, and I didn't wanna fight impersonation because it was clearly impersonation. So, we were like, "Okay, let's just make a new account." And, I forgot who came up with the, um, SiIvaGunner name, but I know, um... um, Tainic made, um... made the channel itself, like, a month prior, so that was pretty lucky on our part.

And, we were able to... like, the Phantom Rips album actually started off as just, like, "We're gonna do a 'Sins of the Father' rip to come back on, and it's gonna be really cool," and then it's just like, "Okay, let's just come back with a few Metal Gear rips," and then, "Let's do a whole album of Metal Gear rips." And... that turned out really well, that's one of my favorite albums that we released. And... I... there's a lot of albums that we made. We made a ton of albums, especially, like, [laughs] this last week! We rip and people say stuff like, "Ugh, just – just hold on – hold off on the albums for a little bit! Please!" and, like, w—, there's nothing we can really do.

Um... but overall, I've had a lot of fun with this channel, and it's been a [sic] amazing experience, and I've met so many people through this channel, it's – it's crazy. I've met actual composers, I've met people I couldn't even dream of meeting, just overall, like, some of the nicest people I've ever met in my life, just through this silly YouTube channel where we put video game music... or, we take video game music and we put the Flintstones theme in.

Um... and I've got a lot to talk about, but I don't wanna – I don't wanna keep up too much more time, I've been... doing this for thirteen minutes, okay.

I would like to thank a lot of the managers on the channel, the upload staff, and I'd – I – I wanna thank everyone on the team, but there – we have – we have over – over, like, two hundred rippers, and reading their names off one by one would take way too long. So, I'm going to thank them all in a collective group right now, and thank you, rippers, for ripping the music for us, because without you guys, we wouldn't have much content – oh, oh, we wouldn't have a ton of content, but that's not the point. Um, but you guys have really helped us get through, um... get through these eight months really, really well. And, I'm gonna start thanking the uploaders now.

Um... for the managers, I'm gonna start with MtH, because, as I said earlier, he's been there since the beginning, and he's stuck by me, and even though every once in a while, we'll argue on a point or something, we always come to a conclusion, we always – we're always still good, like, – we're just – we – we never, like, actually, like, hate each other, and I'm really happy that... MtH just loves the channel as much as I do, and really enjoys ripping, and hanging out with us on Discord.

Um... uh, the next person I'd like to thank, uh – I'm just gonna go in order from when I added them, because – or, I'm probably gonna get mixed up near the end, because there's, like, twenty-five of us or something, we have a lot. Um, [coughs] Ooh, sorry guys.

Um, I'm gonna thank NBGMusic next. And, he's done a lot for the channel, he – not only did he make some of the weirdest – or, not the weirdest, the, like, best bootleg rips, like, that first, um, "Yell "Dead Cell"", um, rip that he turned into Flintstones, I was blown away, I was like "That game isn't sequenced. What are you doing?" and it was – he did it completely with samples and it was incredible! I was so surprised, it was awesome! And just... a lot of the – he did all the Payday rips, and he did the, um, the Mr Rental videos. And actually, um, he's gonna be uploading some unused Mr Rental videos that he's gonna make after the channel, so check out NBGVideos, um... later on, because he's gonna be posting some Mr Rental videos that we couldn't get on in time, um... or, um, he's gonna try to, I don't know if he's actually going to, but we've talked about it.

Um... Okay, now for the, um... now for the big elephant in the room, um, Triple-Q. Um, he's no longer on the team, but I still would really like to thank him for all of the uploading he did and all the rips that he made, because he made some really great rips, and he was always hard-working, and he was always nice to everyone, and he never – he never – he was always... neutral on any issues that we had, and he could see both sides of it, and he was just a really great manager. And, I'd like to thank him for his service with us, and, yeah.

Um... next I would like to talk about ZVAARI, who – he made the breakout hit, "Slider", and "Slider" is a great one, and it's – I mean, I'm kinda sad that the channel doesn't – uh, the "Slider" on this channel doesn't have as many views as the one on, um, the original channel, because it's [sic] really is a good rip, and it really deserves all those views, and ZVAARI did a lot of uploading for us near the beginning, and he was a lifesaver, because I added him when, um, school was getting kind of hard for me, so he was able to upload while I was able to study a little more, and it was – it was great.

Um... I'm going to talk about the other former backroom member now. Um, TUWieZ, who was on the team for quite a while, um, he left around the time, um – he left around the time Triple-Q left, um, it was... I think it was a little later, because we hadn't s—, we hadn't started the Reboot yet, but it was, um, after we had come back from the one week break, and... he – he was a trooper, he'd upload so many videos at once with NBG, like, they would partner up, and they would just upload videos, like, just take a night, and, like, schedule, like, a few days in advance, it was incredible. [coughing] And, they were a really good team, and... he was – he was a great backroom member and I'd like to thank him even though he didn't stay around till the end. He – he still made rips, but he just wasn't in the – the, um, manager team.

Oh, if I keep saying "backroom", um, that's what we call the manager team because we, um, we make all the decisions for the channel, and just everything, and we're kinda like the "backroom", like the hidden backroom and, I don't know, I think it's kinda cool.

Um... uh, let's see here. Um, I think the next one I added was Xarlable, and he – he's a person in the, um, YTPMV community, and he makes some crazy stuff with samples, like, um, um, [sigh] I – I can't think of that one. It's the – it's the second song on, um, Volume One, and it was a really big meme-fest, it's, like, six minutes long, and it's great, that one. Uh, he made that, and he made ano—, a lot of really crazy things, and he uses Vegas, which is even crazier to me because, like, just, he's really talented, and, yeah, he's – and he'd upload quite a bit, too, like, um, I know he w—, in the summer, he wasn't around much, but then, whenever he came, he'd upload, like, four days in advance, and then he was like, "Okay. Bye, guys." [laughs] It was pretty funny.

But, uh, and he was one of the people that headed the ARG when we did it, and him and someone else I'll talk about in a little bit, um, masterminded it, and, um, surprisingly actually, um, the one that we did on Father's Day, we had planned – or, we actually had planned to do nothing, and this was before the Reboot, that we had planned to do nothing for Father's Day, like, just, like, no uploads and people would be like, "Oh, what are you doing! This is – we were expecting some huge thing, but you just don't upload anything?" Um, and that's what we were gonna do, but, um, around... near the end of Father's Day, like, it was probably around, like, three o'clock, we were like, "Why don't we just, like, make an ARG-type thing?" and we were – we just had a lot of fun planning, like, little... little things, and actually, if you look back at that ARG, we hid some things in, um... um, like, I think it's the Myspace page. Um, if you check the birthday, it's the birthdate of The Flintstones, and most people just shrugged it off as that at the time, but at the time, we'd already planned when our ending date was gonna be, so that was kind of a hint to the, um, the future of the channel at that point, and I think we also made a reference to that in the, um, Grand Dad hack we made. Um... and, yeah, I'm getting off-topic, I'm sorry.

Um, the next person I'm going to thank is Minus Zero. And, he is great with Namco instruments, and just all-around great at just making really clean-sounding rips, and even just music in general, like, he's a really good composer, and... and he'd upload quite a bit, too, even, um – even if we weren't feeling up – like, uploading, he'd upload, and he'd – he did a lot, and, um, I really appreciated having him on the team, um, and... yeah, I think, um – and he's a really good guy, so...

Um, and then, um, the – I added this next backroom member the day we got taken down, and actually I'd added him before we got taken down, so it was kind of a coincidence that that'd even happen, um, his name's turdl3, and, um, he made—, er, he d—, made quite a few rips, he made the, um, Pokémon Colosseum meme-fest for, um – right before Volume One hit, he also made the, um – the trailer for the Volume Two album, the one that we did with the, um – to make it look like one of those really bad tutorial videos from 2007 with the, um... with the, um... mashup of all the, um, YouTube songs from that era, and he was our – that was really cool, I was really impressed with that – how that turned out, because it really looked like one of those videos, um, and... all of his rips are always good to listen to, um, and he could play guitar, so whenever we needed a guitar thing, we'd always go, "Hey turdl3, can you make something for us?" and then he would, um, and, so he was – he was a nice backroom member.

Um, now I'm getting a little hazy with when I added who. Um, Tainic was next, and he made, um – he made those – he made some of the really crazy, um, time signature slams, like, he did the one on, um, Phantom Rips with, um... um, with "Way to Fall" and that's in 3/4, and it was – I was really impressed with how that turned out. Um, and... and, yeah, he was the one that ended up making the second channel for us, like, a month in advance, so he was a lifesaver on that, so I'd like to thank him for all the stuff that he did.

Um, next... let's see here. I'm trying to think of who I added next. Um... looking down my list. Um... think it might have been... I honestly don't remember who I added next, but I guess I'll just start going down the list now.

Um, Nape Mango, I'm – I – I'm almost positive he was next, but I could be completely wrong. Um... [coughs] um, he actually, before we started this channel, he was making all of his mashups in Audacity, which is crazy because... Audacity's pretty limiting, but he was able to make some crazy stuff with Audacity, and I'm – I was really impressed with that, and then he switched to FL Studio when we did the channel, and he made some even crazier stuff with that like, um, he did the, um, the Lake Trio, um... mega-mashup – or, it wasn't really a mashup, it was a, um, melody swap, um, and he did the, um... he did the – he did all those, um... he did the Super Mario 64 arrangements where they started, like, the Stevie Wonder one and the Justin Timberlake one and the "September" one, um, all those were him, and he – he's really good at arranging stuff, um, and, um, he was a good backroom member.

Um, [grunts] I'm... this is really hard. Um, I think the next one was... Uncle Fill. I think he was the next one, but I could be wrong. Um, I'm probably right, actually. But, um, he – he's pretty quiet, but he was – he'd make some stuff, like, it was some crazy stuff, like, um, I remember when, uh, TJ "Henry" Yoshi requested a Fire Emblem rip, and he ended up doing the, um – he ended up doing the, um... the... What's that one song? Um... he – it's the – it's the one in, um, Fire Emblem when you recruit a member and it's that one that – it's the same song that they use in Melee and stuff. Um, he took that song, but then he put the, um, Super Mario 64 level select theme in because, um... because of TJ, and that was really funny. Um, and I always like hearing his rips, because they're always – I always know that whenever I hear one of his that it's really high quality.

Seriously, this channel has ruined the word 'high quality' – or, the phrase 'high quality', I'm not gonna lie.

Um... then I think... I added... hmm... it's really h—, think this was when I added... Avolence [sic], and Avol's a really nice guy, and he did all of the Soulja Boy, um, rips, the one with the steel drums and stuff, and he also did the, um – the "Spiral Mountain" one that's really popular, um, and he's a really nice guy, and, um, his Soulja Boys are always interesting to listen to, because I didn't know that you could even make mashups with "Crank Dat" [sic] using different samples, and what he pulls out sometimes is really impressive, like the, um, the – my personal favorite Soulja Boy one he did was the, um, "Soldier game" one, um, that one's really good.

And – holy crap, thirty minutes. Um, okay, uh, the next backroom member I think... I think was, um, Princess Sylvysprite [sic], or -sprit. I don't – I'm sorry, I don't know how to pronounce your name. Um, she, um – she made all the Touhou rips, and the, um – hers are always great, because she always ended up recreating the songs using a synthesizer, and, like, just, Touhou doesn't use a soundfont, guys. So... [laughs] just it – that – that's always – that always bugs us whenever we [laughs] see "Touhou soundfont", um, but, uh, it – hers are always really impre—, like, she caught me off guard one time when she made the, um – the "Gangnam Style" Touhou rip, and I wasn't expecting it at all, but it was really funny when that happened, and I really – I really liked that.

Um, and then I think was when I added two backroom members: um, Le Ruse Bird and, um, McBedtime, and I'll start with Ruse first. Um... yeah, I ended up, after the Puzzle Room incident, um, I ended up, um, removing him from the backroom for a short time, and, um, like, I think it was a – just a few days after it happened, he apologized and he was like, "I promise it won't happen again. I, um – I thought it was – I thought that would've been suitable for the channel, but it turns out I was wrong and, um, I promise that won't ever happen again," and I believed him, so I gave him a second chance, and he end—, he ended up being a really good ripper, and he, um... he makes some great rips while also being funny and, to be – he – I – he's one of the funnier ones, because I always laugh at his, um, like the, um – the Bernie Sanders Undertale one, that one always catches me off guard, it's so funny, um, but, yeah.

Um, and McBedtime's the other one, and I, um... he's really good at... um, sticking to – or, like, big and early adopter to a meme, because he made one of the – he didn't make the first, but he made one of the first Nutshack songs, and he also did one of the first "I Play Pokémon Go" songs, and both those are some of my favorite memes, and I really like those, um, and it was funny because at first, both those songs were really hated, and then near the end of the channel, all of them were starting to get, like, a lotta likes, so it was pretty funny seeing the evolution of those two. Um, and... yeah.

Um... okay, next I will go with Willie Weasel. I don't know if he was the next one, but I figured I should probably mention him at some point. Um, Willie is the guy who makes all of the, um – he made the – or, he makes the AMVs, like, the Donald Trump one and the Psy and Nozoomi one, and he also did the – he also does all of the, um, offbeat "Space Jam" ones, and – with the filters, and those always – like, those are always funny to me, I don't know why, but... he's great, and he's a really funny guy, and... just, I don't know.

Um, next I will talk about toonlink, who actually, as I mentioned earlier, he did the "Megalovania" "Secret Course" thing that isn't actually on the channel, and, um... he's done a lot of crazy rips. He did the, um... he did the Splatoon, um, one with the, um... with the squid – the squids singing, um, the Flintstones theme, and then he ended up doing the one where they sang "I Play Pokémon Go" also. He also does a lot of cool things with the Ocarina of Time soundfont, and he's – he's just really talented, and, he's also really young, too, so for the fact that he – he's that talented when he's so young, he – I have high hopes for him in his career.

Um... huh, let's see here. I have a lot of backroom members, um... I'll talk about Matsu next. Um, when he joi-joined the, um – the group, he actually had submitted a few rips before, and, um, I remember the first one that we had let through was the, um, Batman "Batty Twist" one, and, um, that went on our Mother album the day he sent it to us, or, like, it was around then, and, um, he wasn't even on the t-team yet officially, and then we ended up adding him, like, I think it was actually, like a few months later, and he just turned out to be really good at, um – at rips and stuff, so we added him to the backroom team, and... he, um – he turned out to upload quite a bit, and he also made a bunch of really solid rips, and he, um – he remastered some of his old rips, so if you listen to the, um – the new "Batty Twist" versus the old one that's on the album, you can really see how much he – his skills improved, and, um, yeah.

Um, next I'll talk about Cavenyan. He is a lifesaver! Because... he uploads when, like, e-either no one's around, or, like, all of us are, like, too lazy to upload, like, he'll just be like, "Okay, I'm gonna upload now," and, like... he was, like, insane with his uploads, because I think he uploaded almost, like, seven hundred of our videos, and we had added him in, like, July, so the fact that he uploaded [laughs] that many in such a short period of time is really crazy to me, and he also made – made rips, too, like, um, the end of that new Stagg Street album that came out today, he did the guitar on that, he also did the guitar on the, um – on the Shantae, and he and, um – he and turdl3 actually did the, um, comment simulator that came out today. Um, he also did a – um, a f—, he also did the JoJo trailer, and... um... and he also did some other videos, too. Um, but, yeah. Um... I'd really like to thank him for all of his efforts.

Um... next I'll talk about PinkieOats. PinkieOats is l—, crazy at video editing. He did the Etika videos, and he did, um – he did the Phantom Rips: Subsistence trailer, and, um, he also did all the Bob Dylan songs, and we just released an album of Bob Dylan songs recently to make up for the fact he was barely on the channel near the end. So, um – and he also did some melody swaps, too. He did a few on the Kirby album that you should probably check out, 'cause those are really good. Um... but, yeah, I'd like to thank him for his help, too.

Um, next I'll talk about, um, Detective Agent, who was in our, um – who was a backroom member, um, but he couldn't upload because his Internet was slow. Um, he – he made some – he made some pretty good rips at the beginning, too, and he got better, and... um, I don't – I don't know if he's made many rips since, like, near the beginning, but, um, he's helped us out a lot with art and – and stuff, and I really appreciate having him around.

Um... MatrixMarioX was – was, um, one of them I added later on in the channel, but, um, he was crazy talented, um, I actually had added him to the backroom, like, a week after he had joined the team because, like, I knew he could – I knew he had the skill level and everything to keep up with that, um... and I really appreciate what he's done for the channel, because he's, um – all the rips that he's made are really solid, and, like, he's got a – for his, um – for the, um, Bemani songs, um, he had to, like, recreate all of 'em from scratch using different samples, and, like, I couldn't even imagine going through all those files and recreating the songs, so, like, I gotta give him major props.

Um... uh, let's see here, um... I'll talk about Sir Spacebar next. Um, Sir Spacebar is even younger than toonlink, and he – he's as talented as toonlink, maybe even more, and just the fact that – he – he can arrange songs in such a crazy amount of time, and just, he did all of the, um – the Pokémon Black and White beta mixes that were all the S—, um, Sawano songs, and just – ah – crazy, it's – it's really... I don't know, I can't believe that someone's so young and so talented, and I added him near the end, because I remember him saying something about not being – wanting to be a backroom member, but it turned out that he, um – the only reason he didn't want to was because he didn't wanna upload because his upload speed was too slow, so that was fine for me, and I let him join the team.

Um... um, I'll talk about, um, yodooder next. Um, he's the one that made all the Bo—, or, like, he – he was the one that started off the Bowflex memes, and, um, we just started using that 'cause it was so funny. Um, it was just, like, er – there'd be a pumped up song, and then suddenly, it switched to an exercise commercial and it was really funny, and, um, he's also made some really good rips, too, um, outside of that. Um, I think... I think he's made a few Castlevania ones, I'm not sure though. Um... uh, I'm – I'm blanking on some individual rips, but he – he's really good, and totally check out him, like, his rips.

Um... and then there's, um, trivial171, who I had actually just added on Sunday, and, um... and he really helped us out near the end here because of – we had to get all those video scheduled and he was really on the – on the ball for that, and, um – and helping us keep focus as well as, um, get all of this stuff done that we needed to do to end this channel really well. Um, so I appreciate... I appreciate what he's done.

Um... I think that's everyone besides, um, YOSHIHAPPY, who I'm going to mention for, um, making the Mario Maker level in the, um – for the ARG, and, um, that was a really cool level, and I'd like to thank him for making that.

And also Nathaniel Welchert, who, um, after we had found out that he was a fan, because – the story behind the Nathaniel Welchert, um, rip was that we got e-mailed it around, like, May, the Mother one, the, um, the one that's, like, twenty-four minutes long or whatever, and, uh, we got e-mailed it around May, and we were like, "What is this?" It was crazy, and, um, MtH and turdl3 ended up writing out a full analysis of it and sent it in to them – uh, sent it in to the person who submitted it, and we never got a response back, so for the, um, Undertale day that we were gonna do with all the Mother rips, um, we asked – we were like, "Okay, let's just upload it," because it was funny, um, so we uploaded it, and then we found out Nathaniel Welchert himself actually, um... actually, um, watched our videos and was, um, a fan, so we asked him if he wanted to be a backroom member, and so he joined, and he made a few of the Nathaniel Welchert me—, um, videos after that, and I'd really like to thank him for coming on with us and – and just getting to experience the end of the channel. And it's actually his birthday today, so I'd like to wish him a happy birthday in this... v-log.

And, I think that's everyone. There's a lot of people, so I'm just double-checking the list just to make sure I mentioned everyone. Yeah, I think I mentioned everyone. Um, now for people outside the backroom.

I'd like to thank, um... I'd like to thank, um, the original server that we had found SiIva in, the, um, it's managed – or, we founded Giva [sic] in, um, GiIva or whatever, I – sorry, I pronounce it weird in real life. Um, it's run by, um, MF PICKLE-O and, um, I think he might've changed his name, but, um, coolguyomega, and, um, I really would like to thank them for, um, putting up with all the rips that we would do, like, we, um – we ended up having to make a separate discussion because all of the discussion was just focused on, um, GiIva during the heyday of it, and... um, we had a submissions channel in there, as well as one in our own guest server, where we had guests, but then, um, near the end, we decided to – to break free and just go in our own server. So, I'd like to thank them for the – uh, for – he – or, um, putting up with us. And, um, I always like their rips, too. They did our, um – MF PICKLE-O especially did a few rips, like the, um, Peach Beach one that went up today, that, um, that just got re-uploaded from the original channel, um, and he also did the Delfino Plaza one, he was the one that introduced Nigra, and, um, I'd really like to thank him.

Um, I'd also like to thank, um, all of the quality of control members in, um – in the server – in the, um, in the SiIva server, because without them, we would probably ha—, or, without them, we wouldn't check the uploads and sometimes, um, a rip that could be improved upon would get through, and, um, just... without them, our channel wouldn't be as good as – it wouldn't be as high quality as it is, um, outside of that.

Um, and, as I said earlier, I'd like to thank all the people that submitted stuff to the channel. Um, people always ask, "Do you – you ever check your e-mails?" and we do check our e-mails, but after that Superman 64 video—which by the way, you can see, um, the picture of the avatar that I use on Twitter in that video, so that was a little hint that I run the channel—um, uh, after we released the Superman 64 videos [sic], just got constant amount of e-mails. I actually have, like, I think five e-mails since I last check – checked it before I starting filming, like, just right now, like, we get an insane amount of e-mails, so the fact, like, a lot of them are unread and we apologize for that, but, um, we just have a lot of stuff and we weren't, like, running low on rips or anything, so it wasn't, like, [cough] it wasn't like we needed a ton, but at the same time, um, we just had so many that it just piled up and we've – we met a lot of rippers through the e-mail, and at the same time, we let some slip through the cracks because we had so many unread e-mails.

Um, so, yeah, I'd like to thank everyone that, um, stuck with us from the very beginning, or stuck with us from after the Reboot, or stuck with us after the channel got deleted, or just – if you're watching this video right now, thank you for tuning in to the channel, and... I really appreciate everything, and, um... I – I don't know if that's everything or not. I'll probably do a cut if I think of something, but, um... yeah, thanks, guys.

Um, and in case you want to follow me on Twitter or whatever, my, um, Twitter handle is "the8bits", and on SoundCloud, I go by "dreammaker222", and I'm, um, um, let's see... On YouTube, I'm just Chaze Chat, and I'm in the suggested, um, channels or whatever. Um, and also, I'm a moderator on my friend's website called, and I really recommend checking that place out because, um, it's a sorta smaller website, but, um... but it's a, like – it's set up really nicely and it's, um, designed really well, and I really – I think you guys should check it out, because I think you guys'd like it.

Um, anyway, uh, thank you, guys, for sticking with us. There's two more uploads – there's gonna be two more uploads on this channel, um, and they're both gonna come out tomorrow – or, today, um, and you can probably guess what they are, but, um, I'll leave that up to you to figure out.

Um, anyway, thanks, guys.

Video cuts back to intro of The Nutshack.

It’s the Nutshack! (What’d he say?) (Ayyy!)
It’s the Nutshack! (Oh, yeah!) (Yeeeah!)
It’s the Nutshack! (Hey, I know that kid!) (Rainbow Scout)
It’s the Nutshack! (Don’t forget ya boy, Angel!)
It’s the Nutshack! (It’s the Nutshack!)
It’s the Nutshack! (It’s the Nutshack!)
It’s the Nutshack! (It’s the Nutshack...)
It’s the Nutshack! (Hey!)
It’s the Nutshack! (This beat's knockin'!)
It’s the Nutshack! (Whoooa!) (It's the Nutshack!)
It’s the Nutshack!

Phil’s from the 'Sco, Jack’s from the P.I, (P.I)
Horatio or Horat, so big-eyed! (Big-eyed!)
Tito Dick “Dickman” baby!
He raised Phil and loves the ladies.
Jack’s cool and lazy, he's still learnin’
Number one Cherry Pie, still a virgin,
Chita, meet da freak of da week-ah! (Week-kah!)
Phil’s homegirl, got Jack wanna keep her,
But it’s not happenin’ neither! (No!)
Shakin like a seizure,
Hold up, let me spark this, take a breather.
Breath that reefer in my lungs,
I got grapes, what you watchin', son?

It’s the Nutshack! (Yah!)
It’s the Nutshack! (Aaagh!)
It’s the Nutshack!
It’s the Nutshack!


  1. "Hopes and Dreams - Undertale" actually wasn't the fourth upload to the channel, as there were at least thirteen rips uploaded before it.
  2. The GiIvaSunner channel was taken down on April 6th, not April 5th.
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