"Theme Song - Caillou" is a high quality rip of "Theme Song" from Caillou.

Jokes Edit

The rip begins with a Sesame Street clip, which has Herry Monster saying "That's a good apple", then cuts to a recording of someone walking in a street at night. It cuts again to an empty subway recording. After that, the video goes to show "Each day i grow some More" by Worldcorp Enterprises (which involves a man screaming at a crying child to sing the Caillou theme song). It then cuts to the video "August 15, 2009 - GONE" by Liquid Chris, which shows Chris impersonating Christine Weston Chandler, edited to be dark and monochrome, with the audio being heavily distorted. Afterward, it shows a distorted video of someone walking in a forest. When the rip was originally uploaded, Worldcorp Enterprises had requested they be credited in the description for the "Each day i grow some More" video displayed.

ARG Edit

There is a short Alternate Reality Game-like activity included in the video.

  • In the description, we find some coordinates that lead to "Chapman Rd." in Alto, Texas.
  • At 0:50, in the rip, a link appears on the top right corner, but a black annotation box hides it from being immediately visible.
  • The pastebin link says "virus" and under it, a file. The file contains a corrupted picture of the creator of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Hirohiko Araki, eating a donut.
    • This is called a virus, because, back then, on 4chan, rumors say when the file contains a browser exploit, the computer would get a virus that would screamer you randomly, but that rumor's fortunately false.
    • The reason why the picture is corrupt is that text is inserted in the image.
  • When viewing the text, it reads "I've hidden an audio file. Please do not attempt to go and listen to it as you'll suffer the consequences. You'll guess why", and a picosong link is added, which contains the Bean (turn down the volume before playing).

Removal Edit

On April 28th, 2019, "Theme Song - Caillou" was removed from the channel after new information was discovered proving that at least one of Worldcorp Enterprises' videos contains actual footage of child abuse, making it more likely that the "Each day i grow some More" video used in the rip also shows actual child abuse. SiIvaGunner posted a comment on ScareTheater's video "WorldCorp Is Much Darker Than We Thought" concerning "Theme Song - Caillou" and the Worldcorp Enterprises credit in the description:

"Thanks for bringing this information to light. We have removed the "Theme Song - Caillou" video from our channel. The team member who created the video originally found the "Each day i grow some More" clip on 4chan's /x/ board, and it wasn't until around 3 weeks after we uploaded it that we learned of its connection to Worldcorp. This was because someone claiming to be "the ceo of worldcorp enterprises" messaged one of our team members through Discord about being credited on the video, which we complied with. According to the original creator of the video, the account these messages were sent from is the same account that owned the Worldcorp Discord server linked on their website.
I hope this clears up any confusion about our video. If you have any more questions, we've sent you an email with more information."

Trivia Edit

  • This video was in the "Haltmann's Archives" playlist.
  • The footage of the street at night is taken from a video called "Andando na rua de madrugada".
  • The footage of the subway canal is taken from a video called "Abandoned Canal Street Station" (start of used footage is timestamped)
  • The audio file's name, "bugi.mp3", is an abbreviation of "Bitch U Guessed it", one of the two songs associated with Green De La Bean. The phrase "You'll guess why" is another reference to the aforementioned song.

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