TimmyTurnersGrandDad (abbreviated TTGD) is a collaborative ripping channel created by Blazephlozard and Tev Teusixten.[1] It started on October 1, 2016, the day after the SiIvaGunner channel was announced to end. Its name is a reference to GilvaSunner's first channel, TimmyTurnersDad.[2]

With 29,800 subscribers as of July 2020, it is the most popular SiIvaGunner fan channel. Due to having a lot over overlap in contributors, TTGD has also influenced the SiIvaGunner channel itself.

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The first rip, "Battle! (Wild Pokémon) - Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire" was uploaded on October 1, 2016, referencing GiIvaSunner's first rip. When the channel started, it had a team composed of new contributors from the SiIvaGunner fan Discord and other fan channels, as well as a few SiIvaGunner contributors, such as The Duane, Akfamilyhome and Brawlcats. Several contributors who started in the early days of TTGD have gone on to contribute to SiIvaGunner, including Jasper, Kirbio, 2achary, SMALF, Vari, MonoGiraffe, ChickenSuitGuy, JerryStuff (Ro), SoundSync5000, deogenerate, Dirty Spaceman, KnightOfGames, Hintlord, Cosmic199X, Scribblenaut19, Za Wario, Dooki51, and Douk Nouk Kem.

On June 24, 2017, the channel went "On Vacation" after reaching 10,000 subscribers and then uploading "God Only Knows - Bioshock Infinite", which was presumed to be the last rip of the channel (TTGD stated that the last rip would be a "Sam I Am" rip, as well as TTGD stating that after reaching 10,000 subscribers, the channel would be deleted, which caused a mass influx of unsubs to keep the channel alive). TTGD returned on July 23, 2017, uploading sparingly until August 29, 2017, when they returned with "Return to Dreamland - Kirby's Return to Dream Land" and "Butter Building Fusion Collab", the latter of which became the channel's most viewed video for a while, and is currently the second-highest viewed video. Following the channel's return, it would usually only upload 1 video every day outside of channel events. The upload speed increased in July 2020, though it's still slow compared to SiIvaGunner.

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On October 8, 2016 (a week into TTGD's life), Triple-Q made a long Tumblr post: "TimmyTurnersGrandDad and SilvaGunner: a relative criticism", criticizing the channel for being unoriginal, and having poor quality control, among other things.[3] Other SiIva members had the same criticisms, including Chaze.[4] As time went on and the team grew, the quality control improved greatly. By the time the channel went "on vacation" in 2017, most of the problems that were previously brought up about the channel had been fixed.

The most notable difference between the TTGD and SiIvaGunner channels is that TTGD credits its contributors in the description of each rip, via the inclusion of a "Ripper:" line under the "Platform:" line. Another difference is the lack of heavy association with memes used on the channel; TTGD commonly uses SiIvaGunner's memes, and most minor memes are associated with the ripper who uses it (since they are publically shown on the rips). Despite this, the TTGD channel is responsible for starting 3 memes: "Play a Mini-Game!", "Gadget Room", and "Bumblicious". The channel also uses the "PPAP" meme more heavily than SiIvaGunner, and is sometimes associated with jokes related to Tetris, the Wario franchise, and Porter Robinson music (including "Goodbye To A World"), as minor memes.


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