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"Title Theme (Alternative Mix) - Mario Is Missing! (SNES)" is a high quality rip of the alternative mix of "Title Theme" from Mario Is Missing for the SNES.


This rip follows from "Title Theme - Mario Is Missing! (SNES)".

The video again starts by playing the video "21 Kid is not missing" by Franklin Clinton, now flipped horizontally, but the word "missing" is replaced by the word "Gay" from "I Am Gay" by the Holland Boys.

At 0:05, the "Insane Tantrum Scream" and "What The Fuck?" sound effects are played over the "Evil Mind 3" cue from SpongeBob SquarePants, all while the image zooms in on the child's face.

At 0:10, the child's face is put into a white box and centered in the middle of the screen, with the text "He's Not Gay..." on the top and "No skeletons in his closet!" on the bottom. While this is happening, the audio changes to "Scatman's World", with the Holland Boys "Gay" pitch-shifted to the music. This is a reference to this meme.

No elements from the advertised track are present; the rip's title is a pun on "21 Kid is not missing".