"Title Theme (Gamma Mix) - Super Mario 64" is a high quality rip of the Gamma mix of "Title Theme" from Super Mario 64.

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This rip is a parody of a commercial for Super Mario 64, using snippets from Joel's reaction to 7 GRAND DAD and the Wiseguy text-to-speech voice.

The video shows a SiIvaGunner-themed hack of Super Mario 64 being played in the background, with a grainy CRT filter applied to make it look more like the original commercial.

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Open your eyes and your mind to the realism of Nintendo 64, as you play Super GRAND DAD 64.

Submerge in a 3D environment with 15 worlds of beautiful graphics and 10 special areas, and of course, GRAND DAD!

Move an incredible 360 degrees, as you embark on GRAND DAD's greatest adventure: to recover the stolen power stars and defeat his mortal enemy, The Voice.

GRAND DAD requires special abilities by changing hats. Fly with a feathered hat, and become invincible with the metal hat. Use these powers to combat giant 3D enemies as you see the action through GRAND DAD's eyes.

64 megs of power and battery backup let you experience GRAND DAD like never before. It's Super GRAND DAD 64.

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