"What did you say? You're going down on my nuts?"
―Tito Dick

Tito Dick is a character on the SiIvaGunner channel.

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Tito Dick, aka "Dickman", is a character from The Nutshack, a show aired on Myx TV. He is the parental figure responsible for the upbringing of his nephew Phil Matibag, the protagonist of the show, and is rather notorious for his fondness for the fair sex.

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In SiIvaGunner's rips, Tito Dick plays the role of the personification of The Nutshack meme.

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In the SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback CrisisEdit

Tito Dick was one of the first Figments materialized into the real world by the Voice Inside Your Head in "Prologue", before being immediately taken by the Patrol-Bots. As of "Loves the Ladies" (which is titled after him), he is still in captivity. In this episode, a giant mecha named the Mecha-Dick, engineered by the Haltmann Works Company, is based on his likeness.


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  • According to [SOURCE NEEDED], Tito Dick was originally supposed to be the main villain of the Reboot Arc, but SiIvaGunner fans liked The Nutshack meme so much, the idea was scrapped, and the role of the main villain was given to The Voice Inside Your Head instead.
  • Tito Dick's real name is Richard Cabesa. It's a pun: Richard is the same name as Dick, and "cabesa" means "head" in Spanish – so essentially, his name means "Dick Head".

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