The song "Totino's Pizza Rolls" (often shorted to "Totino's") is a minor meme on the SilvaGunner channel. Rips featuring the meme use part of the "Totino's" song from Tim and Eric's "TOTINO BOY" video. Which mostly is used on Sonic Mania rips.

Origin[edit | edit source]

On July 22, 2016, Sega hosted a Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary stream to announce the upcoming games Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces, among other content. The stream was fraught with production errors (such as muted audio, sudden camera cuts, and droning audio), as well as several awkward performances. The stream was sponsored by Totinos® Stuffed Nachos™, whose products appeared several times in awkward moments during the stream.

Meme[edit | edit source]

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Prior to the game's actual release, there were a handful of Sonic Mania rips that were actually just other Genesis Sonic songs with a Totino's joke, and the composer changed to reference the joke. in reference to the anniversary livestream. This however was pretty infrequent. The first rip to use the joke was "Trailer Theme (Livestream Version) - Sonic Mania", shortly after the trailer was streamed.

After Mania was released on August 2017, a lot of Mania rips were made which all had the joke in them. Every Mania rip without a mix name references Totino's in some way,[1] and every composer credit for Mania is changed into a Totino's joke as well in almost all rips (i.e. Tiago "Tee" Lopes, the main composer, is credited as Tee "Totino's" Lopes, Hunter Bridges is credited as Hunter "Punk Bass" Bridges and Jun Senoue is credited as "Hard Rock Jun" Senoue).

By October 2017, the SiIvaGunner community's response to this was extremely negative, with some videos being heavily disliked.[2][3] The rip "Head 2 Head - Versus Mode (4P) - Sonic Mania Plus" references the negative reception of the meme. As with many memes, fans started liking it once it became less frequent.

For the third anniversary of Mania in 2020, the set of mixless Totino's rips of Mania and Mania Plus was completed, and the album Totino's Mania Original Soundtrack was released to compile those rips. The rips were also used as part of a Totino's-themed Mania mod called Totino's Mania that was released alongside the album.

Outside of Mania rips, this is only a minor meme, not having a big impact and mostly only appearing in medley rips.

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