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Totino's Mania (or Sonic Totino's) is a mod of Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Plus. It was announced in the video "Totino's Mania Mod and Album Announcement || SiIvaFes" alongside a corresponding album containing all of the tracks used in the mod called Totino's Mania Original Soundtrack.


The idea for this mod stems from the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th anniversary livestream. During this event, Sonic Mania was announced. The livestream was also sponsored by Totino's, although the advertising during the livestream was seen by most viewers to be awkward and forced. Following the event, SiIvaGunner started uploading Sonic Mania rips, starting with "Trailer Theme (Livestream Version) - Sonic Mania", that incorporated "TOTINO BOY", a song made by Tim & Eric about Totino's Pizza Rolls. Since that point, every single Sonic Mania rip without a mix name has a reference to the song.

The first official acknowledgement of the mod was over a year before its release, in the video "SiIva Direct • SiIva Lighthouse Live | E3 2019" where the mod is played for a while.

On August 15th, during the SiIvaSummer All-Star Festival, to celebrate Sonic Mania's 3rd anniversary, the final rips of the soundtrack were uploaded, and at the end of the day, "Totino's Mania Mod and Album Announcement || SiIvaFes" was released, announcing the mod, as well as its corresponding album.

Differences from the original game[]

  • The entire soundtrack is replaced with the corresponding tracks from Totino's Mania Original Soundtrack.
  • All rings are replaced with Totino's pizza rolls, and every time one is grabbed a chomping sound effect is played. Additionally, the word "RINGS" in the top left is replaced with "ROLLS".
  • The chaos emeralds are replaced with "Stuffed Nacho" pizza rolls.
  • Every time Sonic is hit, a sound effect from the "TOTINO BOY" video plays saying "F*** START THE MUSIC RIGHT!".
  • Every time a giant ring is entered, a sound effect from the "TOTINO BOY" video plays saying "I'm Totino the pizza boy!".
  • Multiple logos, including the one on the title screen, are changed to say "Totino's Mania".
  • The animals rescued from breaking badniks and at the end of a zone are all square, resembling the Totino's mascot, Pete Zaroll.
  • Part of the opening movie is replaced with the "TOTINO BOY" video.
  • The entire credits are changed to be the credits to the mod shown in "Guided Tour - Credits - Sonic Mania".

Download link[]

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