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"Totino's Mania Mod and Album Announcement || SiIvaFes" is the announcement video for the Sonic Mania mod Totino's Mania, as well as the accompanying album Totino's Mania Original Soundtrack.


The rip opens with Sonic Mania's Phantom Ruby sound effects, as a white dot expands to fill the screen, fades into a colour-inverted background, then reverses to make the background colour normal. The background is a light red grid travelling right across the screen with darker red squares between the grid lines. There are also white shining shapes moving in the same direction at different speeds. The edges of the screen, especially the corners, are darker than the middle. The Totino's Mania logo with a shadow effect on the right side fades in over the background and rotates back and forth slightly. At 0:11, SegaSky begins talking (a transcript of his speech, which continues until 1:15, can be found below) and at 0:14 a text box with a smaller version of the Totino's Mania logo on the left-hand side appears. The text box contains two lines of text, the upper line reading "@SegaSky" and the lower line reading "Host". At 0:25, the Totino's overlay, featuring the Totino's logo in white in the top-left corner, and "#StuffedNachos" in white in the bottom-right corner. A buzz can be heard under SegaSky's speech, referencing the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary official livestream, which commenced the Totino's Mania joke.

At 1:15, the monologue from SegaSky ends and the video suddenly cuts to black. At 1:16, the oven shown in the rip's original thumbnail appears and releases electricity which forms the outline of the Totino's Mania logo, which then forms as the electricity dissipates. At 1:19, the screen flashes and the Totino's Mania intro is shown, with the rip "Discovery - Title Screen - Sonic Mania" playing. The intro itself is largely the same as the original Sonic Mania intro, with the exception of "SONIC" being replaced by a rendition of the Totino's logo in the colors of "SONIC", and the bottom-right corner containing a "7" symbol and "SIIVA" instead of a copyright symbol and "SEGA". At 1:33, the start button is pushed and the screen fades to black.

At 1:35, blurred gameplay of a Totino's Mania UFO special stage (showing the character of Sonic the Hedgehog chasing a stuffed nacho) fades in, with the rip "Dimension Heist - UFO Special Stage - Sonic Mania" playing. At 1:36, some text about the album fades in on the left-hand side of the screen, while the Totino's Mania Original Soundtrack appears on the right-hand side. The text has four lines - the first line is in white and reads "Full high quality album", the second line is green and bold, and reads "PLUS", the third line has the first two words in blue and the rest in white, and reads "Sonic Mania game mod*", and the fourth line is in white and reads "available NOW!**". The lower part of the screen contains notes corresponding to the asterisks in the text above. There are three lines, all of which are written in smaller text than the upper text and in white. The top line reads "* For the Steam version of Sonic Mania, version 1.06.0503.", the middle line reads "** Links in the video description." and the bottom line, which has no asterisks elsewhere corresponding to it, reads "*** We're all winners thanks to Totino's Pizza Rolls." At 1:54, the text and album cover fade out, and the gameplay gradually stops being blurred. At 1:58, Sonic is shown collecting the stuffed nacho, ending the special stage and leading into the stage clear screen, which is identical to Sonic Mania's except for stuffed nachos replacing the Chaos Emeralds. A segment of the rip "Stage Clear - Sonic Mania" plays.

As the gameplay footage fades to white at 2:08, the green bars travelling downwards at a slight angle heralding the arrival of SiIvaFes are shown, leading into the next segment.

This video's SiIvaFes segment, like its predecessors, zooms out from the Lighthouse onto the beach, and the white text of the SiIvaFes logo spins and approaches the screen, then flashes to reveal the full colored logo, which shines, then decreases in size and moves to the upper part of the screen to make room for two lines of pink text in the Love Live! font, the upper line reading "Thanks for watching!" and the lower line, which is smaller than the upper line, reading "Look out for more reveals in the future!". Wave sounds and gull noises are heard during this segment. At 2:35, the video cuts to black.

From 2:35, the rip loops from the Totino's Mania intro segment. It loops again from 3:55, and the video ends suddenly three seconds into the next loop, which begins at 5:15. This looping also references the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary official livestream.

Introduction transcript

SegaSky: Hey! Hi! It's me! You probably don't remember me, being a D-tier meme and all, but you know one thing I'll always remember? That night when those Totino's stuffed nachos came into my life. From the moment I went queso, I developed a taste- no, a need- for Totino's. And I can't get enough! And experiencing those tasty triangles with the high speed action of Sonic the Hedgehog, I knew I had to share that pleasure with the world! ...or something like that. These Totino's rips are amazing, and the other sources are a nice touch, mmm. This is good stuff. I can't even decide which one I like best! But you? You will be able to today, entirely for free! Totino's Mania is available both as an album and as a mod for Sonic Mania. Check the description for download links below!


Introducing TOTINO'S MANIA
A fully-fledged, freshly-baked music mod for SONIC MANIA -- where every song has a spicy kick!
Download the mod and album here:

We'd like to especially thank community member CrossCoder (, who started development on the mod as a fan project and graciously worked with us to allow it to become an official SiIvaGunner project.


  • This rip was originally named "A Hot and Spicy Announcement Fresh Outta The Oven || SiIvaFes", its thumbnail featured the oven from the Totino's Mania intro instead of the title screen from the intro, and its description was "A new album is almost piping hot and ready for you to enjoy! But, something else seems to be in the oven too...?"[1][2].