Totino's Mania Original Soundtrack is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner. It is a compilation of all high quality rips of Sonic Mania without a mix name, all of which feature Totino's as a joke.

It was announced through the video "Totino's Mania Mod and Album Announcement || SiIvaFes", alongside the Totino's-themed Sonic Mania mod, Totino's Mania that uses the music from the album. Both were released shortly after the video premiered.

Track list[edit | edit source]

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Discovering Totino's" SmokyThrill77 0:16
2. "We Are Pizza Totino's Friends" Sonicheroesfan1 and SmokyThrill77 3:36
3. "Comfort Zone - School Nachos Festival" Sonicheroesfan1 1:04
4. "Totino Hill Act 1" SmokyThrill77 and Sonicheroesfan1 1:38
5. "Totino Hill Act 2" Solid STRGG 1:48
6. "Totinsnow's Plant" SmokyThrill77 and Sonicheroesfan1 1:57
7. "Chemical Totino's of Mass Destruction" SmokyThrill77 2:00
8. "Lights, Oven, Microwave! ...for Totinopolis" SmokyThrill77 2:51
9. "Totinopolis Style" Kirbio 2:24
10. "Flying Pizzaroll Webzone" Hinchy and Sonicheroesfan1 2:46
11. "Flying Bad Totinomance" SmokyThrill77 2:53
12. "SCANDAL! Is SONIC Part Of The TOTINO'S LIFESTYLE?!" Hinchy ft. Chaze the Chat, QTQTQkh, Sonicheroesfan1 1:49
13. "Pizza Blossom Halation ...for Press Gangnam" SmokyThrill77 and MtH 2:10
14. "Comes a time when you need a meal quick, so you step on the gas and head towards the speedway" SmokyThrill77 and MtH ft. Chaze the Chat 2:40
15. "Stardust Wisdom" Kirbio 2:59
16. "Oh, a water zone! I cannot wait to play a water zone. It's the least amount of air you can possibly have while playing Sonic." Hinchy 2:15
17. "Nachocity Game" Chaze the Chat and Sonicheroesfan1 1:52
18. "Skyway Totinoctane" SmokyThrill77 2:12
19. "Makistyle Pizzalero ...for Totion Saloon" Chaze the Chat, Placide Robbie, Ebirithil, MtH, crashinggg 2:10
20. "Rolls Gallery" Kirbio 2:26
21. "The Adventures of Duane and Totin0" Chaze the Chat and Sonicheroesfan1 ft. Trofflesby 3:00
22. "Oil Onion Zone Act 2" eg_9371 2:20
23. "These Totino's Pizza Rolls Burned My Mouth" Chaze the Chat and Sonicheroesfan1 2:00
24. "Now the Pizza Rolls Have Cooled Down Enough for Me to Eat" Hinchy and Sonicheroesfan1 ft. Joshua Kruszyna 1:51
25. "Whom Is TotinoBoy8? ...for Totino Madness, Act 1" Chaze the Chat 2:17
26. "Metal Lick ...for Totino Madness, Act 2" Chaze the Chat 2:35
27. "Built to Rule ~ Vocal Version" AprylAnonymous and Hinchy 2:29
28. "Totinic Monarch" dante ft. Hinchy 3:10
29. "Diploma Dope on the Kitchen Floor (ft. Ree Kid)" SmokyThrill77 and Sarvéproductions 2:07
30. "Star Dream Delusions" Kirbio 2:18
31. "Eating Totinos At The Carnival... also there's a boss or whatever" Sonicheroesfan1 1:28
32. "Hi-Temp Totino Go! - Hard-Baked Roll Boss" SmokyThrill77 1:55
33. "Punk Rock Pizza Illusions" omknee 2:21
34. "Pizzeria Reveria" MtH, Sarvéproductions, ChickenSuitGuy 3:05
35. "You have been initiated. You are now part of the Totino's lifestyle." MtH and eg_9371 1:30
36. "Guided Tour of My Kitchen" Hinchy, eg_9371, RHMan 2:43
37. "Special Everyday Bro" Jake Paul feat. Team 10tinos 3:34
38. "TotinOver" vince94 0:10
39. "The Winner of a Lifetime Supply of Pizza Rolls (Totino Competition Results)" SmokyThrill77 0:45
40. "Sizzling Gift - Zesty Transformation" ChickenSuitGuy 1:25
41. "Pizza Island Cutscene" SmokyThrill77 0:23
42. "GET STUFFED NACHOS" SmokyThrill77 and Sonicheroesfan1 2:18
43. "Dr. Robotnik's Lean Mean Pizza Roll-Baking Machine" MtH feat. toonlink 2:18
44. "BAKING KING" Hinchy feat. Sonicheroesfan1 1:07
45. "Vs. Metal Totino Boy" SmokyThrill77 2:11
46. "Hard-Boiled Pizza Roll Madness" Ethan64Music, eg_9371, Hinchy 1:50
47. "PUNK PIZZA BASS" vince94 0:14
48. "Love Live Sunshine Cassette - Totino Select" SmokyThrill77 1:30
49. "Sonic Messin' With Invincibility" Chaze the Chat 0:39
50. "Drowning in Pizza Rolls.flac" SmokyThrill77 0:14
51. "run away from the puzzle room very fast" Hinchy 0:55
52. "Extra Cheese" muteKEY 0:07
53. "Microwave Clear" Hinchy 0:15
54. "Rolls of the High Quality Icons" Kirbio feat. Hinchy and ChickenSuitGuy 1:19
55. "You’re a Winner Thanks to Totino’s Pizza Rolls" Thesonicguy43 0:42
56. "Totino Horizon (& Maki Ending)" SmokyThrill77 1:01
57. "Time Tinos" RHMan and eg_9371 3:24
58. "Double Bake (Encore Stage Select)" Hinchy and ChickenSuitGuy 2:26
59. "mario steals sonic's spotlight while playing a bonus stage and munching on pizza rolls and also while playing a 3d sonic fangame that is fucking ridiculously better than any official 3d sonic game or at least the ones ive played" cookiefonster, eg_9371, Sarvéproductions, RHMan 2:26
60. "Back in My Mouth (Mighty & Ray Put Some Rolls In Their Mouths)" SmokyThrill77 0:47
61. "Under the Sea (That's Under Pizza Island)" SmokyThrill77 2:28
62. "Makistyle Pizzalero (Encore)" SmokyThrill77 2:10
63. "Time Trials Plus Fusion Collab, Great Job!" The Totino's Pizza Players 2:46
Hidden tracks
64. "Totina Madness (super remastered not 32x version)" Chaze the Chat and Hinchy 2:33
65. "Foliage Oven or Microwave" Hinchy and Chaze the Chat ft. dante, Ahmaykmewsik, and Butch the Physics Kitten 3:51
66. "School Nachos Festival (Channel Version)" Chaze the Chat and Slix ft. Sonicheroesfan1 5:36
67. "TOTINO'S® LIVE®!! @ Super MAGFest 2018" Kirby’s Dream Band w/ SiIvaGunner 0:42
68. ""Theme of Maki" - Totino's Mania Pizzadventures Special Remix" SmokyThrill77 3:09
69. "It's Not Totino's!" Hinchy ft. crashinggg, Placide Robbie + special guest Cybershell 1:04

Bonus media[edit | edit source]

One bonus image was included in the album.


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