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"Ugh (Alterneeyyytive Mix) - Friday Night Funkin'" is a high quality rip of the alterneeyyytive mix of "Ugh" from Friday Night Funkin'.


The rip plays gameplay footage of a modded version of the level with the following changes:

  • The advertised track is mashed up with "Gangnam Style".
  • Sergeant John is replaced with PSY, with his vocal samples being pitch shifted lyrics of "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman", and the "ugh" sample is replaced with an "ah~" from "Gangnam Style".
  • As is customary with most Friday Night Funkin' rips, Boyfriend dies with blue balls despite winning the level. In this case, Sergeant John's game over line is replaced with a line from the video "Relaxing Gangnam Style ASMR: 10+ Minutes Mouth Sounds Session (feat. PSY)" by Nick Robinson: "Deedeenee! Game over."


  • Like most of this game's rips, the rip's mod files are linked in the description instead of the playlist link.
    • All 14 game over lines are replaced with the line heard in the rip.
    • The link was originally not YouTube restricted.
    • There are unused sound files of sentence mixing of PSY saying Sergeant John's lines in the first cutscene in "Ugh".
    • No new chart files are provided, as the rip was designed around the defaults.
  • The mix name is a pun on "Gangnam Style"'s lyrics.
  • The poses PSY makes for his left and down notes are similar to ones seen in the "Gangman Style" music video.
  • Instead of being released on a Friday night in PST like most Friday Night Funkin' rips, this rip was released on an early Friday morning in KST, as PSY is from South Korea.
  • This is the fourth rip of Friday Night Funkin' to not be uploaded as part of a group of three. The previous three instances were "High", "Dad Battle (In-Game Mix)", and "Tutorial (Beta Mix)". This is because all four rips were uploaded individually during channel events instead of together on one day.
    • Unlike those rips, however, there were two other Friday Night Funkin' rips uploaded at different times that day, thus technically completing the set of three.


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