"Ugh - Friday Night Funkin'" is a high quality rip of "Ugh" from Friday Night Funkin'.


The rip plays gameplay footage of a modded version of the level with the following changes:

  • The advertised track is mashed up with the Home Depot "Let's Do This" ad campaign theme with the vocal melody arranged to match. The "ugh" sample is replaced with a Tim Allen grunt from Home Improvement.
  • Sergeant John is now wearing a Home Depot hat and apron, and his microphone is replaced with a pipe wrench. His character icon is also edited to include the Home Depot hat.
  • The Tankmen holding Girlfriend hostage have their rifles replaced with nail guns.
  • The sniper watchtower is replaced with a run-down Home Depot sign, with a destroyed Home Depot building included in the background. Steve (the tank-riding Tankman in the background) has his vehicle replaced with a forklift.
  • As is customary with most Friday Night Funkin' rips, Boyfriend dies with blue balls despite winning the level. In this case, Sergeant John's game over line quips, "We don't hire pussies here, go work at IKEA!"


  • Like most of this game's rips, the rip's mod files are linked in the description instead of the playlist link.
    • There are 14 game over lines exclusive to the mod, all recorded by JohnnyUtah, creator of the Tankmen series and the voice actor for Sergeant John (credited as "thank you jeff" in the contributing artists section). The lines in question are:
      • "Looks like somebody needs a recharge! Maybe upgrade that watch battery in your pants, heh."
      • "Don't inhale your asbestos, you're supposed to put it in your walls, idiot!"
      • "You know, we got some new house paint in stock; disappointment blue and prostitute red! Satin and glossy finish, hah!"
      • "You might wanna upgrade your hardware, Romeo!"
      • "You know, somebody may need a bigger rack... furniture, aisle 5!"
      • "Maybe you'd be better off in the home and garden section, we sell pansies over there!"
      • "Your girlfriend is real nice, the rest of the drywall is in aisle 7!"
      • "Rope is in aisle 5, the bar stools are in aisle 9!"
      • "It's a Cyber Monday deal on ugly kids that can't sing! It's a Black Friday deal on horny teenagers that will probably die in car accidents! (What?)"
      • "We sell dimmers for your lights, but you know, you got your girlfriend, I guess you don't need one, heh!"
      • "We don't hire pussies here, go work at IKEA!"
      • "Hold on, let me stick some jumper cables on those nips, it might help!"
      • "I got a wrench if you wanna tighten up those bars... Laugh, it's funny!"
      • "Attention all customers, we have a flash sale on tools over here, heheheh."
  • This rip, "Guns (Short Version) - Friday Night Funkin'", and their associated mod files, are currently the only existing evidence of a modified version of Week 7, as it has not been publicly released in a moddable format as of June 4, 2021 due to its exclusivity to Newgrounds. This is because the channel's current head manager, MtH, has connections to the Friday Night Funkin' development team, and, as such, has direct access to Week 7's source code.

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  • "Ugh Depot" - Expensive Dispenser's Soundcloud upload.


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