"Ultimate Koopa Clear - Super M̶̲̉a̷̔̐r̵̪̈́i̸̐͗ȏ̵̇ 64" is a high quality rip of "Ultimate Koopa Clear" from Super M̶̲̉a̷̔̐r̵̪̈́i̸̐͗ȏ̵̇ 64.


This is an arrangement of "Finale" from Undertale in the style of multiple tracks from the three games in Super Mario 3D All-Stars. This also ties into the rip "Ultimate Koopa - Super 👉█̸͌̑█̷̾̓😁̶̆͠☼̷̇̃👈̸̂͑█̷̾̓█̾̓ 64", which is an arrangement of "Your Best Nightmare".

Time Track Source
0:00 "Ultimate Koopa Clear" Super Mario 64
0:20 "Slider"
1:00 "Vs. Bowser" Super Mario Sunshine
1:21 "Secret Course"
1:41 "Buoy Base Galaxy" Super Mario Galaxy

Additionally, at 0:54, the melody briefly quotes "Meet the Flintstones", in reference to the "Slider - Super Mario 64" rip.


  • Mario's name in this rip's title is considerably less glitched and easier to make out than in previous rips.


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