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This page documents both the public and the unlisted video of the same name.

"Unedited Footage of The Voice" is a high quality video on the SiIvaGunner channel.


This is a spoof of Unedited Footage of a Bear, a television special which aired on Adult Swim as part of its Infomercials series. The video begins with a recording of The Voice Inside Your Head walking in a street at night while monologuing to himself, with the [siiva swim] logo in the bottom right-hand corner. The video then cuts to a faux YouTube ad at 0:30, like the original Unedited Footage of a Bear, except the ad is a comically-dubbed Bowflex commercial.

At 1:40, the video changes again to a person watching the ad and expressing frustration over it. The person then finds a DVD on their desk and plays in on a TV, at which point the video transitions to a parody of Adult Swim bumpers containing a message from [siiva swim] proclaiming that Turner Broadcasing, the TV network of which Adult Swim was a part of, "has been copying [their] brand to a T" for the past 20 years, referring to the fact that this was uploaded on the 20th anniversary of Adult Swim's official launch, and that the loyal viewers "must spread the word of this injustice".


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[The video begins in complete darkness, with the [siiva swim] logo present in the bottom right-hand corner and sounds of crickets chirping in the background.]

Cameraman: [Whispering] Oh my god...

[The camera pans upwards, showing The Voice Inside Your Head walking in a street in the distance.]

The Voice: Ah, what a wonderful night. The birds are sleeping, the flowers are also sleeping. I wish I was sleeping, yet I must carry on in my search for yet more horrific anime to destroy.

[The Voice briefly turns to the camera.]

The Voice: I wonder where that chap Wood Man went off to.

[The Voice continues to walk down the street until the video fades to black. A Bowflex commercial then starts playing as the video mimics the appearance of YouTube ads, with a yellow scroll bar, the "Skip Ad" button, and a countdown starting at 1:22 appearing at the bottom of the screen.]

Narrator: Yet again, introducing the latest in exercise and weight loss technology. An experience unlike any other, in the world of Bowflex!

[The countdown and "Skip Ad" button start slowly fading out, with the scroll bar following suit soon after.]

Narrator: Its design is tailor-made and infinitely customizable, allowing any poor sap within viewing distance full access to a sweep of astounding new Bowflex workouts they probably won't even think twice about!

Losing weight has never been easier, with a significantly expanding audience of VGM-loving weirdos who probably bought the thing as joke and then never thought to return, let alone use the damn thing! And that's assuming that they were even old enough, let alone smart enough, to work out how to purchase anything with their nonexistent income and dwindling attention span!

Call now at the number on your screen to order one now, or else my husband will leave me again for that sack of shit Wood Man! If you can tell me where he is, I will drive a rusty pipe down his throat and shove a large helping heaping of shit right down his goddamn-

[The video cuts to a point-of-view perspective of a person watching the ad on a computer, who then pauses the video.]

Person: [Sigh] SiIva, what the fuck is this? Like, I get that you have to pay the bills, I get that you have to... make money, but... [Exhale] I dunno, I don't- I dunno... I dunno if I get it.

[The person unsubscribes from the SiIvaGunner channel, accompanied by the Vine "boom" sound effect. The camera then pans to the right, showing a packaged DVD on the person's desk.]

Person: Oh look, a free DVD!

[The person grabs the DVD, runs to a TV in their room, and inserts the DVD in the DVD player, accompanied by sound effects of a harp, people cheering, and gobbling as the DVD is inserted. The camera is then clumsily set up in front of the TV, with it almost falling down onto the floor while being adjusted.]

Person: Oh!

[The DVD starts playing, showing an image of The Voice crouching on the street while holding up both of his middle fingers, accompanied by music which has arranged clips of Joel's reaction to 7 GRAND DAD at the beginning and 2:36 and incorporates "Meet The Flintstones"'s melody at 2:37. The following text is then shown in front of a pitch-black background:]


We at [siiva swim] are here with an important message.

For the past 20 years (to the day), some "TV Network" known as T*rner Broadc*sting
has been copying our brand to a T, choosing to air it on
public television for the world to see.

We would like to inform you that this "[ad*lt sw*m]" block does not retain any ounce of the
High Quality™ Content we're known for, and is but a cheap imitation that's somehow
managed to acquire a significantly larger audience with its lackluster showing of
"premiere" "animated" "content".

It's clear what must be done.

You, our loyal viewer, must spread the word of this injustice.

We need to show these people We Mean Business.

[siiva swim]

[As the video ends, a mirrored clip of The Voice dabbing on the street fades into view and is repeatedly played and reversed.]

Unlisted video

The entire Bowflex commercial is available in an unlisted video also titled "Unedited Footage of The Voice", the URL of which is briefly visible at 1:59. The unlisted video continues with the following after the cutoff point in the public video: "--stupid fucking 8-bit-ass throat. Clearly you don't own a Bowflex." The video then ends with a short clip of The Voice dabbing. In addition, the video has the description "fuck year", referencing the Douk Nouk Kem comic.