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Uploads have been made to YouTube by the SiIvaGunner team almost every day since the start of 2016. Overall, as of June 2020, there have been more than 12,500 unique uploaded videos. Most uploads are high quality rips, but other content may also be uploaded from time to time.

The majority of SiIvaGunner's content is uploaded to YouTube first. The other primary method of content distribution used by SiIvaGunner is their albums, which are hosted on Bandcamp, and a small amount of content may be exclusively published there.


Currently, the vast majority of uploads are scheduled ahead of time, are uploaded to YouTube and added to playlists some time in advance, and are made public at a set time. A separate queue of uploads is maintained internally by the team; only some trusted members of the SiIvaGunner backroom team have access to the YouTube account.

Videos are normally published one at a time, at evenly spaced intervals and on the hour or just after, but exceptions are often made. The schedule is usually densest during channel events; during other periods, the channel keeps a regular and uninterrupted schedule of several uploads per day for weeks to months at a time, but may take breaks (especially before and after events and announcements).

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