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Music: Ironwestie
Composer: N/A
Playlist: Transistor, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, OMORI, Respectable Music Playlist, "Music" videos
Platforms: PC




  • Overhaul the help pages for new readers and editors
  • Write an image naming convention, as we are starting to formalize the names of images - /Image policy, almost done
  • Draft a consensus process guide - we've had proposals in the past - /Proposals

Reading / Content

  • Category:Series navboxes should be discussed - I'm impressed with the dedicated and hard work put into these, but I don't think some of these groupings make sense. We're not a wiki about video game music, we're a wiki about high quality video game rips.
  • Follow up on some proposals ([1], [2]). - will do soon (TM)

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