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Description Edit

Music: Ironwestie
Composer: N/A
Playlist: Transistor, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Respectable Music Playlist, "Music" videos
Platforms: PC

Unironically good mashups and VGM you might have missed.

Song name Artist/Source Link(s) Notes
Mashups / Remixes
"Mashups Like This" Triple-Q, Various YouTube High-tempo mashup from the OP-man himself
"~_INUMU+TWIN.MP3", "It Has To Be Ambiguous" Cut Paste Kill; Triple-Q, Various YouTube playlist, Download Download Cut Paste Kill to remember when QQQ made KLK mashups.
"Scanty & Kneesocks' Absolute Territory" Triple-Q YouTube The precursor to Knight of the Wind - Sonic and the Black Knight, which is equally amazing. Ken Ashcorp's "Absolute Territory" is good, too.
"Dead Astronauts - BSide (Perturbator Remix)" Dead Astronauts, Perturbator SoundCloud, Bandcamp Chilling synths.
"Perturbator - Halloween Theme Rework" Perturbator Soundcloud Do you like hurting counselors?
"[Electro Swing] A Friend Like Me (Sim Gretina Remix)" Sim Gretina YouTube, Soundcloud Electroswing in general is preeeeeetyyyyy guuuuuud.
Video game music
"Home", "Another Medium" Undertale; Toby Fox Bandcamp You've heard of this, yah?
"She Shines", "Old Friends" Transistor; Darren Korb Bandcamp (Original), YouTube (Original), YouTube (Extended) One of the best. Melancholy.
"And We Got Older", "Ode To a Room" Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP; Jim Guthrie Bandcamp Contemplative. "Now we're cosmic friends forever, okay?"
"Mycelium", "A Chorus of Tongues" Hyper Light Drifter; Disasterpeace Bandcamp Ambient and nostalgic. Great.
"Surface Tension", "Coalescence" Risk of Rain; Chris Christodoulou Bandcamp Hardhitting to haunting. Risk of Rain rips when?
"An Outmoded Voice", "Alien Pollen" Dungeon of the Endless; FlybyNo Bandcamp Another electronic OST with some haunting tunes.
"Can't Resist (ft. Laura Vall)", "False Teeth" Monaco: What's Yours is Mine; Austin Wintory Bandcamp (OST), Bandcamp (OST + bonus) His fingers dance on the piano. From calm thievery to chaotic corner-camping.
"El Huervo - Rust", "Perturbator - Technoir" Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number; Various Steam The only soundtrack to use when murd- wait, what?
"D.WIGHT - Waves From Nothing", "Bill Kiley - Ye Olde Future" Soundodger; Various Steam Dodging electronic melodies all day.
"Last Call", "Synthestitch" VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action; Michael "Garoad" Kelly Second Round: YouTube, Bandcamp

Sounds From the Future: YouTube, Bandcamp

"Waifu Bartending".
"Library Stroll", "Niko and The World Machine" OneShot; Nightmargin (Casey Gu), ft Eliza Velasquez and Michael Shirt Bandcamp:


Short, but sweet. Love the leitmotifs.
"The Blackwagon", "Through the Valley", "The Herald" Pyre; Darren Korb (with some vocals by Ashley Barrett) Bandcamp, YouTube playlist, Supergiant store (Digital download, CD) Wander on with several guitar-focused tracks and some light synths. The game itself is a visual masterpiece, like an ancient yet illustrious tome.
"Resurrections", "Scattered and Lost" Celeste; Lena Raine OST, B-Sides A comfortable soundtrack.

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Articles Edit

  • Portal for Ripping, Music theory, and existing Rips on the wiki.
    • Ripping:
      • Resources for ripping
      • Mashups
      • Melody swaps / melody changes / melody additions
    • Music theory
      • Distinguishing key, adjusting BPM
      • Sample library (would be hosted off-wiki to prevent copyright?)
  • Make List of channel events more modular, with individual pages that either redirect to that page or are their own separate lists. Will make using /event/ parameter easier. -- see Thread:21279
    • Verify that no rip pages link to List of channel events directly, and instead link to other pages.
    • Need to rewrite Template:Events
    • Need to have pages link to their event pages using AWB
    • Need to migrate redirects
  • Standardizing the names of events (some are "day" or "anniversary" while others are "Day" or "Anniversary") and other arbitrary names

Meta Edit

  • Add optimizations for editing:
    • c:dev:PreloadTemplates - adds a section under the "Show changes" area of the source editor
    • Tags to help find specific articles?
  • Overhaul the help pages for new readers and editors
    • Clean up Project:Manual of Style:
      • Playlist categories (add script code to copy from Wikipedia?)
        • Playlist category lists are formatted like so:
*<base name>

EXAMPLE for a playlist page for "game"
Foo (bar) - game
Foo - game
Foo (foo) - game


        • Spell out exactly how ordering of the playlists is supposed to go (we haven't officially decided it yet, however this is a good algorithm):
for each playlist item, starting from the top of the playlist until the end...
   if the item's base name is found in the ordered list
      sort the item into the base name's sublist using its mix (alphabetically)
   else make a new sublist with that base name
(note for sorting sublists: if a "non-mix" rip does not exist, then still add the non-mix entry, but do not add a link)
      • CCC rips: summary, tracklist, transcript, trivia
  • Sort out maintenance cats and make notice templates for them(?)
  • Add feed of latest YouTube uploads (format first, then have bot automatically update it)

Programs Edit

  • Make a YouTube API thing for:
    • List of playlists
    • Uploads
    • Category:Lists of contributions DONE -- merge with bot to auto-update lists of contributions?
    • Playlists (basically lists of contributions but with special search tree traversal) -- INCOMPLETE
    • Release: The nature of the script means that I need to spend a lot more time researching ways to implement it in an accessible way while also protecting my data. Hosting it on the wiki is not an option, however it could be hosted on my website.
  • Script for album releases; track list in windows -> wikitext - DONE (could be optimized a lot better, though)
  • Make a bot / use MediaWiki API ( for:
    • updating playlists
    • maintenance:
      • making sure everything has a proper playlist
      • make sure songs names like "Meet the Flintstones" have quotation marks around them (check if the characters around the brackets in "[[SONG_NAME]]" are spaces. If they aren't, then insert quotation marks there.)
      • rename all Template:Game uses of "image1" and "title1" to "image" and "title", respectively.

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