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-XKCD #1190: Time

This page is for incomplete templates I'm making. If you were looking for the Rip infobox, see User:Ironwestie/Rip infobox.



Goal: Verify that all rips that are a part of an event link to said event (specifically in a Trivia section and the event parameter in the Rip infobox).

Method: Using AutoWikiBrowser and User:Joke-Explainer 7000, perform the following actions for each event you wish to check:

  • Generate a list of rips to check and import into AWB. This means either:
    • Taking the list of rips in the timeline and manipulating it:
      • Modify the wikitext by formatting every entry into * [[:PAGENAME]] (with one entry per line). For example:
* [[:All Hail Shadow - Sonic 25th Anniversary Party]]
* [[:Hyper Potions - Sonic 25th Anniversary Party]]
* [[:Title Screen - Sonic Adventure 3]]
* [[:Special Announcement Theme - Sonic 25th Anniversary Party]]
* [[:Honeycomb Highway - Sonic 25th Anniversary Party]]
* [[:Trailer Theme (Livestream Version) - Sonic Mania/1|Trailer Theme (Livestream Version) - Sonic Mania]]
* [[:Trailer Theme (Livestream Version) - Sonic Mania/2|Trailer Theme (Livestream Version) - Sonic Mania]]
* [[:Trailer Theme (Livestream Version) - Sonic Mania/3|Trailer Theme (Livestream Version) - Sonic Mania]]
* [[:Reveal Theme - Sonic Forces|Reveal Theme - Project Sonic 2017]]
* [[:Trailer Theme - Sonic Mania]]
      • This can be achieved by using a simple regex like \* ?\[\[[^:] -> *[[:. I use a Chrome extension called Find & Replace for Text Editing
      • Copy the wikitext into a .txt file
      • In AWB, go to "Make list" and choose "Text File". Then select your file.
    • ...or using AWB's Special:Whatlinkshere / category feature for a page / category that all pages of that event currently link to
  • Then use the following find and replace regex:
    • Add / change the event parameter:
      • To add a new event parameter if the infobox lacks one (under length)((?<!\| ?event ?=.*)((\| ?length ?= ?[\d\:\n]*?)(\||}}))+)(?!.*\|? ?event ?=) -> $3|event=$4
      • To change the event parameter's value (NOTE: Replace EVENTNAME with the name of the event): \| ?event ?=.*?(\||}}) -> |event=EVENTNAME\n$1
    • Add Trivia section right before the categories begin (NOTE: Replace EVENTNAME with the name of the event. This regex does not check whether a Trivia section already exists, nor whether it is in the right place. You will need to verify that manually.): (?<!\[\[Category:.*)\n(\[\[Category:.*) -> \n== Trivia ==\n*This rip was uploaded for [[EVENTNAME]].\n$1
    • To remove a specific CATEGORY: \[\[ ?Category ?:.*?Soulja Boy Birthday.*?\]\]\n? -> [nothing]


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