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Some Random Account - SiIvaGunner Wikia is a low quality contributor to the "SiIvaGunner Wikia" under the username "Some Random Account".

Jokes[edit | edit source]

I originally found this channel back when it was called GiIvaSunner through the rip "Live and Learn - Sonic Adventure 2" and have followed it fairly frequently since. I learned of this wiki after the "King for Another Day Tournament" started after looking up one of the rips to find its source, and have been editing the wiki ever since (hence the amount of KFAD pages made). I tend to write pages from games I like, or just rips I like in general, and have made a couple rips for the channel of questionable quality. If you read through all this thank you and have a great day!

My Top 5 Favorite Rips[edit | edit source]

My Top 5 Favorite KFaD Arrangements[edit | edit source]

Pages I Created (In Order of Creation)[edit | edit source]

Thank you to everyone who helped edit these!

Regular Rips:

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King for Another Day Tracks:

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Pages I Didn't Make, But I Helped With the Transcript:

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