Hello, I am Super10ZX. You may know me for editing other wikis, or from some sort of fourm related website. I edit the SiIvaGunner wiki as well! Sometimes I get inactive on here (just like other wikis), but I'll most likely return at some point.

As for why I edit this wiki, I feel it's important to archive internet history. A video you watch now can disappear at any moment, maybe in 10 years, maybe tomorrow. There are videos I remember watching in 2013, and when I try to look for them today, they're gone. Channels like Etika and Mumkey Jones getting terminated out of nowhere has made me realize this fact even more.

What if the SiIvaGunner channel get's terminated a few years after it ends, and the team doesn't feel like trying to reupload the thousands of videos back up? That's why this wiki exists, so even if 70% of the videos become lost, this wiki has descriptions of almost every rip for future generations to read.

My favorite Games

Rip Pages I've made

Can’t be bothered to update this anymore. Have a playlist instead.

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