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Well,How can start this?, in the magfest of 2018 chaze the cat (A.K.A SiIvaGunner) make a annoucement,the tournament for a channel takeover,the epic event of the channel history, King for Another Day Tournament.

the tournament

The first of April there was a live show on the siivagunner channel, in which a teaser of a official page was shown for the tournament,now my question is, how can use this in the tournament? Here some ideas of mine about it:

  1. Revelation of official arts of the contestants,and maybe a hint of the sources
  2. "Spirits" related to the contestants, referring to super smash bros ultimate spirits (admit, this idea is great)
  3. A look for the "master hand" of the tournament (a hairy hand,reference to grand dad)
  4. Hints of the winner of a duel before the official revelation,(maybe a related rip)
  5. Day counter for a new character reveal (yep, i'm crazy)

in the opinion of the wiki people,What do you think about this?