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so uh

it's been a while since I've praised our lord and savior DJ Professor K on here

but like, you know. I guess there are also 31 other contestants? So I should probably praise them as well.

As you can tell, I'm not as descriptive or as good of a writer as Super, but I try my best. Anyways, this is where I praise everyone. It's mostly judged based on their individual sources and remixes overall for the tournament.

Or attempt to.

Some of these guys are hard for me to praise, but I don't hate anyone. I think.

Anyways onto..

The Bottom 3 (F Tier)

These are just the characters I like the least. Nothing against them, I just... like them the least.

Starting with...

32. Quote

Oof.. that one's gonna hit a few people hard. Listen, I wanted the best for him, but he's not the character I wanted to win. He wasn't my bottom at the start of the tournament, that was Jazz Cats (I believe?), but his sources weren't super interesting or anything. But unlike the others...

He just doesn't have arrangements that I come back to often.

Maybe it's the lack of Dual Arrangements aside from.. one. But the only one that I can recall of the top of my head as LIKING is CAVE STORY. And I barely listen to that one in comparison of others. So... sorry Quote. They better give you all 2D Indie Platformers in KfaD3. Then you'd have Shovel Knight.

The above placement has nothing to do with a harem.

31. Metal Ajit Pai

Yeah, yeah, the easy target. Whatever. I don't care if he's an easy target, what matters is that he's there. And he's still Ajit.

"But Chiaki!" I hear you say. "What about the mecha stuff?"

Haven't I made it clear that I don't care about anime on the forum before? And that extends to anime music in all honesty.

Yes. Even Jojo. But that's for a later entry.

The only reason why he's above Quote is that because a few of his rips are bangers. Harlem Shake and Black History are really good rips. But he has the least appealing source list overall.

30. The Jazz Cats

Oh, there ya are. 

I'm not a cat person. 

I'm not a jazz person.

There guys were at the bottom at the start of the tourney, but well, after all those dual rips... I liked them a bit more. The issue though, is that they're dual rips, and as such they're also being carried by the sources of others. So while it did help me enjoy them more, I can't give them all the credit. 

Not much else to say other than that donk is a god.

wood man nice >=] (D-Tier)

Contrary to the fact that it's D-Tier, the characters in this ranking are, well, nice as the title says. Not much else to say really.

29. Rhythm Masters

Ah yes, I love the smell of roasting finalists in the morning.

Despite being entirely based on rhythm games, rhythm music isn't the best music in gaming for me. That would probably go to... whatever Jet Set Radio music is. But that's a lot later. The only reason why I gave them some credit was Rhythm Thief and Through the Fire and the Flames, but well... the former was shared by someone else I liked a lot more. And the one that got the Rhythm Thief rip was neither of them... 

28. Men in Black

Yeah I'm still not a fan of Will Smith or Lil Uzi Vert.

It's a shame really, I kinda thought of their alien rips as only the stuff provided before the tourney. And while Metroid does have good OST... it's not enough to carry a character like Will. 

It wasn't until their Robotnik match I realized they had Sonic Colors. Really, I feel bad for being so hard on them, since the alien source is really good, and like Super said, it expands to a lot of stuff. But well...

It's still Will Smith.

Kraid's Lair was good though.

27. Solid Snake

Yeah Super, I said you made me respect Snake. I didn't say how much. 

Castlevania's good, and D E A D _  C E L L was a banger rip, but again, not much else. Unlike the others so far though, I didn't specifically "dislike" any of his soruces or anything. So good for you Snake. 

Wish we could've gotten more box stuff from you, but ah well.

26. Mr. Krabs

Aside from Alestorm and Crab Rave, nothing called out. I'm not a big Spongebob person, and while the music is "okay", it's not enough to make me like a character. 

And yeah, The Rake Hornpipe and, of course, Mr. Krabs Rave are good, but I only ended up voting him once.

These entries are kinda short so far but I don't have too much to say on the lower guys.

25. Adam Levine

Adam is the first "neutral" character on here. No big positives, no real negatives. Honestly I didn't know Maroon 5 made half of the songs by Maroon 5 used during the tourney. Look how smart I am!

24. Nico Nico

Sorry Block. But you know how I feel about anime.

But some of the Nico Nico Douga memes are pretty good, like Mazoku, Cirino's Math Class (which the actual Touhou character got a rip of but whatever), and especially Ronal McDonald. Which... I don't remember hearing in a rip. I do frequently listen to PoPiPo though, it was a really good first rip to start off with.

23. Dr. Piccolo

I'll admit. I thought he was partially carried by Jojo fans.

But hey, a lot of his earlier rips were really good, like of course Green and Purple, as well as MY HERO and Solid Slate Encounter. I actually ended up voting the green guy twice!!! 

But yeah... not much else otherwise. He's still an anime character. I've been playing DBFZ and I don't know how to play, but Piccolo's my main in that so that's nice.

They'rrrrrrrre Great! (C-Tier)

My apologies Glitchy.

But yeah, a pretty small intermission tier between the ones I really liked and the ones that I'm neutral/negative on. 

22. MissingNo.

I bet you were wondering where he'd show up.

Honestly, his rips aren't really that appealing... first listen. After the second or third listen, I really really ended up liking some of them. Emphasis on some. Also his dual rips were good, but again, dual rips.

He's not as bad as I said he was during the tournament, and admitably I feel kinda bad for not voting him even ONCE, but here he is now. 

21. HOBaRT

Another character I was too hard on. 

I'm neutral on his sources, the only thing I really LOVED was the fact he had Dingodile. And I love Dingodile. I was also kinda hard on his due to his.... theming, especially in his own theme.

But then I just kinda let loose and let myself enjoy his funny status in the theme and honestly...

Liking the theme made me like him a lot more. 

I still don't regret voting Nintendo Power over him, but HOBaRT is actually pretty decent. Shame he went up against goddamn MissingNo.

20. ZUN

Ah yes, the one who keeps getting his ass handed to him by finalists.

Touhou music is pretty good, and I have a few favorites (those being the ones remixed by Jonny Atma), but I respect the charcater's other sources, like Rabi Rabi and other stuff like that. Alcohol rips lowers him a bit, but not too much. I wish his rips were just something I would frequently relisten to, but aside from The Great Fairy Medley... eh.

I guess he has to keep losing for the meme.

19. Dr. Robotnik

I mentioned before I'm not the biggest fan of Sonic's non vocal themes. It's kinda a thing you notice with a lot of things, cause I like to sing and I want to sing to Sonic music, not just kinda.. let it play. 

Also I suck at Sonic games.

But Robotnik was probably the best pick they could've made for a Sonic rep. While yeah, he doesn't have the vocal range of the series (only CD and the Adventure games... and Sonic R), the fact he has intechivator and his YTPs are definitely a good replacement. Not to mention you kinda have to listen to his rips a lot considering his INSANE amount of rips. 

Also he has the SA2 Fandub.

18. Wario Partners, LLP

Mario spin offs are a great source, but the only one stellar for me is Mario Kart.

Wario games are also pretty jamming, though we should've totally gotten a Count Cannoli remix.

Not much for me to say but I really like them. Just not as good as a certain someone else...

Probably as Good as Pokemon Conquest (B-Tier)

...I have to mention Pokemon Conquest. Anyways, these are all the really cool dudes.

17. Donkey Kong

I don't understand what it is, but I've always had him lower on the tier lists. And he's still not cracking top half. Guess I just don't know what fun is.



No really it's just that nothing grabs me other than the DK stuff.

  • scared gasps*

I said it.

But the DK stuff is really good. Fun fact, I didn't like Stickerbush Symphony that much pre-KfAD, but now, I have to keep listening to it over and over again...

I guess it's just that I don't like DK as the DK rep. If you know me, you know I would've preferred King K. Rool is EVERY way. But ah well, I guess I just gotta accept it.


16. Nintendo Power

Yeah, they went down.

Don't get me wrong, having all of Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, and Zelda is amazing... it's just the arrangements that bring them down.

They're one of the contestants I come back to the least arrangement wise, the only one I listen to is Indomitable Will is beause it's my goddamn alarm.

  • gasp*

Sorry Kass' Theme fans. Rip's good, I just don't have the urge to relisten to it.

So uh... sorry. 

15. Mariya Takeuchi

Oh look, the queen of comebacks.

Her music's good and she definitely deserved to win a few matches, but... should she have come as far as she has?...

...well she killed two of my favorites to get there so no.

Still happy to see her, and The Concept of Plastic Love.

14. Johnny Bravo

Am I doing this to please JohnnyGang? No. Am I doing this because of his influence? Well I wouldn't like the damn guy if it weren't for him. He basically showed me everything good he had to offer, so.... it just left me disappointed with no Gumball rips in the end. But Johnny's rips were bangers, and I'd be lying if I didn't give him credit... but....

13. Geno

...I regret not voting Geno.

Super said everything I would say about puppet boy, except I don't have nearly as much emotional investment in him. So yeah. Moving on.

12. Jack Bros.

These guys were way lower? Why? I felt it was bad to like them just for Persona 5.

Well guess what.

They got the Rhythm Thief rip.

It wasn't made by Atlus, and has nothing to do with them, so they got it.

Now to mention ALL OF THEIR RIPS ARE GOOD. ESPECIALLY THE DUAL RIPS (because Persona 5). These guys SLAY, and they are amazing Atlus reps. 

I don't regret voting Mariya and Dedede over them though, even if Mariya's lower than them now.

11. Papyrus

Papyrus I love you. You just have the Nintendo Power treatment that other than Oh, Grow a Spine Will You? and Bonetrousle itself, I have no urge to relisten to his rips.

Of course, I love his sources. Papyrus is my favorite character in Undertale, and his theme is easily in my Top 3 tracks in the game (the others being ASGORE and Battle Against a True Hero). Everything about him is just so.... energetic. And that carries into his rips, again,, even if I don't feel like relistening to them.

Good job Papy. You're great!


Let's stop messing around though. Top 10, cream of the crop, best of the best. And what better to start out with then...

10. Eminem

Slim Shady himself!

Say what you want, but I love Eminem's works. He just has that energy to spit out everything on his mind into a rap, the hatred and passion in his words, goddamn I love his rap. I still think everyone slept on him, cause his rips were bangers and mariachi is also a really good help.

He got screwed over.

9. Pitbull and the Aliens

And now the guys that lost first round to #23 and #24. Harsh. 

Latin pop? One of the best things they could've gotten. Pitbull's another artist I really like to listen to, and his music geniunely bops, nothing beats Hotel Room Service at bop energy. 

Again, he should've beat Snake. 

Not much else for me to say.

Also I unironically like Dame tu Cotista.

8.  Jack & Elmo

I swear this was unintentional.

Jack and Elmo Jack and Elmo. 

How did you get some of the best rips in the tourney?

From Gravibus Octanguli to the Pokemon Typing Adventure Boss Battle theme, everything you put out SLAYED. And you're goddamn Jack Black and Elmo.

Also, the Glorious Octagon of Destiny helped a lot. Props to the Octagon Collaboration gang.

7. King Dedede

Super said all my points I would say on Dedede.

So uh... yeah.

Kirby is my childhood but that doesn't mean he's my favorite character or anything.

6. Thanos

How the bloody hell did you get #24. The character with DISNEY in their sources. DISNEY! And Marvel, and Star Wars, and Fireflies, and the more I talk about it the more insane I'm gonna go.

Second round loser? I can accept. But come on, THIS is unacceptable. The purple grape man deserved better I tell ya. 

But don't worry, in KfaD3, his victory is inevtiable.

I hope.

5. Law & Disorder

  1. 3? Not anymore.

Maybe I overhyped them a bit more then I should, because they have rips that I ALWAYS come back to, and rips I.. don't. Stuff like Puzzle and Plunder, Mr. Monokuma's Swing Lesson, their dual rips, 4 Minutes till Death, The Turntable Turnabout, and Objection! 2001 are all good, but the rest... I don't find myself coming back to at all.

  • gasp*


But their good rips are REALLY good.

I don't really like how people like Johnny just kinda marked them off cause Monokuma is a child killer

Like, Thanos killed children and you're fine with him

But whatever. I'm satisfied with the fact they did so well.


And now for the four you see me screaming about the most! Yaaaaaaaay.

4. Off the Hook ft. Paruko


Splatoon rips and ARRANGEMENTS IN ITS STYLE?! How the bloody hell did you lose first round?



I am never going to understand how the finalists lost first round

I get it, limited sources, but they still had an insane following and SPLATOON STYLED RIPS


But fine, fine, whatever, my Top 3 still did decent, whatever.

3. Daft Punk ft. Pharrell

They kinda swapped places with L&D.

Before the tourney I was so convinced they were dead first round.

Then they beat MiB and I was like "Okay, okay, but they're against goddamn Krabs, they're dead"

Then they somehow won.

How Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams made it this far, I have no idea. But they went so far and didn't give up who they are. 

The stuff they covered was great. You expected the basic stuff but instead they gave you the surprising stuff. And all their rips were bangers! Music Sounds Better With You, Daft Buster, Alive 2017, Despicable Punk, R.O.B.O.T. ROCK, and especially There's No Time to Fix Our Mistakes. Also amazing Dual Rips like Robotnik Rock Star, AIN'T NOTHIN' LIKE A FLAT BEAT, and ESPECIALLY Human After All vs. Life Will Change. HOLY SHIT that is a banger. 

Daft Punk is my 3rd favorite artist of all time. But what two are higher?

2. "Weird Al" Yankovic

....Weird Al and Michael Jackson are #2 and #1.

Do I need to say anything? The polkas are amazing, parodies are hilarious, original songs are bangers, and that's just Weird Al.

Michael Jackson.. needs no explanation. Thriller, Beat It, Bad, Black and White, SMOOTH CRIMINAL! Everything this man puts out is GOLD. 

Combine the two and its the recipe for success.

And look at their rips! They god Ladies and Gentlemen... Leave me Alone, Whispers of a Fool's Paradise, Dare to be Stupid... and for duals they got Chiller, Screaming in Unison, and GODDAMN POLKA FOR ANOTHER DAY 

If it weren't for my personal reasons, they would probably be my #1 in the entire tourney.

But well...

You know the drill.

Is your heart pouding with the beat?

Is your heart pounding and blood pumping to the beat?


Show me what you got.

Give them a performance they'll NEVER forget!

One strong enough...

to be the KING.


DJ Professor K.




I mentioned how much I love his music, his rips, everything about this smoothin talkin', funky DJ on every single goddamn forum. I mentioned how Nagamuma's tracks are fire, how great Jet Set Radio's OST is, I praised Blow My Speakers Up, taknopathetic, and Mango! so many times, I did so much praising of him.

But.. why is he #1? I like Yankovic's music more than Naganuma's. 

Why did DJ Professor K climb from #5, to #3, to #1?

Well if you remember the comments on the ol' KfAD, I mentioned how it was just attatchment after I made him my PfP.

Well guess what, that shit's wrong as hell. The reasons are much more personal, and even a bit crazy.

So sit tight, let me tell y'all something.

Back when I was a wee little sprout, probably around Tony's current age actually, only around three-ish years ago, I made a friend I'd never forget. The name was Geekgal. Just a talk on the Glitchtale Wiki.

But for those of you who've been following King for a Crazy Day, you might remember that when I was hinting about Betty, I mentioned that the GT Wiki was a.. touchy place. So what happened?

After a while, Geekgal and I, we moved off the Wiki and had more.. private discussions. She helped me whenever I had a breakdown, which I'm sure you all know I have a lot. I ended up developing feelings for her. And eventually... I became possessive. 

Those that know RWBY can compare this to Adam and Blake. For those who don't... just know I was kinda abusive.

And then she left me.

That was when I started becoming more active on here. Right after E3. It's not like I had anywhere else to go, right? 

Fast forward to around the last direct, and I recieve notifications for some messages on my wall from the Glitchtale Wiki. An ol' roleplayer from there wanted Geekgal and I to start talking again (for her own benefit). And Geekgal actually responded... saying I meant nothin' to her, that I ruined her life. That she could care less about me.

And then the next day... I had that chill. That chill you get when you know someone you love is hurt, or.. dead.

There was no activity of her account since... I figured... she was...

You guys wonder why I have so many breakdowns. Why I'm always so stressed, why I feel like I have no meaning to live anymore. Well there's your answer.

Because sometimes it feels like I caused the death of a friend.

But what does this have to do with K? Well I'm glad you asked.

After a bit of grieving for a few days I had a strange dream. I was in a white void, and the crown was in front of me. And next to the crown.. was K. Not him, like a person, just a talking flat image of him. Weird, right?

And he basically encouraged me that things would get better, that I was strong and i could move on.

The whole PfP from way back was just a cover up. I don't know what it was, but that dream saved my life.

And the scary part is? I had no idea if he was even like that. And then the Mojo posts released...

And he was just like how he was in my dream.

And I knew nothing about him then.

Something about the Professor.... not just are his beats and music absolute bops, but just... it feels like he saved my life.

Maybe I'm crazy. But I'm just saying what I know. That weird dream I had is why I love K so much.

That, and Mango.

Final Results...

So... here we are. Here's the link to the image since the SiIva Wiki won't let me upload.

I hear you all saying... what now?

I mean... New Dawn is dead and I've been struggling on all my recent projects...

Well, let me tell you what...

I've been thinkin' of leaving the Wiki. I probably won't... but it's a consideration.

I feel like I can work on more projects if I'm not as pressured by the Wiki to work as hard as I can.

And not to mention... I've been wanting to work on my own stuff otherwise.

I've been working on my RPs and fanfiction (for those who remember the whole Byleth thing during the KfAD Awards.. there ya go), as well as my own Wiki for them with my good friends. I've always wanted to become a professional cover artist, and also a remixer! I want to write my own stories, become a professional author. And after all this... I haven't found time to do what I've wanted to do the most.

Just play some games.

I've gotten so many games and I haven't played any of them... 

I just want to relax and have genuine fun.

And hey. Maybe one day... there will be a New Dawn.

I'm not 100% sure where to go now. What do you guys think?

...this is Chiaki Sakura Rose, signing off. Stay funky.