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Before we Begin...

....(sigh) So the Overview is out. I promised a new Tier List (LIKE A WEEK AGO I KNOW IT'S A FEW DAYS LATE GET OFF ME) today....


I will rank all thirty-two characters with (not) detailed entries because (I am a terrible writer) I NEED TO LET OUT ALL MY FEELINGS! And I am totally not doing this while I should be working on schoolwork! 

I will also mark each character in italics if I'm voting for them First Round. So yeah.

On other stuff, there's also a really mushy thank you message at the end. So skip it if it's not your thing.

You can also skip to the very very end if you hate words for the tier list.

First up... the bottom tier.

Tier 5: Hee ho hey, these guys are pretty okay!

Tier 5 has nine characters, which range from characters that just don't suit my tastes all that much to characters I like. just not enough to bring them out of bottom tier. Just because a character is this low doesn't mean I hate them, or the people that support them. I support everyone in this tourney! Cause everyone is good in their own way.

And no Barry, I don't like Jazz.

32. The Jazz Cats

I'm sure I've made it clear enough. I am not a Jazz Person. It's good, but it's not my thing. There's not much I can say other than that really.

For some positives though, the lore around them as of what we know, if pretty solid. I also like the cat part of their source list, cause we got stuff like Eye of the Tiger and Cats (the Musical). do the Harlem Shake.

31. Metal Ajit Pai

You may or may not have noticed it by now. But... I'm gonna say it. 


Like, I don't wanna sound like the Voice, but Anime Music is a thing that...exists to me. It kind of annoys me, but it's not bad.... that's how I stand on his mech source.

I know it's more than anime, but for mechs that's what most of it is.

As for the Ajit Memes.... the Reeses Puffs rap is a jam, but the rest only give me ironic enjoyment. So yeah, it's enjoyment, but it's unearned.

Now...... let's just keep going.

30. HOBaRT

Ha ha, funny mixer.

HOBaRT isn't a BAD character per se. He just doesn't stand out to me.

Australia is an eh source, Lil Jon... exists... and Hobart related tracks doesn't do a lot. The only thing that keeps me from completely hating him are food related rips. But even still, it doesn't do too much for me. 

29. Solid Snake

Time for some more controversy I don't have much of an answer to other than "it's just not my thing".

Cool that he has all of Metal Gear now, as well as Castlevania. That's pretty cool.

I don't have much to say about Snake really.... maybe I need to take my daily dose.

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

28. Dr. Piccolo

Anime ain't my thing. Just like I said for Metal Ajit Pai. Better soruces than Pai though. Green and Purple is a jammer. Also the anime sources, while not too fond of them, are just better than Pai's.

27. Mariya Takeuchi

Huh. Did not expect her to get this high.

She has some good tracks, some REALLY GOOD TRACKS, but Future Funk isn't the most appealing to me. Hoenstly just the arrangements we're getting for her is honestly good enough for me. Like, she's the one character that I'd prefer a few arrangements over a full day.

26. Men in Black

Yes. The alien source is one of, if not the best parts of a source list. My issue is that I literally could care less about Lil Uzi Vert, and Will Smith's music doesn't do much for me. And sure, it won't be the foundation of their arrangements, but when the takeover day actually happens, you know it's gonna be mostly those artists over the alien stuff.

But I won't be upset. It's not bad.

25. Quote

Time to where I start really liking those characters.

Quote has jammers. I just feel like the jammers aren't good enough compared to the higher tiers. That's honestly it.

24. Jack Bros

Oh look, the first character I'm voting for.

I'm trying to avoid the fact that I'm a Persona 5 "fan", but I really do like most of Jack Bros's stuff over Takeuchi. Their music is kinda similar though, so I wouldn't mind one or the other winning. 

Oh hey, that's all of this tier.


These characters are pretty solid. You'll even see some high tiers!!!

23. Nico Nico

Honestly, the sources Nico has are good.. and bad. Anime is an eh source for me, vocaloids are a negative, but the memes are flipping amazing. Touhou allows Nico to barely secure a place out of bottom tier. 

22. Adam Levine

Classic 90s Rock doesn't do as much to me compared to what came before and after it in the genre. There are some good jams though, especially with Pearl Jam.

21. MissingNo.

He's good. Glitching during rips doesn't sound good during an arrangement, but would work fine in a normal rip. Music from glitchy games are good though, mainly cause of the Sonic 06 jams. Same for creepypastas in all honesty. And removed content like, of course, Gaster's Theme. If it counts. 

What even counts in this tourney?...

20. Mr. Krabs

Honestly, he was bottom tier until I thought about it some more. Remember when I said I wanted Pirates of the Carribean rips with Thanos? Krabs has them. And Alestorm is good, plus crabs and UGH! Surprisingly, what bringings him down for me is what makes him good for so many others, Spongebob. Spongebob isn't as good as other people say it is to me. But whatever.

19. Rhythm Masters

Would have been lower until I realized they have Through the Fire and the Flames.

Despite being games LITERALLY BASED AROUND MUSIC rhythm game music never stood out too much to me. I mean, they have good stuff, it's just not as good to me as others. Sorry.

18. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is the perfect example of a balanced source list. He has a lot of stuff that makes him not too good, but not too weak. Consider him the middle point. DKC Music is jamming.

Well Rhythm Masters would be more of a middle point since they also don't really have anything wrong with their sources but eh, whatev. Really, everyone here needs 

17. Dr. Robotnik

Robotnik was a LOT lower, until he got a killer promotion, the fact they were reusing assets for YTPs, which would obviously be his main asset uring his takeover. That's good and bad, since Robotnik YTPs.. vary. And the one who makes the best YTPs of Robotnik apparently doesn't like Siiva. So.. great. Everything else he has is super good though.

16. Wario Partners LLP

A lot of the music they have, all of it, are jams. It just varies in how... jammy they are. Like, Mario Kart and Wario are more jammy than most of the sports. They aren't bad, they cracked top half, but y'know.

But you know what that means JohnnyGang.

15. Johnny Bravo

It's true. Johnny, you convinced me. I'm voting Johnny over Wario Partners now. Too many good jams. Just.. not enough to put him higher for me personally. Sorry dude, but Bravo climing the rnaks.. probably stops round here.

And most of those are high tier for me and many others. Wowza.


This tier is home for the rest of my high tiers, and maybe one or two top tiers!!! Wow!!! We're getting some places.

14. Pitbull and Aliens

So they have Spanish pop music. Better than Jpop or Kpop.

I really think Pitbull deserves a shot at victory. He's against Snake, so he has a chance, but this source list is honestly really good. 

Hopefully those Minecraft memes were enough to help him. But I guess victory is U.N. Owen. Wait a sec...

I hate myself.

13. ZUN

Touhou has good music. He has all of Nico's remixes due to having fancontent. And since that was the best part of Nico... yeah. And bullet hell makes him even better. Not to mention alcohol, which is actually pretty good. He's a really good character...

Now what do he and the next character have in common?


12. Papyrus

....unless it directly relates to character at hand, if so, go for it.

Papyrus is a funny skeleton bone man that has good sources. No they are STELLAR sources. Pasta rips are weighing him down though, but puzzle game rips are SO good. I LOVE HIM.

And while I fo agree that giving him all of Undertale would've been good.... it's just not.. Papyrus when you do so. And that's the thing. As a former Undertale Roleplayer, I can say that this source list is perfect for Papyrus.

11. Geno

Chuckle. He's in danger.

So close to the Top 10, and yet I still don't want you in Smash as much as Fawful. But well, that's not what all this is about, heh.

Yoko Shimoura has good jams. And wile I still stand by my claim that SNES RPGs would've been better, this ain't bad, it's really good. If there is a Geno VS Wario Bros rematch, Geno BETTER WIN.

Now onto the Top 10. And now that we're here, it's time to play with power.

10. Nintendo Power

Honestly there are two reasons Reggie and Bill made it this high.

For one, we have a severe lack of Fire Emblem and Xenoblade on this channel. We need to fix it, even if it is only for a day.

For two... Wii game music. Wii Sports. DO DO DO DO DO DO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-

It's just a relatively good source list. And I support these guys. I just wish Etika was here to see it....

I miss him everyday....

9. Eminem

Ooh boy, now I'm a rebel on this one.

Eminem's raps definitely are not everyone's thing. But they defintiely are mine. After listening to em... seem right up my alley. And mariachi rips are cool and funny. 

It's a shame that he's probably gonna be one of the first losers. But I hope he has a chance. Really wanna try his salsa.

8. Thanos

Remember when he was my #1? Overreaction works wonders my friends.

So yeah. While I love Disney and his stuff otherwise, I just don't like it as much as the rest of the stuff. 

A Disney remake would still make me so happy though. I was raised in a Disney household, as such he holds a lot of meaning to me.

7. King Dedede

And speaking of holding a lot of meaning.

I have mentioned Dedede is my favorite fictional character. And we all know that if I was voting irresponsibly, he would be #1. But there's the thing. Vote respnsibly. 

Even though Kirby is my lifeblood, I have to admit Dedede isn't perfect here. And that's what hurts. I can vote others over him But it will hurt.

And it seems the king has falllen.

...on that sorrowful note, we move on!

Tier 2: Weird O' Team Ups

This group is home to my next few favorites, all of which are team ups! Nice!

6. Daft Punk ft. Pharrell

French Touch is a eally good genre. I really like listening to music in it. And Daft Punk are really nice to listen to. Pharell's also a nice touch.

Not musch to say, but it's really simple why I like them. They were close to making the Tiop 5, but here we are.

5. Jack and Elmo

Okay Elmo, you were below Dedede before. What's new?

The reuse of stuff from the Glorious Octagon collab? 

Yeah seems right.

Not to mention fun Muppet jams and amazing Tenacious D stuff.

There really are eight fantastic sides to see them.

4. Off the Hook ft. Paruko

So how did the character with only 2 1/2 games to pull from make it this high?

What's this? Legitmate jams? And Splatoon style arrangements?

Sure you cuties can go on ahead.

(cries in Dedede)



You all know this was coming, being the resident Monokuma fan.

This was so much better than just Monokuma. Mystery stuff is really good, since we could finally get Ghost Trick recognition! Not to mention Gravity Falls! 

Thank you so goddang much Siiva Art Team. All 3 of your picks are AMAZING.




Now I see the next two characters just about equal source wise. 

So there was only one way to settle this....

Who deserves a victory more...

And conveniently it's the one who fits this theme.


His parodies are some of the best musical compositions in the world, and his original stuff are also full of jams.

And Michael Jackson only makes him better.

But I never really felt like he was robbed. He was against Dedede, and came close. He still had the support and was close to victory, even against King Dedede, who's GODDANG DEDEDE. He HAD support. 

.......which gets us to him.



.....gee, who else could it be, I bet y'all never saw this one coming.

He was robbed. Goddang it he deserved so much more support.

Last tournament he had some of the best rips, and that hasn't changed for KFAD2.

Naganuma is one of the best composers in gaming. Anything in his style is top tier.

SEGA is only the little topper on top to make him perfect. 

I wonder if the guy who suggested DJ Professor K for KFAD1 knows how happy I am to stan him.


...I know I'm terrible at writing, but there's a reason why I had to get this all out on Blog Post. It wasn't just so I can fit in all my thoughts, though that was partially it. And while it was tempting.... it also wasn't cause of the badge.

I never really bothered to talk about myself as a person on this Wiki. Which I mean.. why would I have any reason to? But... I needed to talk about it for a while, cause sometimes I felt like it might affect you guys.

While I joined the Wiki officially in April, I became more active in June, after E3. Why?.. it was a coping method. I'd recently been rejected from an online relationship and I needed to cope. And I wasn't too active like I am now. But you might have also noticed a spark late September. At first it would seem because of the last Direct... but it was really because things got worse. 

Around that time, I said to the Glitchtale communtiy that I was leaving due to the mess I was left in and the amateur moves I did, as well as how I wanted to leave the past behind to die. I said I would disable my fandom account. But I also said that I would wait until late October, because then I said something important had to be done before then. 

....and I ended up waiting another month. Thanks Siiva.

But I mean it when I said thanks Siiva. Mr. E, Mr. Block, Crimson, Super, Bartos, JohnnyGang, all of you. I feel like your support is what helped me get through this stress, even if it ended up with me become super addicted to this Wiki. This tournament in eneral saved me. So thank you Siiva Team. If it weren't for you... I don't know what could've happened to me.

But enough with the sad, depressing stuff anf let's keep moving forward. It's only one more day after all, so let's move to the second battle and prepare for the worst!

...what, the song said to do so!

Tier List

Here we are, one fancy tier list served straight to you.

Siiva Final FINAL FINAL Tier CSR.png

Anyways, the list is probably final, though I am interested in checking out more sources, so we should all keep posting stuff for each other on the Fourms. Enlighten each other!

Anyways, time to check out. Seeya.