Video Game Music to Do Your Taxes To is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner on April 19, 2018. It mainly features rips uploaded during the Tax Day event 2018.

The album was announced through the video "An announcement from the IRS" (YouTube Icon).

Track list Edit

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Kirby Forgets To Do His Taxes" SmokyThrill77 00:04
2. "Up on Mt. Money-Laundering (from "Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud")" Hinchy 03:09
3. "Tokyo Machine Does His Taxes" Cryptrik 03:02
4. "Kirby Gets Audited" McBed 00:25
5. "Kirby's Fat Stacker" MtH 01:09
6. "Flintendo eSnow" Ethan64Music 01:57
7. "Yoshi Tax Frauds into Battle!" Grambam36 00:08
8. "Let's Tax!" LarryInc64 02:06
9. "Financial Islands" Alan 01:43
10. ":D" Skiff 02:44
11. "Chaotic Courtyard" Kirbio 03:38
12. "The Tax Break Suite (from "Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud")" WaluigiTime64 04:00
13. "Sean Kingston finds treasu-I mean pays his taxes" Grambam36 00:03
14. "Chill out and find your inner taxable income" SubName 01:35
15. "JG Yoshi" Mr Lange 00:54
16. "Yoshi Did Nothing Wrong" ingx24 02:25
17. "Neon Paradise (DHT Version) - for Neon Streets (City Area)" Kirbio, Aka Kyuketsuki 03:00
18. "Shovel Knight Invests in Bitcoin" Jp 00:07
19. "Don Pianta's Got The Money" PinkieOats 02:11
20. "TaxNote" Ethan64Music 00:13
21. "Big Detective" SUPAHSTAR CLOD 01:06
22. "Harder to Dedede (from "Kirby Does His Taxes")" Chaze the Chat 03:03
23. "Do Your Best at Filing Taxes" Okiwont 01:00
24. "Turnips (That's What I Want)" LarryInc64 00:43
25. "Loadsamoney's Amazing Commodities" Metalik 01:28
26. "Dinosaur Lawyer" Lenox 01:56
27. "Minuet of Bitcoin" Jp 00:17
28. "Blue Monopoly" Peacock Roy 00:31
29. "Close Your Taxtino's" Ethan64Music 00:52
30. "Vs. Tax Returmina (Heart Phase)" Half Pixel 02:16
31. "Refile this W-2 in 30 seconds or you will never be able to escape bankruptcy again" UUN4 00:11
32. "Doin' Our Taxes" Twonko, 123zc, Charles445, MtH and the Tax Payers 03:39
33. "Nicholas Cage spends a lot of money and forgets about his taxes" Grambam36 01:10
34. "Pricer Than Right" Mr Lange 03:02
35. "Hello, and Welcome to my new Drug Store!" Scribblenaut19 00:52
36. "Hard Feelings" robloxman80 02:13
37. "Commission Revenue" Lenox 01:12
38. "Price of Kazoo" Metalik 01:49
39. "MaxProfittbot HQ" Sarvéproductions 01:30
40. "Dream to Return Land (Shelter)" MtH 02:38
41. "Taxed by Chuck Testa" Ahmayktesta 00:13
42. "Frustrating Form 1040's" robloxman80 03:30
44. "Money Race" PinkieOats 01:15
45. "Phat Taxation" UUN4, SmokyThrill77 05:02
46. "Yoshi gets Chills from committing tax fraud" Grambam36, 123zc 00:27
47. "Busted! (from "Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud")" Sarvéproductions 00:06
48. "Fuck Tha IRS (The Tax Fraud Rap) by Yoshisaur "Yoshi" Munchakoopas" ingx24 01:29
49. "Paul Taxes" Put Your Head On My Shoulder & SiIvaGunner 01:33

Bonus media Edit

The following images were included in the album:

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