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"Video Games (Removed) - Friday Night Funkin'" is a high quality rip of the removed track "Video Games" from Friday Night Funkin'.


The rip plays gameplay footage of a modded Week 1 level with the following changes:

  • Boyfriend is replaced with the unused character Luckyboy, whose spritesheet was hidden in Friday Night Funkin''s files alongside the advertised track.
  • Luckyboy battles Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest, who are based on their Week 5 sprites. Daddy Dearest is dressed as former Journey frontman Steve Perry, while Mommy Mearest is dressed as Elvira. The two sit on a chair based on Elvira's couch, though with additional lion heads on the arms taken from promotional artwork for Stern Pinball's Elvira's House of Horrors table.
  • The level uses the instrumental of the advertised track. Mommy Mearest sings "3-D TV" by Elvira and The Vi-Tones, while Daddy Dearest sings "Any Way You Want It" by Journey. After each verse, Luckyboy plays the respective song on his guitar.
  • As is customary with most Friday Night Funkin' rips, the player character dies despite winning the level. In this case, Luckyboy gets his own Friday Night Funkin'-style death animation, featuring a skeletal hand appearing in his body (due to the fact that Luckyboy is a sock puppet) as he screams, his guitar falling to the ground, and a "Retry?" button appearing in a style matching the lightning bolts.


  • Like most of this game's rips, the rip's mod files are linked in the description instead of the playlist link.
    • The files use "Dad Battle".
  • The catchphrase references Elvira's closing catchphrase from Elvira's Movie Macabre.
  • This is the sixth rip of Friday Night Funkin' to not be uploaded as part of a group of three. The previous five instances were "High", "Dad Battle (In-Game Mix)", "Tutorial (Beta Mix)", "Ugh (Alterneeyyytive Mix)", and "Fresh (Poop Version)".
  • BrandyBuziel, the person who was responsible for putting Luckyboy in the game files, left a comment, "Thanks for making this, putting lucky in the game was the best mistske [sic] i made last year, love the death frame xD". This comment was hearted by SiIvaGunner.[3]


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