"video yurkey - Yume Nikki" is a high quality rip of "video yurkey" from Yume Nikki. It contains a quiz that was important to the 2017 SiivaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis ARG.


There is no track called "video yurkey" in Yume Nikki. The rip's original title was "Footprint Path 2 - Yume Nikki", which is an actual track.

"Footprint Path 2" plays over a YouTube VR video featuring flashing, abstract rainbow lights.

At 0:06, a text-to-speech voice plays asking the viewer how many of a list of SiIvaGunner memes were popular on 4chan before being featured on the channel, before telling the viewer to email their answer to the Enlightened Rhombus from the previous ARGs.

The correct answer was 2, which led the viewer to be sent two images for the next step in the ARG.


How many of these memes were popular on 4chan before SiIva: 

Email your answer to the Quadrilateral Vessel.


  • This rip is not in the Yume Nikki playlist, though it does link to it in the description.
  • The word "yurkey" was Tweeted out by @GiIvaSunner in October 28, 2017.
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