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Vinesauce Joel (also known as Vargskelethor Joel) is a popular Twitch streamer / YouTuber from Sweden, a prominent member of Vinesauce, the inspiration for the 7 GRAND DAD meme, and a minor contributor to the SiIvaGunner channel.


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Joel's only known contribution is the speech in "File Select Fusion", due to being a part of Towelcord since the Reboot.[1]


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Being the main influence of the channel, SiIvaGunner has also incorporated other references to Vinesauce into rips.


  1. "He's been in the ripper discord server since the reboot so it was pretty easy to contact him. He was the one who offered to do something for the fusion. Thanks! Toonlink was in charge of it." - "Hey guys, I'm the creator of SiIvaGunner: AMA!". chazethechat. Reddit. October 7, 2016.
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